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Tiger Woods & Lindsey Vonn

Yes, We're Banging

3/18/2013 10:19 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn just admitted what we've all known for weeks -- they are dating ... and they've already posed for the kind of cheesy couple photos normally reserved for people about to get married.

Tiger and Lindsey each posted the dating confession on their Twitter and Facebook pages. Tiger's said ... "Something nice that's happened off the course was meeting Lindsey Vonn. Lindsey and I have been friends for some time, but over the last few months we have become very close and are now dating."

Lindsey posted a very similar comment ... "Our relationship evolved from a friendship into something more over these past few months and it has made me very happy."

But the best part of their coming out is definitely the corny photo shoot.

By the way, Tiger ... we knew you two were doing the deed when you sent your private jet to pick up your "friend."

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No Avatar


Girl, you're sleeping with every skank that he ever bumped. I hope you have some strong industrial cleaner down there.

553 days ago


Good for them!!! It's time for everyone to move on.........

553 days ago


After she won the gold she was headed for Hollywood. Camera hog, and full of herself. They deserve each other.

553 days ago

Hot Chocolate    

One thing I know for sure when it comes to mates is this.

Everything that looks good TO you is not always good FOR you.

I think these two will be fine.

I haven't seen Tiger look normal in a long time.

These two look very normal and realistic rather than so surreal. Most relationships are so orchestrated arranged and designed that the two people even connect from a sincere place.

It takes a real women to take a guy for who he really is after he's public humiliated or has made mistakes.

Sometimes second chances are the really the first chances you should have been seeking from the start.

Most guys don't get a second chance after they make their worst mistakes.

If these two figure out how to diffuse conflict in a mutual way things will okay.

Tiger looks like he feels more safe and secure for some reason.

Keep your personal life out of the public and come to a realistic understanding.

Don't be taking one another for granted. That's where the root of distrust lives.

553 days ago


She should worry about STDs.

553 days ago


Who cares??

553 days ago


Good for Tiger!!!! So he banged a lot of fine women and got caught. Wow, big crime. Leave this player alone.

553 days ago


Just proof that there will always be girls to pick up the trash that you threw out. Lindsey, you are worth more that that.

553 days ago


Well played Tiger and PR team. Good Nike Ad. Obviously Lindsay is a willing player in the image/ ad game. These shots are professionally done and feature the Nike Logo and her sponsor's logo. But I guess her sponsor wasn't willing to pay as much for the coverage. So first he manages to get Nike to take on Rory so Tiger can now be tied to Rory's winning and career from now on. Arranging a feel good reconciliation (business contract) with Elin and pay her extra to pop out another kid didnt work so plan B is put a young, blond, gold medal winning, athlete as his girlfriend (future wife if this contract works our) so he can then be associated with a popular US Olympic Athlete's road back to the next Olympics....and play (sell) the role of devoted, loving boyfriend (fiancé?) as a bonus! These pictures and how they were released say it all. He refused to comment on his personal life not long ago around rumours Elin BUT he's OK with the release of these pics AND pics of both him and Lindsay being taken from his yacht...hmmmm he's moved around since the scandal in virtual FBI secrecy but suddenly shots of him and LV by his boat. She actually looked right at the camera in one shot in the cart and smiled. Please, she knew/ knows and is playing well. This whole thing smells of a master PR plan to revive Tiger's image. Can't wait for the happy 'family' pics of Lindsay with Tiger and the kids...on and off the course. Of course adding his mom to the pic and announcing she 'approves' of Lindsay will cue the engagement. Get out the popcorn and watch the rest of this little script play out.

553 days ago


Another same ole same ole story. Money does make a huge difference. Maybe this time he will be after her with his golf club ha!

553 days ago


This title is too funny xD

553 days ago


Hope Tiger told the other 20 women he's banging.

553 days ago


I totally understand why he only dates out of his race.

553 days ago


wonder if he goes A to M on her ??

553 days ago


She's much prettier than Elin but he looks like Conrad Murray. Ew.

553 days ago
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