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Lindsay Lohan

Officially Screwed

3/18/2013 8:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
will absolutely, positively be LATE for her trial TMZ has learned ... and the judge could issue a bench warrant for her arrest on her first day of trial.

We've learned ... the private jet that is carrying the infamous defendant is scheduled to land at 8:11 AM in Van Nuys, 20 miles from the courthouse.  That means at the time of touchdown -- assuming she lands on time -- she will have 19 minutes to get to the courthouse in the middle of rush hour traffic.  Translation:  No way in hell.

Sources tell us ... the jet was delayed at JFK in NYC and didn't go wheels up until 6 AM EDT.

There are 2 SUVs waiting at Van Nuys airport to take Lindsay and her entourage to court. 

One more complication .... Lindsay left all of her luggage on her original commercial flight.  Someone has already retrieved the bags at LAX and has taken them to the Van Nuys Airport.  Lindsay will change clothes in the car.

One final thing ... Guess how much the private jet costs?  $50,000.  Lindsay didn't pay -- The generous folks at Mr. Pink energy drink covered the tab.


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They need to cuff her and stuff her the minute she shows up late. There is absolutely no excuse for this. She just wanted to party more than she wanted to travel to California for some silly trial. OMG she's an idiot. Can't wait for her idiot attorney to try and make it sound like the 2nd flight she didn't take was just too risky and oooooh dangerous. That was just another excuse. Party on Lindsay!

582 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

TMZ, slow down and take a breathe, then read over all of your "EXCLUSIVES" - yeah, they don't make sense, do they.
Why don't you take a few minutes, put all these dribs and drabs together and make a single, coherent, storyout of this mess. One story with one set of "facts", not rumors, or something that someone tweeted to TMZ.
Right now, none of this really makes any sense. How about a single, new, understandable time line?

582 days ago


So she could had left Saturday Night but she decided to stay and go to a club to party? Then she could have left Sunday early enough to get out there and be in court on time like a normal person would? To me this shows Disrespect for the Court and the System. If I was the Judge I would revoke her probation hold her in contempt of court remand her to jail until trial. Or just give her the Max. with no early out. Stupid ****.

582 days ago


She needs to slide down a rope from a helicopter into the court room

582 days ago


Sounds like the CEO of Mr Pink's Energy Drink is gonna be getting a little fire crotch and ginger snaps?

582 days ago


I will NEVER buy a Mr. Pink Product now.

582 days ago


Why does that Pink business save her ass all the time. She does not make any money for them. And the IRS should check their records re writing her flights off as business expenses.

582 days ago


Skanky biotch will get a bench warrant....get put in jail...sit for 2 hours till someone pays bail....she gets gets rescheduled....biotch gets what her lawyers wanted in the first place !!

582 days ago


what an idiot..who the he ll does she think she is? its not like shes relevant to the industry,except as a cautionary tale mabye? watch,this late snafu will be blamed on someone else..not her fault,ever,for anything that goes titz up in her life..garbage,pure garbage.

582 days ago

Squatting Thunder    

so no live streaming today?

582 days ago

Cheryl A.    

HA! 19 minutes to get there in LA traffic! It takes me over an hour to drive 20 miles to Savannah on a Monday morning.

582 days ago

Kev the Realist    

My guess is that the Private jet was heading back to LA anyway and adding Lindsey was no big deal, corporations do it all the time, so there is no incremental cost. Lindsay should have put her ass on a commercial flight Saturday, like a normal person. Another self entitled celeb who wants everything.... JAIL TIME Honey

582 days ago


10:35 eastern time...not giving her a minute to hour baby unleash the Hounds

582 days ago



And I seriously hope that the Monday morning rush hour traffic won't allow Ms. Lohan's SUV to speed at such a rate that she causes an accident. Mr. Pink is a company that associates with lying, thieving, drunken carjacking, face-punching, "I'm a celebrity - nothing's going to happen to me!" CRIMINALS!


582 days ago


I am going to go with the odds...

LiLo will get yet another break. The judge will order aviation experts to be contracted by the LA County to inspect the airplane LiLo was on to see if there could be any reasonable explanation to excuse her absence/tardiness.

582 days ago
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