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Mark Burnett

The Real Devil

Is Messing with 'The Bible'

3/18/2013 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


There's a swirl that the devil character in "The Bible" TV show is a thinly veiled President Obama ... and Mark Burnett tells TMZ, it's all the devil's doing ...THE REAL DEVIL.

Burnett -- a deeply religious man -- tells TMZ ... he believes there is a devil on earth.  Burnett says the devil has stirred the pot and created a false likeness between Obama and the TV devil.

Why, you ask, would the real devil care about a TV show?  Fact is ... the show is HUGELY popular and is having a big impact on viewers.  Burnett notes the show last night featured a face-to-face meeting between Jesus and the devil ... BUT it's not the first time the TV devil has appeared on the show.  The TV devil appeared in the Garden of Eden scene awhile back and no one said anything.

Burnett believes the real devil is scared that Jesus has now entered the picture and is trying to distract from Jesus' message by creating a false story.

Burnett says, "What could be more annoying to Satan than talking about Jesus?" 

Burnett is confident the real devil's plan of distraction will not work, saying, "We believe in the light."


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yes. Be aware of the wolf in sheep's clothing, and the voice of deception. Remember when we all knew right from wrong? These days, Satan is loving the fact we make our own rules. Rules that make us feel good. Have we forgotten Gods laws? Take a look at the things we accept today, that are morally wrong.

547 days ago


TMZ might want to enlighten their readers that this one and his wife are rabid right wing republicans and think the bible and prayer belong in school.

547 days ago


Don't think it was intentional, but the actor's makeup makes him indeed look like Oblamo (who is a demon IMO).

547 days ago


My black imaginary friend is scared of my white imaginary friend as well.

547 days ago


It does not even look like Obama!

547 days ago


If the shoe fits......

547 days ago


COTT said: "TMZ might want to enlighten their readers that this one and his wife are rabid right wing republicans and think the bible and prayer belong in school."

Heyyyyy. Wait a sec. Do you mean to tell me that here, in AMERICA, these two have the nerve to register for the political party of their CHOICE, and to exercise their right to INDEPENDENT THOUGHT when it comes to the bible and prayer in schools???? You mean to say, Scott, that they aren't allowing YOU, a TOTAL STRANGER, to dictate what they should think? Well hell, let's get a mob together and burn them in the public square right now. We'll teach THEM to think they're living in a free country, won't we.

547 days ago


I dont know hwo that guy is, but hes right.

547 days ago

Kim Lores Bodaglo    

This casting choice and message it conveys, deplorable. If anyone thinks this character wasn't written and cast intentionally is not very smart. Religion, the old jewish book of fairy tales. Work in animal rescue for a while, you'll lose your religion quickly. There is no God looking out for the voiceless, the weak. This characterization of Obama is nothing short of horrendous bordering on criminal.

547 days ago

susan may    

1st he's crazy 2nd is it me or does mark burnett need to come out of the closet. Dont give me that he's married

547 days ago


Jackasses, it looks way more like Mario VanPeebles you dumb ****s can't even get your stars right!

547 days ago


If the producers had really wanted this actor to resemble Barack Obama , they would have required him to read all his lines off a teleprompter.

547 days ago


this sounds like a story for alex jones, the tea party's village idiot!

547 days ago


This is called pandering for PUBLICITY!!
Did anyone see their interview on CBS morning?
They showed a scene of Roma as the Virgin Mary, a Virgin Mary that stepped right out of the PLASTIC SURGEON'S office---her face was NOT god-like.....

547 days ago

Tom Liebengood    

Ridiculous bull****!

547 days ago
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