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Sarah Palin


Out of a Straw

3/17/2013 5:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0317_sarah_palin_gettySarah Palin attempted to mock the proposed ban on large sodas in New York City by sipping on a Big Gulp during her speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference yesterday.

For those of you outside of the Big Apple, Mayor Bloomberg is trying to implement a ban on soda cups bigger than 16 ounces ... in the interest of health.

The former VP hopeful took a dig at Bloomberg when she brought the large cup on stage and said, "Bloomberg’s not around. Our Big Gulp’s safe."

Seems no one told Palin that the 7-Eleven Big Gulp is NOT part of the proposed ban.

Maybe if she read a magazine or newspaper ...


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It is commentary on the current state of personal rights infringement. Way to miss the point, TMZ.

548 days ago

average jane    

"Sucks" in caps is just ridiculous and childish. TMZ, you are becoming more and more trashy. Whether you like Palin or not, she has the right to voice her opinion and use whatever visual aid she wants to for a group of people who are there to hear her viewpoint. Open your mind and understand that it is okay to have more than one opinion on issues. That is what makes our country great. Personally, I'm not a fan of hers but I do agree with her that the soda ban is so stupid. How about people take responsibility for themselves?? Quit leaving it up to government to tell you what is okay to drink and eat. This is America, right??

548 days ago


Maybe you people at TMZ should get off your Liberal High Horse and stop being douche bags.

548 days ago


Was this woman ever relevant?

548 days ago


The Republicans are doing a smashing job blocking progress in congress BE PROUD oh so wrong Right

548 days ago


She has a sense of humor people.

She is drawing attention to the craziness of using tax dollars to ban what size soda people can sell or drink.

You are all aware we owe China TRILLIONS of dollars right?

Some of you need to put down your hate and look for the good.

548 days ago


Oh, please. TMZ runs something that's no big deal, just to take another jab at Palin. For the people at TMZ who are too dumb to understand, Palin's point is she'll drink what she wants, no one is going to tell her what to do. It's not a literal comment on 7-Eleven. I'm not even a Palin fan and I get it.

548 days ago


And why do we always have to jab Palin? Biden says stupid things all the time, I don't see articles on him every week.

548 days ago


And if you guys kept up on the news you'd know that a Judge overturned the ban.

548 days ago


Wow that took considerable effort to mock palin but I'm actually with her on this one. This is no more about health than about Bloomberg and his power which will thankfully be gone this year

548 days ago


Palin is the human equivalent of herpes, just when you think its safe she pops up! grrrrr

548 days ago

velveteen rabbit    

the thing that's pathetic about Palin is that this is ALL she ever does. Mock things. Never a solution, just put others down. Michelle Obama NEVER tried to legislate anything with her "get up and move" campaign and yet this a$$hat slammed her repeatedly. And you supporters wonder why the rest of us think she's a dipsh!t.

548 days ago


Here comes the retards at TMZ trying to mock Palin instead of getting the point she was trying to say. The idiot who not only surrounds himself with armed guards (not one, not two, but FIVE armed guards) who wants average citizens to not have the right to protect their family of 5 with ONE gun... also wants to take away people's rights on what size drink they want. Stop being ****ing nannies... if some fat ass wants big gulp instead of a healthy water, THAT IS THEIR RIGHT. If people want to be healthy, they can do it on their own. Government doesn't need to play mommy and daddy, they need to shut the hell up and remember they work for US not the other way around.

548 days ago


Just more liberal attacks by the fruit loops at tmz. Sooner or later the people in this country will wake up and realize the damage that the liberals have done. But they will only realize this when they are told to line up for food and their bare necessaties. It's over folks. Put a fork in it. WE ARE DONE!!!!

548 days ago


Palin was making a real point about the nanny state who think they have to "save the American people" from their freedoms. The left say "FREEDOM OF CHOICE" when it comes to killing babies, but not to being fat or wanting to drink a large soda. That was the point she was making. Now if you want someone to mock, try "Get a shotgun" Biden who is a gaffe master. Remember him seeing a president (who wasn't president at the time) come on TV (When they weren't sold to the general public) to calm fears about the Stock market crash? Or when he told a paraplegic to "stand up" or that 3 letter word, J-O-B-S, Jobs? Give me a break. TMZ are a bunch of hypocritical bullies.

548 days ago
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