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Journey Guitarist

Sues Ex-Mother-in-Law --

Stop Trashing Me Online!

3/18/2013 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Most people get to forget their in-laws after divorce ... but not Journey guitarist Neal Schon -- he's suing his ex-mom-in-law for defamation, claiming the woman is continuing to ruin his life ... by badmouthing him on the Internet.

Neal filed the defamation suit against Judy Kozan, the mother of Amber Schon -- whom Neal divorced in 2007 -- claiming Judy has "attacked and harassed" him through Internet postings and false comments to the media for years.

According to the lawsuit, Judy published a blog article in January, accusing Schon of not paying her daughter enough money to support herself -- letting their two little girls "go homeless," putting his ex "in a situation where she literally has no money for food, gas for the car, bills, nothing."

Schon says he's paid his ex amply ... more than $1.3 million to be exact ... and her mom's lies have tarnished his reputation, resulting in multiple media outlets accusing him of being a "deadbeat" dad.

He's suing for at least $75,000. 

FYI -- Judy has since removed the offending blog post ... and replaced it with a post that sounds a lot like a retraction, in which she says the "deadbeat dad" reports are FALSE. Too little, too late?


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To Danno case you missed it, now who's the bully? Michaele did this stunt before with Tareq, actually put out a press release (that nobody ran with) that a judge in Virginia ruled on it, yeah, we are suing all you "jealous haters" personally.

391 days ago


I have found, as a general rule, relatives are a lot like neighbors: You don't have much of a choice in the matter, so you might as well make every effort to get along with them. And this sage advice applies to both Mrs. Kozan and Mr. Schon.

391 days ago

Marquis De Suave    

Remember when Neal Schon was cool?

Neither does he.

391 days ago

Marquis De Suave    

Remember when Neal Schon used to be cool?


391 days ago

Marquis De Suave    

In other news, Steve Perry was found dead in his mansion. The cause of death was listed as having a heart attack while laughing his ass off at how big of a douchebag his ex bandmate has become.

391 days ago


So Olive Oil Michelle Holt Salahi is influencing Neal now, I wonder who is influencing his small children from now on. Mom can try to keep this BS from her kids but they KNOW whats going on they SEE, they READ. If Neal was truly a FATHER he would stop this and end the suing crap talk.
One way or another his kids will find out what he did to their Grandma and Mom.

391 days ago


The other kicker is WHO even knew about the Hacking, and his problems with JR and all the rest? I found out from him !!!!

391 days ago


FOOD FIGHT!!! Sorry I missed it, I was at work. Hey Jude, I don't recall Neal ever having to put up with this kind of sh*t until you (Michaele) came into his life. He was free to troll the Internet and send out photos of his peen to certain of his fans in peace and no one was the wiser. Now look what you've done.

390 days ago


This whole scenerio is suspicious. The only ones who benefit from all this publicity, starting with the British Tabloid is Schon and Salahi. The MIL starts a blog where she does not name anyone and it mysteriously appears in a British Tabloid. Schon threatens the Tabloid (publicity), sues the MIL (publicity) rants about harassment because they don't like negative comments (publicity) and trying to pitch getting their wedding televised on TV (publicity). Gee think of all the additional attention this will get from the UK tabloids now, as Journey begins their UK tour. The timing of this is a bit TOO convenient IMHO.

387 days ago

Hey Jude     

Winston9 has there head planted deep lol that is seriously funny!!! NS obviously doesn't need this crap ... JRNY sells out all shows. Not lacking any real press great press. Read below moron

386 days ago


Hey Jude, Michael don't you realize people always know that it's you writing these comments because 1. you always call people names and 2. your comments are always barely literate just like on your Facebook page. xxooxx ;)))

386 days ago

Hey Jude     

Winston9 Judy did admit to talking to the Dail Mail "off record" as she calls it although when she did her interview with the MN Startribune she said she had NEVER talked to DMAil or ever even heard of them... Lol hummmm I'd say someone's credibility it out the door. Lies and more lies . Also she and A had been selling stories for a while to A Goodhand at Radar on Line

386 days ago


Hey Jude, about your post…..

“Also she and A had been selling stories for a while to A Goodhand at Radar on Line”

Mustn’t have been very good dirt because you can’t find a story out there on Schon that was negative up until now. There were plenty of stories over the time since he and Michaele hooked up, in the past the only negative part were the comments about Michaele.

386 days ago


Hey Jude...about your comment

"I'd say someone's credibility it out the door. Lies and more lies ...."

Now, you really don't want to go here, do you?

386 days ago

Hey Jude     

Hey JK sooooo... Did you or did you Not talk to The Daily Mail??? HUGE DISCREPANCY BETWEEN YOU AND YOURSELF AS WELL AS THE DAILY MAIL... WHAT IS IT??

386 days ago
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