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Charlie Sheen

Private School Goons Threatened My Kids ... With a Knife

3/18/2013 2:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen
is now explaining why he was so pissed off today ... telling TMZ Live, a couple of lackeys supporting his daughter Sam's former private school left a threatening note and a knife jammed into a tree outside his daughters' home.

As we reported, Sheen posted another angry rant on his Twitter today, claiming some spineless "doosh bagz" connected with L.A.'s expensive Viewpoint School had terrorized his ex-wife Denise Richards and their 2 girls.

Charlie called in to TMZ Live ... saying his daughters "had the pleasure of discovering a steak knife used to nail a note to the tree." Charlie says the note contained a threat directed at his family. 

Charlie says two people were captured on surveillance tape committing the deed -- and he's contacted police.

Charlie also modified his initial call to arms -- in which he called on his fans to smear dog crap on the Viewpoint School -- saying it was "metaphoric."

Oh, and he has an interesting plan for that knife that was left in the tree ...


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Democrats are evil    

Then put them in a public school (LAUSD) were they can graduate without learning how to read or write.

591 days ago


I usually love Charlie's adolescent rants because they amuse me but this time...not so much. He is bringing the actions of minor children into the public arena - and that is NOT ok. Schools typically take bullying seriously but if they were not handling this correctly, he should not threaten the school. He is acting as badly as the kids.....

591 days ago


People are nuts!! He started a war and now his family will have to bear his craziness. It's going to get worse because Charlie is so mental and angry. Someone is going to be hurt, he needs to back off (which he won't) and stop egging these people on.

591 days ago

Amber S    

He brought this all on himself.

591 days ago

Amber S    

He brought this all on himself, he needs to just stop and focus on what's left of his acting career and finally being a healthy role model for his children.

591 days ago


Charlie sounds like a mad 17 year old...

591 days ago


To the people saying, "I hope your daughter gets through the bullying", that girl has not been "bullied" for a year now. They were removed from the school a year ago. If the issue was that important to Charlie, why didn't he come out when it happened, rather than a year from then when his children are in a completely different school and are moving on with their lives? He brought it back up. Notice that Denise is not defending the raging lunatic. He wants attention.

591 days ago


Haha! Charlie is the man. Sending my metaphorical dog **** the "doosh bagz" way.

591 days ago


Just because you're famous and I can see being pissed about your kid being bullied but you can't go on the internet and bully a nine year old girl and printing her first name....seriously....also you can't publicly ask people to throw dog crap on a school with little kids. No wonder you pissed off people.

591 days ago


Regardless of how dumb his twitter rant was there's no excuse for this kind of crap, frightening kids, wonder if the damn fools who tried to stab a tree to death are related to this Victoria kid.

591 days ago

BB not bb    

Charlies is escalating the matter with his encitements back and forth. I think these people are looking for a fight and Charlie is wiling to go at it. Denise and her kids seem like they are more nonconfrontational, and just would rather remove themselves from the school that take them to task.

Kids don't know all that well what they are doing. They act on impulse. When adults don't direct them, they go wild. When adults direct them to be cruel, you get little battles being instigated that can move into wars involving adults.

One child shouldn't be made to feel tortured in school. I wouldn't blame the kid calling names as much as the school itself when you are dealing with 9 year olds. The parents have a role to play also.

If Charlie made his kid feel good about herself, what another kids says woudln't matter very much. Wasting energy on going to war over what a 9 year old child thinks seems pretty stupid to me. This is making the girl look way more important than she is.

Charlie should be teaching his kids how to feel good about themselves no matter what other people say about them.

591 days ago

BB not bb    

When I read between the lines of this situation, I think it could be a racial thing. Charlie said that the culprits might make a run for the border if he says who they are. Then he said that the girl made fun of his kid's skin and hair and that her father lost his job. Maybe they are just poor Mexicans who got their kid in the school on a scholarship. Then to be politically correct, the school will not take sides against them.

Denise has no comment and just quietly removed her kids from the school. Maybe that is because she is afriad to accuse a family of illegal aliens or else people will call her some elitist or racist.

Hispanics are often extremely rude and mean to Americans without any provocation. They are just trying to move in and dominate. Maybe that is what is going on here, and the school is not interested in stopping it.

Sticking a knife in a tree with a note next to kids playing sounds like something a gangster would do. Maybe this is a family of gangsters. They probably want to bring down a big white guy like Charlie Sheen.

591 days ago


Give it up, Charlie.

Your response was asinine & instead of making your children safer you made them more of a target because of your disgusting reaction.

590 days ago


All those defending Charlie and horrified by a threatening knife in his tree (which, of course, is wrong – but some perspective here) please remember Charlie was arrested for threatening his wife with a knife on Christmas morning a few years ago – with his children nearby. This is a man who has bullied all the women in his life – he shot one, for heaven’s sake.

590 days ago

Pam 1234    

He is nuts but in this day and age I would take a knife stuck in a tree seriously. What NORMAL child does that? And if the school didn't have a problem with it - if my child were in that school I would be finding a new one.

590 days ago
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