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Lindsay Lohan's Lawyer

Target In Witness Tampering Investigation

3/18/2013 1:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's attorney Mark Heller is in the crosshairs of a possible witness tampering investigation ... after allegations surfaced that he tried to manipulate Lindsay's former assistant into lying on the stand ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... the Santa Monica City Attorney will be launching an investigation and will interview Lohan's ex-assistant Gavin Doyle tomorrow in the presence of police.

We're told ... prosecutors believe Heller may have approached Gavin and tried to get him to admit that he was the one driving the vehicle when Lohan's Porsche crashed into a big rig on Pacific Coast Highway last summer.

TMZ has learned Gavin has told multiple people about the alleged witness tampering ... including an officer of the court.

As for Heller, he has strongly stated that any accusation of witness tampering on his part is "crazy."


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553 days ago

The Big Bowowski    

Really though...this has been one of the best sick days I ever took. It was like getting to see the circus for free. I was still laughing all the way back home...Good times

553 days ago


I am still laughing. All she had to do was sit home with an anklet on for 30 days and she's done. Instead she'd rather take a boatload of everything. Imagine the crap I'd be taking on here if she only got 30 days house arrest from the enablers. People would have flipped out over that if she took it but she didn't. Good luck Lohan.

553 days ago


I was just lookin' at the pics at the top of the page....Tell me, between Liho & Lil' Wayne who looks more likey to be pushing up daises in the next year or so?
She looked sooooo bad today!!!

553 days ago


I was half-watching E News and Chelsea Lately tonight (Monday 3/18/13). The E staff couldn't disguise their bafflement at Michael Lohan's odd performance. The word "circus" was used. Even Chelsea Handler was somewhat at a loss for words, obviously she just can't with Lindsay... Chelsea is no stranger to the pleasures of booze, but unlike Lindsay she is functional, never drives drunk and makes sure guests are driven home, and has admitted she likes the way she feels on days she doesn't imbibe the night before so she seems to be heading toward a more sober life herself. I missed the full prior context but had to laugh when at one point, Chelsea burst out in the conversation about Lindsay "She needs a veterinarian!" Don't ask me what it means, but somehow it seemed a fitting end to a very Lindsay day.

553 days ago


After writing on the other link about today's giggles, I have to ask a serious question: since Blo is supposed to stay away from drugs and drug users, does that mean she can't go to Coachella?? Certainly she'd never think of putting herself in a compromising position.

553 days ago

Bear King of the Dead Thread Heads (and he means it)    

Okay, Peeps....I gotta try to crash. Got 14 inches of snow heading my way at tomorrows end....need my rest to keep up with it.......Night all. (getting sick of that white crap).

553 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Lindsay has died and gone to probation hell. Mark my words Chief Gall, she will not fare well.

553 days ago


This plea deal has her agreeing to stop being Lindsay Lohan. That is not gonna happen. The deal nearly guarantees failure and cements her into the legal system for years to come. It’s like a practical joke where she was given, as parting gift, an exploding cream pie. All we have to do is wait for it to go off.

553 days ago


I'm looking at GC & Mag avi's....notice anything similar?

553 days ago

The Big Bowowski    

And the best part of it all is that we all know she's gonna fvck up soon. I never saw LiLo or MiLo in person until today. I can't even begin to tell you how funny that stuff was to see en vivo. And the bonus? Now the Fvckup clock starts fresh...tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock

553 days ago


Where is Maddy???

553 days ago


What about the Goodybye Kiss that Heller planted on Blo as she was getting in the car!!! LMFAO.

553 days ago

Chief Gall    

Chief Gall

So she really took it in the ass by the prosecution instead by giving her 90 days lockdown.
Suppose she wants rehab?
SUBCONSCIOUSLY. Suppose. Either she has a problem or doesn't. Make up your minds. You don't know she's gone with booze and drugs to the point of no return becaue YOU have been there and can't deal with the reality that LL is STRONGER than you. You, silly hater, cannot predict four months from now. Where will Lindsay be in August, October, November, or Febraury, 2014????? You thought she would be in jail now and not on the big screen. Where is she????

553 days ago

Hot Farts    

What happens next?
villified (yes)
under the thumb of LA (yes)
able to work (no)
Under lockdown until late July (yes - bc shes to stooooopid to go before deadline)
Lindsay is homeless after making millions (yes)
Lindsay will continue to party in clubs nightly (yes)
Lindsay will be broke when she gets out of rehab (yes)
Lindsay will continue to try to lie, cheat, stael and cheat the system (yes but now she is under the microscope)
Lindsay will defraus others (yes)
Lindsay has not hope of escaping tax evasion charges (yes)
Lindsay will end up in prison - and her dad understands it cuz he was there (yes)

553 days ago
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