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Charlie Sheen

Private School Parents


3/16/2013 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0315-viewpoint-charlie-sheen-tmzCharlie Sheen belongs in JAIL ... so say several parents at his daughter's former private school, who are now clamoring to have the actor prosecuted for his nefarious dog crap plot.

Several parents at the Viewpoint School in L.A. tell TMZ, a meeting was held Thursday night to address Sheen's Twitter rant, in which he ordered his millions of fans to deface Viewpoint with dog feces, rotten eggs, and toilet paper.

Sheen says he urged his fans to exact revenge on the school after it did nothing to address a bullying situation involving his 9-year-old daughter Sam ... whom Sheen removed from Viewpoint last May. It's unclear why he waited until this week to sound off.

But parents aren't letting it slide -- multiple people who were present at the meeting tell TMZ, parents feel Sheen's threat is not over ... and any one of Sheen's millions of fans could act out any time.

As far as they're concerned, Sheen has demonstrated over and over that he's a credible threat and a violent person -- and brought up the litany of allegations the actor has faced over the years ... including claims he threatened to shoot someone with a super 90, held a knife to his ex-wife's throat, shot Kelly Preston, and trapped a hooker in his hotel room (he was never prosecuted for any of the alleged incidents).

As a result, the parents -- including one lawyer -- want Sheen prosecuted for criminal threats as well as inciting violence.

We're told the parents plan to get in touch with authorities to get the ball rolling. Calls to Charlie were not returned.


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Good luck trying to prosecute him. Charlie has deep pockets.

594 days ago

Professor Sherlock     

He would be better off recording the actions of the bullies and spreading copies out to the parents. Most bullies parents are likely to be the ones schmoozing like minded peers who are dying to have a reason to insult one another. No I doubt they could prosecute him and he's a threat only to himself which he knows.

594 days ago


I think inciting vandalism is the wrong way to handle this. Shame on Charlie!

594 days ago


they will prosecute over a little poo prank but traumatizing a child which could have led to death is just fine by them. What a bunch of *bleeps*

594 days ago


It was quite extreme for Charlie to go on that ridiculous rant, but behind the public rant, is an angry dad, who refuses to let the school and bully "get away" with it, when nothing was done about it. I dont agree that he should have named the child, and yes i agree the rant was extreme, but even celebrities snap when their kids get bullied. He is an angry dad, pissed at a school that "looks the other way" because it is a private school, and he refused to let it go on. he should have handled it differently for sure.

594 days ago


It's incorrect to say that Sheen has never been prosecuted. He has avoided a number of convictions due to good lawyers but did plead guilty to misdemeanor assault and that is no small thing. Because of that he cannot own firearms for instance. "On December 25, 2009, Sheen was arrested for assaulting his wife, Brooke Mueller in Aspen, Colorado. He was released the same day from jail after posting an $8,500 bond. Sheen was charged with felony menacing, as well as third-degree assault and criminal mischief. On August 2, 2010, Sheen, represented by Yale Galanter, pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault as part of a plea bargain that included dismissal of the other charges against him. Sheen was sentenced to 30 days in a drug rehab center, 30 days of probation, and 36 hours of anger management." - Wikipedia

594 days ago


First, wouldn't that violate Charlies freedom of speech? Second, I witnesses horrific bullying when I was in junior high and I did nothing. That makes me worse than the bullies. Thank you Charlie for bringing the issue and awareness front and center so that maybe someone somewhere will stand up the next time this happens.

594 days ago


Nobody cares about bullying till either they or their kids are being bullied. If everyone worked together maybe we could get it under control.

594 days ago

pattycakes not to be confused with pattycake    

Hey at least he!s getting his priorities straight. He's concerning himself with his offspring instead of pretty dresses for Taters to cut up.

594 days ago


I like Charlie, still don't know why. Wouldn't say I am a "fan". But we all know he is a dumba$$. I have one question, has a SINGLE FAN shown up with a turd in hand to do what he said? Sounds like mass hysteria on the part of the school and the parents. FFS. IF someone shows up with turd in hand, I would say prosecute the turd carrier. By all means, present Charlie with the added security/police bill. But for God's sake, why create much ado about nothing? He's a dumba$$, this is what dumba$$es do. Parents and school need to get over it UNLESS something happens, then deal with it.

594 days ago


Out of all the crap (pun intended) Charlie's gotten away with, to prosecute him for telling people to fling waste at a school -- come on! Wait until he does something serious and prosecute him for that...

594 days ago

BB not bb    

Why do they want to jail a comdeian for a silly rant on a Twitter where he was letting off steam? Who is really going to go out of their way to do this? I think those parents just want to see Charlie squirm. Maybe their kids are the same way, liking to torture others.

Prep schools are known for doing hazing and having rituals of torture and abuse. That is how you enter the elite, when you are willing to torture others and take it yourself to be part of the group.

I think Charlie should apologize before this gets more out of hand. I think he meant it as a joke, but they are going to turn it into a terroristic threat. It is all a big power play.

I think Charlie's kid is very cute and pretty. Maybe instead of attacking the other kid and the school, Charlie should just spend more time with his own kid and reassure her that she is important to him.

594 days ago


I don't condone bullying and truly believe that if the school did not take care of it then their should be consequences. That being said, we only know what Charlie says happen and do not know what actions the school took. So until I know the whole story I will reserve judgment. Also, naming the child (even though it was a first name only) was wrong on his part. And before anyone jumps my case, yes I have had both children and grandchildren bullied at school. We handled it through the proper channels and were satisfied with the results. Had we not been satisfied we would have gone further up the chain of command. Denise (and I admire her for not jumping on Charlie's bandwagon) handled it the way it should be handled. She felt that it was not handled properly and removed her children from the school, her decision. I don't get why anyone would think that violence (hitting, pushing, throwing dog poop, etc) is the way to take care of a bully. I have even taught my children and grandchildren that if someone starts hitting you, first, walk away if you can, and second it's okay to defend yourself, but not to the point where you become the more aggressive one in the fight (in other words, don't get out of control). Charlie's actions are not those of an adult (especially a year later). Don't know his reason for it and will not speculate. And while some don't think any of his followers will do this, there is usually at least one that will.

594 days ago


"Boo hoo, I'm rich so how dare someone even suggest getting my little Muffy and Buffy dirty". Try sending your kids to school in Chicago and then you can cry.

594 days ago

Professor Sherlock     

Charlie Sheen by no means should apologize to save face that furthers the idea he only says crazy things he doesn't mean. He's not that prep schools puppet nor should he sit down. Standing up is the right thing to do and I hope he continues to do the right thing.

594 days ago
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