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Lil Wayne


Pays Weezy a Visit

3/16/2013 2:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0316-birdman-cedars-tmzLil Wayne's latest hospital visitor was perhaps his most important: his mentor ... Birdman.

The rap stars are as close as close can be, so much so that Birdman calls Wayne "his son." Birdman famously gave Wayne $1,000,000 in cash on his 26th birthday. 

Wayne -- who has been in the hospital since suffering multiple seizures earlier this week -- has also received visits from Drake and Los Angeles Clippers star Chris Paul

Birdman tweeted after Wayne's health scare last night, saying, "My son is feelin Good.will be home real soon."


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We need more news

550 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

So, more than 24hrs later and no news about it. I'm still pretty sure he's dead. No photos of him, no phone call to TMZ to prove he's not dead...

550 days ago


just like when Michael Jackson news for a couple of hours then announcement that he this case, brain dead on life support waiting for family...there would have been more news out by now if it was positive...

550 days ago


most rappers are not shy, they are loud and quick to tell someone off and love attention.but they are not up in your face to tmz. something bad is going on, to quiet.

550 days ago


Wow. Lotta haters writing some sinful garbage on here. R u mad at his money? Drug of choice? Or the fact that he has more money and drugs than you will ever see in your lifetime? Y else would you be calling a sick person out like that? If any of those hateful comments crossed my mind I'd never post it. All it does is take up space. Dead, alive, coma. He accomplished more than u can in your lifetime. Sad. You have the time to follow his health and not care at the same time. Lame #stophating #getalife

550 days ago

Metta Worldhate    

Hey, TMZ, is he giving him his last rites?

550 days ago


I wish he would use his fame for good. He has SUCH power to sway thoughts and be a positive role model for young urban youths. Volunteer. Do charity work. Or heck, stop the resurgence of calling women " bitches" in songs. As soon as he does that... I might respect him. I also hope he gets off drugs and lives through this... But IMO, this doesn't look good.

550 days ago


Hi may I say really sad that celebs are more important going to see lil Wayne then his health yes he f'd but he is human like us all we all have f'd up in are life ss if most don't like comment

550 days ago


Just like he said "it doesn't matter what is in my cup.. If I wanna kill myself that's my choice"........ He's not a role model he's not a saint.. In his countless interviews he knew the consequences of his actions with codeine.. He can't live without it now and he apparently cant live with it... Money can't buy you happiness at the end of the day he's still just a guy from New Orleans... Sad but true

550 days ago


Dont wish death on him but i can care less about him..In his song is all about sex, bitches, hoes, drugs and money.. dude go around saying he **** people wifes..if he does die it wouldnt be a big thing to me..the type of accomplishment he made wasnt even note worthy..the way he raps dont make sense and dude just retarded

550 days ago


Though it is preventable, a death caused by drug addiction is no less sad in my opinion. I don't like this man's music, but it would be nice seeing more people hoping this situation might sway him to look at what he's doing and get help, rather than saying its his own fault and he's a dumbass for the things he's done. People make mistakes, and they learn from them. Sometimes you need to hit rock bottom before you can truly change. I hope he pulls through this and decides to get healthy so he can be there for his kids and continue entertaining his fans.

550 days ago


Is this the same birdman that went on a rant with some of his label mates slammed TMZ? Well this was a perfect opportunity to speak with the camera man and let the people who believe birdman & crew crappy lies about Lil Wayne health why not show a photo. TI even speaking out still promoting violence about riding on somebody, a hit dog will holler if Harvey reports isn't true why even respond to him whining on twitter and putting out that fake twitter report claiming it was from Lil Wayne I know for a FACT celebrities rarely check their OWN messages on social networking sites they feel they are above the regular hardworking ppl. If he was watching a basketball game why not show a photo of him some says he has nothing to prove by showing a photo heck they show photos in the club of them making it rain on strippers why not let us see him showing how grateful he is for God bringing him back with the hashtag saying My testimony. If he had real friends why not encourage him to go to rehab b/c he has none. No one has said TMZ lying he wasn't on drugs that isn't true I find that odd. Where aren't any of his fans outside holding a vigil I remember the 1st time Tupac was shot the hospital was surrounded with fans holding a vigil. He must be in terrible shape with this illegal parking they have going on if it was anybody else we would have been TOWED & TICKETED, why not park in a regular spot because his condition is so bad they have to get out quickly. If people disagree with TMZ it's simple stop coming on their page & to the other news site stop quoting TMZ if u feel they are so wrong if it wasn't for Harvey & his team no one wouldn't even knew lil wayne was hosptilized they was trying to keep that hidden. Say what u want about TMZ they will keep giving u the real story while every one cater to these stars like they are babies. I'm a fan of this site & always will be TMZ broke the deaths of many celebrities before cnn, msnbc, and fox to include Heath Ledger, Bernie Mac, Anna Nicole Smith, Michael Jackson etc..Broke the story of the Domestic Violence case of Chris Brown & Rihanna and released the 1st pic of Rhianna from the injuries she suffered from Chris Brown & many other stories. Who I believe TMZ I mean what will they gain from lying on lil wayne they have their sources they check out before printing oh they were wrong about the last rites heck they took it down people still whining but coming to their sites for updates lol & smh at the same time. If u choose to believe baby them go ahead do u think they have lil wayne fans best interest at heart no they don't they rather feed yall lies b/c they know yall believe stories such as he was watching the game. Yall fans go to the hospital and stand by a TMZ camera man and ask baby, drake or any visitors who comes out about lil wayne they will look at u like u don't exist & u don't not in their world. I pray for him to but stop idolizing these celebrities u the fans just help with their bills and his hospital bills. I heard someone say Nikki Minaj tweeted something who cares, she can't even show up to her chair on American Idol on time. Noone wants to answer the truthful question of why lil wayne is under the influence of drugs or continuing on a dangerous path of drug use that's why they are lying. Harvey is a lawyer do u think he would put this on the line by picking on lil wayne out of all people. I guess they called Chris Paul up to look like they really were interested in basketball. Again I pray for the best it comes a time when people have to stop blaming ppl and take responsibilities. Life throw things your way I have had many storms but, I want intentionally harm my body. I see so many gossip/celebrity sites blaming TMZ for their false reporting but haven't removed what TMZ said. I believe lil wayne is critically ill and they don't know how to cover up the lies they have fed to his fans, what they going to come out & say.. we lied etc.. If he was up watching basketball and feeling soooo good like they said why he didn't tweet today like he did yesterday with that short sentence!!!

550 days ago


lotta heavy shiz here. negative comments and energy, go back from whence you came. lil Wayne, God bless and get well soon. On a lighter note, apparently danny de vito and rhea perlman are staying together. I guess it"possible! Oh happy day!

550 days ago


Tmz has to be right come on Cedar Sinai's in Weho bev hills loads of gay docs there Harvey's big time connection, he was a prosecutor prior to tmz he would know the consequences of defamation/lying about facts stat!

550 days ago


KAYDIAMOND..." if it wasn't for Harvey & his team no one wouldn't even knew lil wayne was hosptilized they was trying to keep that hidden..."

550 days ago
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