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Lindsay Lohan

Prosecutors To Use

Past Lies Against Her

3/15/2013 6:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
's past may come back to haunt her when she goes to trial next week for allegedly lying to cops after her car accident ... because TMZ has learned, prosecutors will attempt to introduce evidence she's done exactly the same thing twice before.

Law enforcement sources directly connected to the case tell TMZ ... prosecutors are convinced that Lindsay has an M.O. when she gets into trouble on the road -- telling cops she wasn't driving, even though she was.

Lindsay is being prosecuted for allegedly telling cops she was a passenger in the Porsche that crashed into a truck last June on Pacific Coast Highway when in fact she was the driver.

We've learned prosecutors want the jury to hear about 2 prior incidents:

1. May, 2007 : Lindsay was busted in Bev Hills for driving under the influence after her Mercedes struck a curb at 5:30 AM on Sunset Blvd.  Lindsay told cops she was a passenger in the car. LIE.

2. March, 2012 : Lindsay was leaving the Sayers Club in Hollywood in her Porsche just after midnight when she allegedly struck a pedestrian and fled.  She told cops she was a passenger. LIE.

Our sources say prosecutors will attempt to introduce the 2 incidents under the law that allows evidence of "prior bad acts" that shows a pattern of misconduct.


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Bear King of the Dead Thread Heads (and he means it)    

@ Janet....about her stalling. I would think the prosecutors and judge won't play that game?

594 days ago


Good morning y'all. So it's Blo, Hell-er, and his CA sponsor. I think he should submit another bill of particulars to the judge ; )

594 days ago


@G Bear

LOL, I really liked your Ball N Chain Lindsay, but I must say, you've really outdone yourself on the straight jacketed gruesome twosome lol.

594 days ago


Q: Do You know how you can tell Lindsay's Irish?

A: The road is always rising up to meet her, face first lol

594 days ago

Bear King of the Dead Thread Heads (and he means it)    

I gotta say, I love it when arrogant, smug, self-centered people get swallowed up.......Lindsay Lohan deserves everything that may be coming at her...and would love to see that tramp DUIna tossed out into the street...can't stand either one of them...and wtf is with this "starlet" crap?

594 days ago


Good morning all. Everyone stay sober today-remember you are not Lohans.

594 days ago



594 days ago

Bear King of the Dead Thread Heads (and he means it)    

<---------There you go, Sam.

594 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Wishing all of my friends at TMZ a happy and safe St. Patrick's Day.

594 days ago


**!! CHEERS TO ALL!!**

594 days ago

Bear King of the Dead Thread Heads (and he means it)    

I was just looking at that pic of Chuck Norris....I guess that fitness infomercial really paid of. Bwahahahaha.

594 days ago


Have to laugh at Diane/Jill over on ROL. This is part of her response to why she is a Lindsay fan:

people go through hard times in their lives, i'm not going to attack her over that and it affects her and her family, not me. it's how you survive it and come out better on the other side that matters.

Can someone who is a fan of Lindsay's please explain how Lindsay is now better? I really don't understand how any sane person can say Lindsay is a better person than she was 7 years ago. If anything, I believe she is worse. This lying to the police just proved to me that she has learned absolutely NOTHING in the past 7 years. She is no longer a young person who doesn't know better, she's been an adult for years now. NO MORE EXCUSES!!!

594 days ago



594 days ago


Happy St. Paddy's day everyone.

Still Lohan very quiet. Tomorrow she's got to sign a waiver if she still wants Heller as he attorney. Wolh still hasn't been retained. She will use that as a last minute stall.

Trial to start on the 19th. She will try and pull something.

594 days ago


Left over birthday cake and shamrock Mint coolers are now being served on top of the Monkey Bar Lounge......were I am going to stay and watch the show....... What ever is it going to happen there is going be a lot of disappointed people cause this is not a TV show like Perry Mason or Criminal Intent ..they don't follow a script........If the pattern holds the bids are in place and it will be over in 10 minutes with a delay or some other shyt spin barely passing the law rule and she will prance her ass out the door again with another delay or something.........She's have a month to get ready ...clean her ass out of drugs and drink so she can sing her "I've changed and seen the light give me a drug test and I will prove I am clean " story....What the hell its got to do with this case doesn't matter.......
I even sound cynical to myself but with Lohan Inc nothing surprises me....Nothing.....they will stoop as low as they have to go to stay in the game....
Know how she got to LA without papz ....Answer me one question..? who owns Millions of Milkshakes " ......a member of the Arab millionares club...thats who...the club she is sleeping her way through......Private Jet all the way....
Time for another Cooler.....extra mint....later

594 days ago
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