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Casey Anthony

$10K Bid To Buy Silence ...


3/16/2013 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0315-casey-anthony-gettyNobody wants to pay for a Casey Anthony interview ... but there IS someone who's offered to pay $10,000 in order to keep the alleged child murderer SILENT for the rest of her life ... TMZ has learned.

According to new court documents filed in Anthony's bankruptcy case, Casey's camp has received a $10k offer from a man hoping to obtain exclusive rights to Casey's life story.

But the buyer doesn't want to make a movie, put her on TV or write a book -- the docs explain his sole motivation is to "prevent Ms. Anthony or others from publishing or profiting from her story in the future."

The man seeking to purchase the rights is James M. Schober -- and as far as we can tell, he's just a random guy with no ties to Anthony or her family.

The trustee handling the bankruptcy case has been tasked with identifying anything of value that can be used to pay back the $800k Casey owes her creditors.

As far as we can see, there's no way the judge will green-light Schober's plan.  First, even Casey doesn't have the exclusive right to her story -- someone could write an unauthorized biography.  Besides that ... there's no way a judge would force the sale of thoughts in Casey's head.

It's very weird ... but the bankruptcy trustee is totally into selling Casey's story, because he's asking the court if he can create a bidding war.

He shouldn't hold his breath.


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Hot Chocolate    

What does it profit a woman to gain the world and lose her soul?

Hell No!

That story will be worth a lot someday but it's the babes story, right?

You can own your childs story and sell it but you better not return to any transgressions. That's not an easy thing to do. But you do need to keep your mouth for a while. It's not time to do any interviews yet. Get your spiritual house in order and take one day at a time.

You have plenty of time to regroup. Fight them back.

Everyone is not against you.

529 days ago


Bozo Baez & team had unfettered access to jurors before they were sequestered... then the jurors came back with acquiittal in 2 hrs without reading jury instructions or reviewing 1 pc of evidence... juror bank accounts should have been investigated but noooooooo, better to let the child killer go free & leave tainted jurors alone, right Florida?!

529 days ago


Oh and she's got her child molesting father George Anthony (she said), her perjuring mother Cindy and her dirty old man Chinny Mason "taking care" of her financial and "other" needs. What a grotesque, sick bunch that cares nothing about the murdered baby. Crawl back into your hole Casey or is it too big (that's what her men say, lol)

529 days ago


Evidence proved this vile woman murdered her 2 yr old with 3 long strips of duct tape over her tiny nose & mouth; it was still attached to little Caylee's hair on both sides of her skull & held her jaw bone in place after decomposition.
People dealing with this brutal child killer had better watch their backs, there was evidence that she was also going to kill her parents because they forced her to take care of her child when she wanted to party.

529 days ago

Rex Manning Day music blog    

Deep down she's just an insecure loser with an underdeveloped mind who happened to get good looks when she was a teen, and in her warped mind she thought that meant that she could do whatever she wanted and everyone should bow down to her. FYI I know you're reading this Casey you narcissistic moron, at least 80% of your haters are more intelligent than you and don't you ever forget that.

529 days ago


Why pay casey ANYTHING? her & her scamily & atturdies are already getting HUGE PAYDAYS.

I wouldn't give her the sweat off .....well, you know what I'm trying to say.

529 days ago


i thought it is a crime to dispose of a body, why didnt they charge with tampering and disposal of a body???????????????????

529 days ago



529 days ago


TMZ paid more than 10k for those stupid pictures of her walking around somewhere.

529 days ago


She needs to go away forever..sorry but i believe the skank killed her baby. Who doesnt report a missing child? Just the guilty omes!!!

529 days ago


DAMN she is a pretty woman.

Way better than the fat fingered chip eating self-hating fat chicks that clamor over themselves to say catty things about her.

529 days ago


A lot of people on this website is doing crack, where in the hell do she looks good at, I see poor trail or trash.

529 days ago


But I forgot American men will screw anything.

529 days ago


why is this chick even still breathing?

529 days ago


Give her an AK so we can all see her thoughts....

529 days ago
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