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Charlie Sheen

Private School Parents


3/16/2013 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0315-viewpoint-charlie-sheen-tmzCharlie Sheen belongs in JAIL ... so say several parents at his daughter's former private school, who are now clamoring to have the actor prosecuted for his nefarious dog crap plot.

Several parents at the Viewpoint School in L.A. tell TMZ, a meeting was held Thursday night to address Sheen's Twitter rant, in which he ordered his millions of fans to deface Viewpoint with dog feces, rotten eggs, and toilet paper.

Sheen says he urged his fans to exact revenge on the school after it did nothing to address a bullying situation involving his 9-year-old daughter Sam ... whom Sheen removed from Viewpoint last May. It's unclear why he waited until this week to sound off.

But parents aren't letting it slide -- multiple people who were present at the meeting tell TMZ, parents feel Sheen's threat is not over ... and any one of Sheen's millions of fans could act out any time.

As far as they're concerned, Sheen has demonstrated over and over that he's a credible threat and a violent person -- and brought up the litany of allegations the actor has faced over the years ... including claims he threatened to shoot someone with a super 90, held a knife to his ex-wife's throat, shot Kelly Preston, and trapped a hooker in his hotel room (he was never prosecuted for any of the alleged incidents).

As a result, the parents -- including one lawyer -- want Sheen prosecuted for criminal threats as well as inciting violence.

We're told the parents plan to get in touch with authorities to get the ball rolling. Calls to Charlie were not returned.


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Considering the people who are Charlie Sheen fans, I'm kind of surprised they didn't get inundated w/dog crap. Or worse.

548 days ago


I love Charlie as crazy as he is he is invincible!!!!! He thinks with his heart and ***k most of the times but he has no ill intentions, the parents are taking it too seriously!

548 days ago


No longer winning, Charlie. Losing.

548 days ago


Its Charlie Sheen..... What idiot would take him seriously? If anyone does it will show just how stupid they are and they unlike Charlie will go to jail. ... Not worth it little Victoria will get her come upance one day but it won't be at the hands of CS or his fans. It will be the mean girls of her high school .... then she will remember how she treated others in elementary school.... What Goes Around... Comes Around. Karma!

548 days ago


The school is gonna get a bucket of Charlie's money but he doesn't care!!!

548 days ago

judy jetson    

I knew it. This loser sheen is either going to be prosecuted or sued. This guys a nut. Even his own family admits it. He should be in a psychiatric hospital with Lindsay lohan.

548 days ago


I have some extra dog & cat poop to contribute too, happy to drop it off at the school :)

By the way, have their teachers & administrators been screened for pedophilia?

548 days ago

Lynn M    

The school is not allowed to say what action was taken against the alleged bully due to privacy issues, as minors are involved. This often leads to a misunderstanding that nothing was done. However, it is alleged that the bullying continued, not just a second time but a third, to the point that the victim had to leave the school. IMO, Charlie made his daughter more of a target with his outlandish edict as well as opening the door for these potential charges. How has he benefitted his child through his current actions. Had he just stuck to his complaint, that his daughter was forced to change schools because the alleged bullying was allowed to continue and the offending child was not forced to leave after the third infraction, as would be reasonable, he would not be looking like a crazy person. Instead, he would have a valid complaint. He should come to regret his actions and retract his request now that Denise has pointed out how he is hurting his daughter.

548 days ago


We don't need anyone bringing ANYTHING to a school. I think Charlie's anger got the best of him in the heat of the moment. Charlie wouldn't want to see anyone get hurt over his outburst, especially at school.

They did the right thing by removing their kid from that school. I'm sure they pay big bucks for Sam's education.

Chillax people, put the Tiger Blood away and start #Winning again.

548 days ago


Knowing the snobby kids and parents that go to these overpriced school, I am sure what he is saying is probaly true. I have delt with these type of parents with my own kid and have to say these type of parents feel privlaged.

548 days ago


Charlie was never prosecuted for those alleged incidents. Can't be used in court. But more to the point, his prank idea was not at all violent. And the parents need to look at the source of the problem & reason for Charlie's rant- TO BRING ATTENTION TO BULLYING & HOLD THE SCHOOL RESPONSIBLE FOR STOPPING IT!

548 days ago


That school is moronic! Even if he went on a rant and they wanted to try and prosecute him, he could file suit saying they neglected to provide his daughters safety, and he would win because our law system is based on what has happened not what could happen. If he went high enough and found just one other parent to side with him it would be a class action suit and enough to shut it down, then those parents would all be screwed!

548 days ago


If this happened with someone like Jay-Z. People would NOT be saying its ok. They would be out with pitch forks for his head.

548 days ago


I hope they do charge him. IMO the drugs have killed off all of his brain cells related to being a responsible person. Why would a grown 40 something man tell his young fan on twitter to destroy school property just because he believes his child was bullied. I read Charlie has not even set foot on the school property since 2012.

If he feels that way why don't he do the deed himself and stop telling people he don't know to do his dirty work. Charlie is a waste....IMO.

548 days ago


I'm a big fan of Charlie's I live near by Calabasas! LOL

548 days ago
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