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Transgender MMA Fighter

Should Be BANNED

... Says Next Opponent

3/15/2013 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Transgender MMA fighter (and former man) Fallon Fox has NO PLACE in women's mixed martial arts ... so grouses her next opponent ... but the challenger is still confident she'll kick Fallon's ass.

Allanna "Hands of Stones" Jones -- who's scheduled to fight Fox next month in Florida -- tells TMZ, "It doesn't matter what he [Fox] had changed ... he was still born and developed a man."

Jones believes Fox's participation in the sport will distract from the accomplishments of "real" female fighters, saying, "[WMMA] is just making a name for itself and this will have a negative impact on it.”

Worth noting ... Fox is a postoperative transsexual who has undergone hormone therapy and has been living as a woman for years. Any advantage she might have over other female fighters is debatable.

But despite claims it's not a fair fight, Jones is still convinced she'll wipe the floor with Fox -- telling us, "I am not scared to fight him because I know I can win."

Guess we'll see about that. 

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In viewing HIS photo, anyone without impaired vision can see that there's nothing "former" about HIM. HE may no longer have a pee pee, but HE's still A MAN, BABY!!

554 days ago


If one of these women were tested and testosterone was found in their system, they'd be banned, but this guy comes along who is LEGALLY recognized as a woman has more testosterone in him than then all the real women he'd be beating up. That's an unfair disadvantage. You were born a man, but you want to make a career beating up women...fishy

554 days ago


comes down to science xx chromosome or xy get that back and know where to fight

554 days ago


TMZ said: "Fox is a postoperative transsexual who has undergone hormone therapy and has been living as a woman for years. Any advantage she might have over other female fighters is debatable."

Hormone therapy primarily only stems the recurrence of things like facial hair and keeps HIS body from rejecting the trauma brought on by the removal of his male genitalia. As we can all see, it has NOT transformed his muscular structure, withered his physical strength, or in any way made his body "feminine."

You can push your gay agenda all you want TMZ, but the photos and video of him pummeling a smaller, defenseless WOMAN give lie to your argument. As for "living as a woman," putting on a dress and make-up each day have nothing to do with whether he has the PHYSICAL BODY STRUCTURE AND STRENGTH of a woman.

I really don't understand the anger you gays have toward REAL women. I know you are jealous because you weren't born with vaginas and breasts, but now you want to sanction GROWN MEN beating the hell out of women for sport, all under the absurd notion that a BIG, BURLY-ASSED MAN is no longer a man. Tell it to the dimwits who fear you politically. I and others who can SEE CLEARLY know you are liars and we know your long-term agenda.

554 days ago

I'm out :-/    

This dude will hurt the ladies.Violent sport against women is wrong.

554 days ago


Definitely should not be allowed to fight women! He couldn't make it in the mens' ring, so he's now trying his/her hand with women? He still has the genetic makeup of a man, the strength of a man and has an unfair advantage. By nature, men are stronger than women (most of the time, LOL!) so I would say do not let him/her fight...

554 days ago


It kills me when a boy/man says that he feels like a woman. How would you know what being a woman feels like? Bleed 7 days straight with cramps and bloating and then you can tell me that you know what's like to be a woman. GTFOH!!

554 days ago


Transgenders live in a gray area, but male/female is black n white. In this situation they r not equal to women, if they wanna b beauty queens they can because they r @ a natural disadvantage but in a contact sport they r @ an unfair advantage. That said transgenders should b able to fight whomever in an exhibition format not a championship level.

554 days ago


There are many natural born females who would bend over backwards for the opportunity to fight in the WMMA...Fox is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Just one look at him and its clear he isn't trying his best to strip away his masculine traits and become a delicate little flower. Jones is a bad bish but if I was her manager/trainer/agent, I keep her far away from Fox.

554 days ago


I'm so sick of transgender's wanting FAIR treatment in events/places that are NOT intended for them; in which the rules are usually conformed just to accommodate them. Send them and their fake ******* packin' somewhere else, I'm sure there's enough men posing as women in this world to start up a league of their own. His coward ass is just too afraid to get that terrible plastic surgery job, ****'d up by a REAL MAN!

554 days ago


Fallon go knock on the boys locker room and pick a fight. I don't care what you got cut. You still have a certain advantage

554 days ago


This is so true no offense to transgender but they r still men born men their body is built way different then a woman their stronger and she shouldn't b allowed to fight women at all!

554 days ago

Carol L    

If Jones doesn't think Fox should be allowed to box women then why did Jones sign to fight Fox?

554 days ago

judy jetson    

She/He should fight She/He Chaz Bono.

554 days ago


I don't care if he/she is now a woman, when he was formed, his skeleton and muscle structure was developed as a male. It is very different from the muscle structure of a person borne female. The fight would be totally wrong.

554 days ago
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