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Charlie Sheen

Private School Parents


3/16/2013 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0315-viewpoint-charlie-sheen-tmzCharlie Sheen belongs in JAIL ... so say several parents at his daughter's former private school, who are now clamoring to have the actor prosecuted for his nefarious dog crap plot.

Several parents at the Viewpoint School in L.A. tell TMZ, a meeting was held Thursday night to address Sheen's Twitter rant, in which he ordered his millions of fans to deface Viewpoint with dog feces, rotten eggs, and toilet paper.

Sheen says he urged his fans to exact revenge on the school after it did nothing to address a bullying situation involving his 9-year-old daughter Sam ... whom Sheen removed from Viewpoint last May. It's unclear why he waited until this week to sound off.

But parents aren't letting it slide -- multiple people who were present at the meeting tell TMZ, parents feel Sheen's threat is not over ... and any one of Sheen's millions of fans could act out any time.

As far as they're concerned, Sheen has demonstrated over and over that he's a credible threat and a violent person -- and brought up the litany of allegations the actor has faced over the years ... including claims he threatened to shoot someone with a super 90, held a knife to his ex-wife's throat, shot Kelly Preston, and trapped a hooker in his hotel room (he was never prosecuted for any of the alleged incidents).

As a result, the parents -- including one lawyer -- want Sheen prosecuted for criminal threats as well as inciting violence.

We're told the parents plan to get in touch with authorities to get the ball rolling. Calls to Charlie were not returned.


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Doesn't matter how many lines a guy snorts or how many porn stars he bangs, if he's standing up against bullying he's the good guy.

584 days ago


Please. Charlie should sue the school and Victoria's parents for not protecting little Sammi.

584 days ago


wow 70% said Charlie shouldnt be prosecuted, after threatening a school and a nine yr people are very disturbing and frightening...

584 days ago

Cheryl A.    

He has the right to freedom of speech, therefore he cannot be prosecuted. He does have a case against the school for allowing his daughter to be bullied several times.

584 days ago


What a bunch of stupid ass rich parents at this school not to mention the administrators. They did NOTHING to help Sam Sheen when she was being bullied and now they want to spin it backward onto Charlie who is simply trying to protect his daughter. Charlies past or opinions don't matter here. The fact remains that Charlie and Denise had to PULL THEIR CHILD OUT OF THIS AWFUL SCHOOL BECAUSE THEY WOULDN'T STOP another child from bullying their child. That's deplorable. Had the school acting properly, Charlie wouldn't be doing THIS now. As for the spoiled parents who don't care if bullying is going on, shame on them!

584 days ago


These parents are playing on the allegations, NOT PROSECUTIONS, that occured. Charlie was NEVER prosecuted for any of that. You can' accuse someone of something in the USA and then assume it's factual. AWFUL snotty parents at this school.

584 days ago

Tessa C    

I think that the school is getting exacty what they deserve. I have also been in a position where I have been forced to remove my children from a school due to the schools failure to protect my child. This principal thought that the best way to fix the problem was to pull my child into the office during recess while the other 3 bullys played on the playground. Her excuse was that it was easier to watch one child when it was to watch 3. Are you kidding me. The bullys remain playing while my child is in the office reading a freaking book? Furthermore, this school is mostly Mexican. Not that this was a problem. but the principal turned it into a problem because every time there is some sort of gathering at the school, only mexican music would be blasting. She called it "culture".

At first I thought she would be helpful to the school and its parents. But instead, she caved to the mostly LAZY teachers. There were only a few teachers that were really making a difference with the students and their learning. One was more of a social butterfly that would put down other children in her class. She thought she was one of the popular students instead of a teacher.

Furthermore, the principal would hire Spanish speaking ONLY playground supervisors. Their was only one or two English speaking. So that is why the bullys get away with harrassing the white students.

First I went to the School District and complained about it all. Then I pulled my kids out of that school. Now my kids are aiming for the sky with their studies because this school aims for the sky. This school teaches RESPECT AND TEAMWORK. Not just as a class. But an entire school. The older kids help the younger kids. The younger kids really look up to the older kids. The administration at this school does not put up with any negative BS like bullying & neither do the students. If someone begins to bully another kid, you don't see these kids circling a fight. You see these kids STOPPING FIGHTS.

The school has one of the highest number of GATE students and one of the highest amount of STAR students.

Franklin Elementry School, Anaheim City School District in California... They Rock!!!

584 days ago

Tessa C    

So... I believe that Charlie is trying to send a message to the school. The message is "bullys have a life long effect on children. Here let me show you how damaging bullys can be." This school obviously didn't suspend or otherwise stop what was happening with his daughter. I am sure that Charlie pays thousands of dollars per year for his childs education. Just by the mear fact that this was allowed to continue means that this school wasn't watching what was going on. This isn't a public school where funding is limited. Therefore, if I were Charlie, I would be off the hook.

YOU GO CHARLIE. Let this be a lesson or rather a message to the parents trying to get into this school. In this case, YOU DON'T GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.

584 days ago

Tammy Kuzel-Kohl    

Maybe the school should have thought 2x before bullying a Sheen! Especially his child! You're lucky he doesn't threatened to put dog **** down your throat. If that were my kid, there would be some serious **** hitting the fan with that "private" school. Who do you think you are?

584 days ago


Now he is going to be the "concerned parent vehemently protecting his children"? Please... Maybe he should worry about how he wasn't there for the kids when he was on his drugged out rampages. You can't argue with stupid. He is a walking example of why people need an education. God help his kids. They are going to need it.

584 days ago

It's Dave    

Yes, prosecute Charlie (though I think a sincere apology would actually suffice). He acted irresponsibly and brought the possibility of danger to a bunch of kids. It sucks his kid was bullied, but now Charlie is the bully in the situation. And God only knows how his idiotic followers will interpret his instructions. Kids are off limits and that includes places such as schools where kids are present. You're wrong Charlie and you need to man up and apologize and tell your rapid little idiot followers to back off.

584 days ago


their lying....what parents would want their kids going to a school where its OK to be a BULLY?????

584 days ago


those of you that don't... should have NEVER had them....give them to a family that cares!!!!!
and that have the BALLS to protect them...

584 days ago


being bullied is wrong. N for wateva reason charlie sheen waited to say sumthn shouldn't matter, kids r being harrassed basically in school horribly today more then ever. So I stand by charlie sheen all the way.

584 days ago


Hi Mr. Sheen I am a sigle dad from a small town in Ontario Canada.
I have a suggestion, what if we all sent fake poop to the school, along with a letter stating that it is just that, not real. However bullying is?

584 days ago
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