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Lindsay Lohan's Lawyer

Target In Witness Tampering Investigation

3/18/2013 1:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's attorney Mark Heller is in the crosshairs of a possible witness tampering investigation ... after allegations surfaced that he tried to manipulate Lindsay's former assistant into lying on the stand ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... the Santa Monica City Attorney will be launching an investigation and will interview Lohan's ex-assistant Gavin Doyle tomorrow in the presence of police.

We're told ... prosecutors believe Heller may have approached Gavin and tried to get him to admit that he was the one driving the vehicle when Lohan's Porsche crashed into a big rig on Pacific Coast Highway last summer.

TMZ has learned Gavin has told multiple people about the alleged witness tampering ... including an officer of the court.

As for Heller, he has strongly stated that any accusation of witness tampering on his part is "crazy."


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Dina better keep that black book handy she's going to need it again real soon...That Judge did not agree with Heller's wanting to freeze a a violation of this probation if she is convicted in the NYC case....notice the Judge qualify his answer about that and the PO did the same so Heller did NOT get a definite answer to his question....
and this is a death or jail sentence for her garaeneted without a doubt she will never make two yrs ..without running into trouble....
and with the straight to jail clause she is just a stupid act away from 6 mos in jail no release.....

550 days ago


The lohans are quite adept at destroying innocent people, their careers and costing them their jobs.

550 days ago


Her lawyer reminded me of My Cousin Vinny! I was waiting for him to say " U-tz"

550 days ago


I didn't catch the guys name that was sitting next to Lindsay. Was that Wohl? If so, looks like Michael and Lindsay are back on talking terms.

550 days ago


hey Darkmange I guess you are wrong again

550 days ago


So now that Lindsay plead no contest...can the insurance company and the truck driver go after her?

550 days ago


Oh, c'mon guys. Michael Lohan is a douchebag.

We all knew Heller was going to be bashed. He maybe an idiot but he's not the criminal Lohan is and this is all her own doing.

Lindsay, Dina and Michael Lohan bashed the shyt out Shawn Holley when Lohan went to jail. Holley sucks, she's a rotten attorney and they trashed her as well.

Heller did nothing wrong. He tried everything he could and Lohan would not budge. She pulled the same thing on Holley.

I thought it was funny as hell Michael telling the press that Heller is only using her daughter for money. This coming from Lohan.

The Lohans are s*** and cons. Michael is going to use bashing Heller to get him on the talks show (only if they pay) and he's going to milk that for all he can. No how the hell is that not using your own daughter to make money.

550 days ago


Wasn't rehab what Holley was getting in her plea? I thought it was 90 days also-anyone?

550 days ago


@Nikki and Seamus...have you seen the photos of her on x17 woof. Looks like she's pulled her extensions out.

550 days ago


Tell me dirt ....What did she win ? .......2 years of hell for Lindsay is what she won.....with cops watching her 24/7 and worrying about getting stopped day or not and searched...and going straight to jail...No Clubbing which is the only thing she lives for......No events were alcolhol and drugs out coachcella and band opening s in clubs......Rehav....with no passes for 3 mos.....she couldn't make it 3 week in Betty Ford or that sky spa place .....Oh she won alright !!! LOL......
She is sooooooooo screwed......

550 days ago

BB not bb    

This witness already changed his story and Michael Lohan was acting like a crazy thug chasing the defense lawyer in front of the courthouse. I don't think either of them are reliable witnesses. Heller, on the other hand, conducted himself very professionally.

There are probably people out to get Lindsay and so out to get Heller on top of whatever they have against him already. I am pretty sure that this accusation will amount to nothing.

550 days ago

who dat    

Michael Lohan is a friggin idiot. He is the one stirring this pot. He screws lindsay up, then wants to blame everyone else along the way. Heller was trying his best, even though he is annoying. Why anyone would want this train wreck as a client

550 days ago


tention break

550 days ago



550 days ago


Wow... someone thinks Lindsay won? I think this was one of the worst sentences she could have received. Let's face it jail time would have been good, IF she was forced to serve the full amount. But everyone knows that wouldn't happen. And they could have even sentenced her to home confinement, which would have been a joke. 90 days lockdown is going to be good for Lindsay. But I think the 2 years probation will be even tougher. Especially the part about being able to be tested and searched at whim!

The psychotherapy is a joke, since she phones that in. I do like the additional Community Service though.

Poor Red Cloud. Lindsay is going to be busy for 4 months now... most likely putting her out of commission until September. How is she ever going to get 2 movies in the 3 months left???

550 days ago
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