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Lil Wayne


Pays Weezy a Visit

3/16/2013 2:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0316-birdman-cedars-tmzLil Wayne's latest hospital visitor was perhaps his most important: his mentor ... Birdman.

The rap stars are as close as close can be, so much so that Birdman calls Wayne "his son." Birdman famously gave Wayne $1,000,000 in cash on his 26th birthday. 

Wayne -- who has been in the hospital since suffering multiple seizures earlier this week -- has also received visits from Drake and Los Angeles Clippers star Chris Paul

Birdman tweeted after Wayne's health scare last night, saying, "My son is feelin Good.will be home real soon."


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Fly down u LIL thug. Bye bye

530 days ago


You people are so damn ignorant!! What the hell if he is gay?! Does that mean he deserves to die? Who are any of u to judge? At least he didn't beat the hell out of anyone like Chris Brown! None of u have ever drank too much? Blacked out? Did drugs? Bulllllll****. People like u are what is wrong with society today, zero compassion for other humans.

530 days ago


one word.. sizzurp!

530 days ago


My guess is he is still in a coma and God knows who is tweeting like it's him. I predict he'll be dead in a few days when they unplug him

530 days ago


I don't have a clue who Birdman is other than what's stated in the article but I don't believe all of Lil Wayne's friends are visiting him from last night and today if his condition was good. I hate to say it but I don't think he's doing good at all. He's probably better than he was when first brought into the hospital but nowhere near ready to come home. I wonder if he's in a coma?

Anyway, my prayers go out to him.

530 days ago


Tired of hearing about this ugly waste of space.

530 days ago


Get well weezy but tmz Yall some ****ing liars!!! #who gone check me

530 days ago


He has an album scheduled to be released in on 3/26 called : "I'm not a human being" lets all hope that he can get thru it. Druggie or not its a lifestyle he has chosen to live in, the pics of him spending time with his boys doesn't even make him appreciate life more what does he value then in life???

530 days ago


As someone who has unfortunately experienced a seizure myself, I find it very difficult to believe that Lil Wayne is feeling good and text messaging. After have multiple violent seizures, his body would not only be sore, seriously bruised, and probably bloodied from him hitting himself, but his mind would also be delirious and more than likely would not have the ability to focus on ANYTHING until a day later at the very least. Not to mention the serious medicine he would be on to control his brain waves and prevent them from triggering another seizure. I don't believe his camp.

530 days ago


If these people visited I WOULD have a seizure!!!!

530 days ago


I hope he is ok..

530 days ago


It's definitely not a laughing matter. I really hope Wayne has a chance to realize he is a mere man. He's not above death & or crippling ailment. He better get his heart right b4 he perishes.

530 days ago


TMZ is now saying "Wayne -- who has been in the hospital since suffering multiple seizures earlier this week --" so does this mean that TMZ created the story that he was rushed to the hospital last night ? This latest drama is really all TMZ's creation ?

530 days ago


BITCHPLEASE said: "You people are so damn ignorant!! What the hell if he is gay?! Does that mean he deserves to die? ... People like u are what is wrong with society today, zero compassion for other humans"

Zero compassion ? Are you kidding? There is NO ONE who has LESS compassion for their OWN RACE than black rappers. They have made their blood money releasing a product (I will not dignify their filth by calling it "music") that encourages young black men to shoot each other for sport. And they have been so SUCCESSFUL that HOMICIDE is now the number one cause of death for black male children in America aged 12-19 (Centers for Disease Control Report, May 2010). That has NEVER been the case for any other group of children in this nation. So where is WAYNE's and other rappers' "compassion" for all of the innocent black youth whose lives they have destroyed with their message? It is NONEXISTENT, yet you expect me to feel sorry for this loathsome little toad? My sympathy goes, instead, to 6- month-old Jonylah Watkins, shot five times by black THUG gang members while with her black THUG father (who was photographed SMILING at the hospital afterward, and who is now believed to have possibly used the baby as a shield when the gunfire erupted). Where have black men learned this inhumane behavior toward each other? These are not once-in-a-blue moon occurrences like the deaths of the children in Conn. This is NIGHTLY violence that terrorizes black children across this nation. So where have they learned such subhuman violence against their own? Their tutors are the rapper trash who release filth that is listened to every minute of every hour of every day. Wayne's songs are listed to instead of books being read; Wayne's ASS-EXPOSED "style" is copied instead of presenting a dignified image to the world ("ass-out" is one of the reasons the black youth unemployment rate is currently at FORTY THREE PERCENT!!!, nearly 20 times higher that the national unemployment rate during the Great Depression. Who wants to hire someone who lacks the common sense to cover their own ass?); Under Wayne's tutelage, black boys have so little respect for each other, that the word "friend" no longer exists in their lexicon, replaced instead by the vulgar "ni@@er".
Wayne and other rappers are responsible for teaching your children how cool it is to KILL each other, yet you are so ignorant you idolize these THUGS who are complicit in the destruction of their own race. And WHY the idolatry? How many computers has Wayne donated to black schools since he became rich? How many scholarships has he established? How many impoverished, fatherless black children has he mentored? How many gang members has he attempted to sway? Give a single reason why anyone outside of his own family and Birdman, the vulture who started screwing him (literally and figuratively) when he was a young boy, should mourn his passing? Sorry, but logic dictates that black boys would be INFINITELY better off without the influences of "people" like Wayne.


530 days ago


You all should be ashamed of yourselves ...posting such untrue bull**** about Lil Wayne's condition....You could have just got the facts first before posting your own damn version of what happened....

530 days ago
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