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Chris Paul

Member of the Lil Wayne

Celebrity Visitor Club

3/16/2013 11:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0316-chris-paul-splashLil Wayne had no shortage of famous visitors last night -- Los Angeles Clippers guard Chris Paul and his wife Jada stopped by Cedars-Sinai to see how the famous rapper was doing. 

Cameras also caught Drake, Weezy's protégé, visiting Wayne last night as well. 

As TMZ first reported, Wayne was hospitalized twice this week for seizures. His situation was dire last night, but his condition eventually stabilized. According to our sources, Wayne went on a Sizzurp binge between his hospital visits and doctors had to pump his stomach three times to flush the drugs from his system.

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the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

If he's perfectly fine like his people are trying to portray, why so many visitors? Seems like the situation is serious.

586 days ago

Kev the Realist    

If you are stupid enough to do sizzurp, then you deserve to die. If you are stupid enough to have seizures from drug use and you contine to use, then you deserve to die. These stupid rappers think they are invincible. Welsome to the real world. I for one am sick and tired of these low life rappers who rap about drugs, sex and violence against woman are all too stupid to know better. When they start dropping like flies maybe they will get the message, but probably not, they are all too stupid to learn anything....

586 days ago



586 days ago


I hope his kids don't read TMZ.

586 days ago


I don't know much about TMZ, because I don't follow celebrities. What little I do know of it comes from flipping through the channels and stumbling upon your program long enough to coax droplets of bile from my gastrointestinal tract.

CNN sort of force-fed Lil Wayne's story to me last night. I have no idea who he is, but one thing is clear: he didn't deserve the treatment TMZ afforded him.

You obviously got the story wrong --he wasn't knocking on death's door-- but you are entirely unapologetic. Instead, you have spent the last dozen hours trying to defend your case.

This event involuntarily transported me to 1997 and the aftermath of Princess Diana's violent death. If TMZ has any modi*** of journalistic integrity (which I doubt given the fact that its whole business model is ostensibly founded in gossip and paparazzi), it would issue an apology to Lil Wayne, his family and his fans.

586 days ago


I believe he is in a coma, aint no way he is having triple seizures and recovering like speedy gonzalez. If he is stable his brain is most likely fried. Sounds like his team is using his twitter account, and saying that he is okay to cover up what is really going on. Dr's will not notify his mother if he was as okay as they claim he is.

586 days ago


For some reason Randy Newman's song "Short People" keeps coming to mind.

586 days ago


Maybe he got a little brain damage from this event. I know it would be hard to tell the difference but this seems too quiet. If Bieber and other idiots can post hospital room photos, why not wayne ? Something ain't right.

586 days ago

Lil Wayne hologram     

All the updates/tweets stopped last night. No real updates this morn. Dont you think that's suspicious?

586 days ago


I can't name one song you sing, but if you get out of this with no brain damage or wet brain you need to change your life and thank the good lord above for getting you through this...

586 days ago


He may be brain dead!
Oh! I forgot!
He was brain dead before this when he took all the drugs!

586 days ago


My money is on he had a mild stroke.

586 days ago


Jada, you gotta do a little better fashion sense-wise.

586 days ago


If he's fine then why does everyone look like someone died? Second people are just plain ignorant to say well be tweeted he's fine! If u look thru his other tweets then the one that was posted last night their not the same at all. He talks in lingo & the one last night sounded like someone saying it for him. Lastly I don't give a **** who u are, as long as ur not a child molester rapist or killer u don't deserve this oh hurry up and die ****. I wished that on someone once & they did get killed. That was 15yrs ago and I still feel awful for it but I sure as hell learned my lesson. You all wonder what's wrong with the world today, yes he was an idiot, but he doesn't deserve this die already bull****. If u cut us we all bleed the same. So stop being so disgustingly inhumane!

586 days ago


To the people calling TMZ liars, let's get real. We've seen celeb's camps lie about their health time and time again, only for them to die soon later (i.e. Bernie Mac). They do this in order to keep it a private issue. I actually believe TMZ on this one. Think about it. What person has that many seizures and is able to actively tweet afterwards? No one. Someone is obviously tweeting for him. If he was fine, pictures would have been posted by now (that's the type of guy Wayne is). There's a vigil outside of his door and he's having a plethora of visitors coming to see him. The man is obviously in worse shape than his camp is making it out to be.

586 days ago
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