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O.J. Simpson

Tax Liens

Just Keeeeeep On Coming

3/17/2013 9:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0317_oj_simspn_gettyIf O.J. Simpson's new goal in life is to be on the IRS' s**t list forever ... he's doing a great job ... because the agency just filed ANOTHER tax lien against him to the tune of $63,413.79.

Uncle Sam filed the lien in Florida earlier this month, claiming Simpson still needs to cough up income taxes from the year 2006.

TMZ broke the story (ies) ... Simpson's knee-deep in tax debt already. He has federal liens against him totaling over $190,000 for the years 2007-2011, and the State of CA issued a tax lien against him for $318,566.04 for the year 2000.

All totaled ... it's about $580,000 of debt.

Hey, we'd say throw his ass in jail ... but he's already there.

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Death penalty: no more tax evasion.

587 days ago

Throwback kid    

OJ should also be charged with the funeral expenses of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman. It's too bad Kris Jenner didn't stop by Nicole's to return her glasses instead of Ron Goldman, reality show history would have been totally different and America would have never been introduced to those nasty Kardashians!

Boycott the Kardasians today....Boycott the Kardashians tomorrow...Boycott them forever! Lets have a Kardashians free America!!!

587 days ago


OJ just beg Lindsay Lohan for the tax money?

587 days ago


Give the Juice a break! He was a great football player, and he was really funny in the Naked Gun movies

587 days ago


I'm definitely not an advocate for OJ Simpson, but until Casey Anthony is thrown in jail and treated with the same vile hate...it's biased.

Also, until Lance Armstrong is thrown in jail just like Marion Jones and stripped of ALL his cash...it's biased.

That's just the honest truth. As for OJ, he made his bed...let him lie in it.

587 days ago


Dominick Dunne and so many others are smiling as they watch from Heaven as Karma does its job.

DD, BTW, was a prominent writer whose daughter was murdered and the perp pretty much walked away. He enjoyed watching as the mighty fall. He and Harvey were major press sources during the OJ murder trial. I always enjoyed his shows on cable, sort of like 48 Hours/ID channel-type shows, except with an insider's view. It is amazing how much the wealthy folks and others in their circle really opened up to him (some call it gossip, and maybe some of it was).

So, I just read a book of his. Although it s/h/b non-fiction, he had to thinly veil a few things to avoid possible suit by emb people too stupid, and/or vain, to just shut up and not give themselves more bad publicity. However, everything else was true (incl his work with Harvey). This is sort-of like L&O does except much closer to the truth and including lots of names. Name of the book can't mention or might get blocked by Moderators but it has to do with changing the name of his town (wealthy coastal areas of Ct house many wealthy folks, today hedge fund "mgrs", etc.).

587 days ago

(◉_◉) Brush Your Teeth (◉_◉)    

What are they going to do?
Throw him in jail?

587 days ago


As an NFL vet doesn't he earn @ least $200g's?

587 days ago


Couldn't have happened to a more deserving guy

587 days ago

Truth is    

KARMA is the Biggest Beech of them all...he will never be at peace!!!

587 days ago

Rob Zombie is King    


587 days ago


So he earned a million or so dollars in 2000. I bet you the victim's family didn't get 1 penny from that s.o.b.. I'm sure she asked to be paid 10-99, because then he wouldn't have to pay the taxes at the time thru the "employer". He said screw the government!! Try to come get my cash!!!!! I'm sure anyone who did business with him cover their asses really well, that's why the state has this tax lien on him

587 days ago

Throwback kid    

Boy, imagine if the IRS went after the millions of illegal aliens in this country who don't pay one dollar in taxes yet use our roads, hospitals schools etc like they have gone after OJ Simpson? That's right, the politicians are all afraid of losing the spanish vote so they act like the problem doesn't exist. Come on OJ pay those taxes, the govt can't run without your money Juice!

587 days ago


Maybe it's just me, but my problem with the whole OJ Simpson trial was the corruption of evidence by Mark Furmam and others. That is why OJ walked. He could have been found guilty if they hadnt rushed the trial. Sometimes a case takes time to build but in this case the celebrity status just caused complete lack of judgment and clarity and they rushed and talked big talk and when the evidence wouldn't convict they tainted it. We all have our gut feelings OJ did it but because of the circus the trial became I can no longer form an opinion. The justice system failed to get it right.

587 days ago


No one in jail pays taxes. We just keep paying for them to sleep, eat, get good medical and have a place to work out. Oh and they get vable too !! When will this weak society wake up and kill every murderer, rapist and pedifile. We can all live in a safer world with less financial burden. And for those who disagree, I am sure you would cry if you had to write the checks yourself.

587 days ago
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