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Lil Wayne

Released from Hospital

3/19/2013 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0318_lil_wayne_02Lil Wayne said ICU later to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in West Hollywood ... because TMZ has learned he was just released.

Wayne spent 6 days in the hospital -- most of it in the Intensive Care Unit -- after suffering what appears to be a drug OD that triggered a series of massive seizures.

Sources connected with the rapper tell us ... Wayne is feeling weak but he's a lot better. He plans on laying low until he makes a full recovery.



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Why does anyone pay attention to this no-talent twit?

552 days ago


Hate to say it but he is a pathetic bore who doesn't appreciate what he has. I'm so over reading about him. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz

552 days ago


Mack Maine tweeted about Lil Wayne's release, "God is great." Seems to me "Doctors are great." God would have let that dumb ass die last week.

552 days ago


And stay away from the Nyquil, here's a suggestion try Triametic! I just don't see what the stupid facination is with getting drunk/high off cough syrup? I mean if you were like 12 than maybe, but he's a grown man right? So act like one! Get some help, unless you like the way you feel when your having a seizures???

552 days ago


BITCHPLEASE said: "I hope you negative ass people don't produce kids."


Actually, I HAVE reproduced and my BLACK son, a college student and nationally-ranked athlete, has NEVER BEEN IN TROUBLE A DAY IN HIS LIFE. He comports himself with dignity, covers his ass in public, knows he is a MAN and not a "N!GGA" and would never disrespect his ancestors by using that vile word. He also has a SIX FIGURE trust fund because I (his mother) worked my ass off in college and law school, ran my own successful businesses, invested in various securities and real estate, and did it all while being a BLACK WOMAN IN AMERICA, the greatest country on earth. My son has been taught that he too can be successful through hard work, and that no person of dignity makes money off of the blood (and stupidity) of their own people, as that little rodent who is leaving the hospital has done by encouraging young black boys to deal drugs and SHOOT each other.

So please, articulate (in your own mono-syllabic fashion) why it is that we DECENT people who work hard, obey the law and pay our taxes (so that millions of deadbeats can live free on food stamps and Section 8 housing) should not reproduce, while druggies and gangbangers should.

552 days ago


His friends and fam need to get him in Rehab ASAP!

552 days ago

ann martin    

no the cash cow can't die we love u stop sipping we can not lose u! Feel better babe!!!!!!

552 days ago


Hope he lays low, I have him for August in the Death Pool.

552 days ago


Lil' Wayne stopped doing syrup and realized he has no talent without it. Lil' Wayne IS codeine. I love how everyone is playing down his multiple seizures. It's a matter of time before this guy ODs and dies. Anybody for a death-pool? Who's in?

552 days ago


Why do some of you want him to die? Even if you hate his music and don't approve of his life style, why would you care enough to hope he dies? What difference does it make? Will your life be better if he dies? Same with Lindsay Lohan. It's fine to have an opinion, but to wish death and ill will to someone who has never personally wronged you is weird.

552 days ago

Dave Jr.    

Who cares? Really.

552 days ago


hmmm...once again tmz's report is completely different than babys...cause baby said that he never left the hospital this week whereas tmz said he did, baby also said that he was never in an induced coma and it wasn't a drug overdose which if he never left the hospital most likely it wasn't a drug overdose seeing as how im sure they were observing him...hmmm tmz. needs to stop trying so hard and go back to the way they were years ago before they were on tv and ****

552 days ago


That's good news it looks like he's going to live to be shot.

552 days ago


I'm soooooo relieved that he is ok

552 days ago


I smell a new album coming lol

552 days ago
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