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Casey Anthony

$10K Bid To Buy Silence ...


3/16/2013 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0315-casey-anthony-gettyNobody wants to pay for a Casey Anthony interview ... but there IS someone who's offered to pay $10,000 in order to keep the alleged child murderer SILENT for the rest of her life ... TMZ has learned.

According to new court documents filed in Anthony's bankruptcy case, Casey's camp has received a $10k offer from a man hoping to obtain exclusive rights to Casey's life story.

But the buyer doesn't want to make a movie, put her on TV or write a book -- the docs explain his sole motivation is to "prevent Ms. Anthony or others from publishing or profiting from her story in the future."

The man seeking to purchase the rights is James M. Schober -- and as far as we can tell, he's just a random guy with no ties to Anthony or her family.

The trustee handling the bankruptcy case has been tasked with identifying anything of value that can be used to pay back the $800k Casey owes her creditors.

As far as we can see, there's no way the judge will green-light Schober's plan.  First, even Casey doesn't have the exclusive right to her story -- someone could write an unauthorized biography.  Besides that ... there's no way a judge would force the sale of thoughts in Casey's head.

It's very weird ... but the bankruptcy trustee is totally into selling Casey's story, because he's asking the court if he can create a bidding war.

He shouldn't hold his breath.


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Personally I'd tell Mr. Schober to stick his 10k straight up his ass!

587 days ago


Better yet, use the money to hire a hit man to take her out of this world forever.

587 days ago


Ok how does any of this add up .. ok they said it was accidental drowning that the mother did not kill her .. ok why she did not called 911 why she dumped the body and say I don't know it was the nanny ... even for that she should be in jail

587 days ago

Joan K    

Like I have said many times before, the only news I want to hear about this baby killer is that someone did the world a favor and took care of her.

587 days ago


I do not understand why anyone would think her story is of any value, what could she tell us that we don't already no, she murdered her daughter and got away with it, like I said before if she wanted to speak she should of got on the stand, nothing she says at this point even matters. Here's a thought how about working to pay of her debt, like the rest of us.

587 days ago


OK, first let me say I have no doubt that she was guilty. However, I also believe in our judicial system or at least the meaning behind it. Sometimes it seems corupt or screwed up. In this case she was found not guilty. So to continue to call her an alleged baby murderer is wrong. In fact, TMZ and everyone else needs to quit publishing anything about her and let her disappear into obscurity. Her 15 minutes were up a long time ago.

587 days ago


Anyone who wants to pay this child killer a dime should think about Caylee. Havent enough people cashed in on her death ... including baez and the babykiller? And before all you guys who want to sleep with her comment, and tell me I wasn't there, and the jury found her "innocent', the evidence was released to the public for all who want to know what happened, and there is no doubt she murdered that precious child. Phone and computer records prove the child did NOT drown on 6/16. Think about it ...if she would have drown, why the whole elaborate nanny story? Because they didn't create the drowning story until the child was found with evidence linked to the house, and they had to blame it on someone who lived there (after they tried to blame kronk and couldn't prove he had access). She is a murderer, and any media who pays her for her story after she wipes out her debt through bankruptcy should be boycotted. Our justice system isn't perfect, and those jurors should be ashamed for not reviewing a single piece of evidence .. the answers are all there.

587 days ago

Professor Sherlock     

Come on some sweat stain just called the jurisdiction in Florida 10 million years old?

587 days ago


There's a special place in hell for anyone who would harm a child.....

587 days ago


Whoever wrote this article doesn't quite understand how bankruptcy works. Casey doesn't have an opportunity to "accept" or reject the $10K offer to buy her intellectual property rights, because those rights belong to the trustee, not her. That's the price of filing for bankruptcy. And there is lots of precedent for this sort of thing -- Prince lost the rights to use his own stage name, and was forced to adopt that stupid symbol. Earl Campbell sold his name to a sausage company he no longer owned. And Fred Goldman (in another Florida bankruptcy case) acquired the rights to publish OJ's book "If I did it." Schober's plan actually has a great shot of working, and if it does, the $10,000 will go to Casey's creditors (including Texas EquuSearch, Zenaida Gonzalez, etc.), not to Casey herself. And better yet, none of us will ever have to worry about Casey becoming a millionaire by selling a book or a movie or an interview.

587 days ago


She's a killer and one day this will all catch up to her and her day will come, just hope hope whoever does it, does the same thing to her as she did to her child.

587 days ago


At least some people are thinking outside of the box to keep this child killer quiet and poor. She wouldn't see a dime of the $10,000 cause of her debt (not all is forgiven through bankruptcy). Yeah it probably wouldn't go through because of unauthorized bios and such, but at least people are thinking outside of the box.

587 days ago


Sheeyit. Give me $10 and I'll silence her FOREVER!

587 days ago


post this saint's address so i can send a cheque! silence this murderer forever

587 days ago


She is so yummy .

587 days ago
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