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Joe Rogan

Transgender MMA Fighter

CAN'T Fight Women!!!!

3/19/2013 8:38 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joe Rogan
-- the voice of the UFC -- is taking a stand on transgender MMA fighter Fallon Fox ... saying  there's "no f**king way" she should be allowed to get in the ring with a natural woman.

Rogan unloaded on Fox during his podcast, "The Joe Rogan Experience" -- saying, "She calls herself a woman but ... I tend to disagree."

He continues, "She used to be a man ... but now she has had, she's a transgender which is (the) official term that means you've gone through it, right? And she wants to be able to fight women in MMA. I say no f**king way."

"I say if you had a d*ck at one point in time, you also have all the bone structure that comes with having a d*ck. You have bigger hands, you have bigger shoulder joints. You're a f**king man. That's a man, OK?"

"I don't care if you don't have a d*ck any more," Rogan added ... "You're a man without a d*ck."


(H/T Bloody Elbow)

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Spicy mag    

Joe rogan , the voice of reason.

492 days ago


"You're a man without a d*ck."

Glad that Joe's calling it as he sees it. No dancing around the PC music that the gay agenda dictates.

492 days ago


I dont really think this person should be allowed to fight women. I dont understand why you would want to live full time as a female and then act like a man doing male sports!!! I do have a problem with the way they talked about trans woman, I am a trans woman and I understand i was born a male but nothing about me is male now and I dont like being lumped into this crap. He said woman are MADE TO BE PIN DOWN that is a slap in the face to dna born females as if you have a place that you belong... kinda like the kitchen!!!! People need to stop getting worked up over crap like this and worry more about your own life and the world! nuff said

492 days ago


Good move, cus that's a man.

492 days ago


She should fight Lance Armstrong.

492 days ago


she's not a woman she's a tranny!

492 days ago


Powerful Joe Rogan. She should not be fighting woman. That's final! Lets say if I knew a female fighter and she had this fight a transgender woman, I would be terrified for the real female fighting a man.

492 days ago


What a terrible article. Just choose to pull it all out of context. If an all female mma fighter had to fight someone who was 50% male 50% female do you think they would agree? A transgender woman wants to be a woman but a certain percentage of her body composition is still a male. Do you thinks its fair for her to fight females in a ring?

492 days ago


It's absolutely true that she now has MASSIVE mechanical advantage from having a body develop to the biological specifications of a man. She'll have difficulty keeping muscle mass and etc., but that does not change the fact that her bone, ligament, and tendon structure are all that of a man, and therefore, on average, larger and stronger.

492 days ago


I'm glad you have the balls to stand up to ploitical correctness.

492 days ago


I listened to this Joe character's podcast & WOW!! He certainly feels passionately about Fallon not fighting woman. His rant about her potentially being a sicko who just wants to beat the crap out of women was absolutely ridiculous. Joe can’t possibly be that stupid, can he? Or did someone write that line for him to read knowing it would stir up some attention? I hope that latter of the two for Joe’s sake. Seriously, if a crazy psycho man wants to beat the crap out of women he will just do that – he won’t bother to go through gender reassignment first & then get in a ring with strong, trained & willing participants – what a ridiculous argument!! Every few seconds, a woman is getting the crap beat out of her by a man somewhere in the world – those women haters don’t do gender reassignment first – they just pull up their sleeves & go at it… How could Joe even go there on this issue??

I don’t think Joe has stopped to think though about the implications of Fallon kicking male ass in 39 seconds as well – because she will!!! Can you imagine?? Fallon kicking men’s asses in the ring & them going home to cry to their Mammies? Most men will not fight her because she is a girl – they resort to chivalry when convenient i.e. “Oh I could never fight a girl – I am a proper man.” Really what they mean is, “I’m not getting my ass kicked by a girl in front of the world because women are beneath me & I should not be getting my ass kicked by an inferior species.” Let’s face it – we still do not have the same respect as men. That is a whole other debate!!!

Now for me personally, as a highly competitive athlete who fought (boxing) for 10 years, I would actually prefer to kick the ass of men in the ring, because for the most part, the women are often undertrained & do not have enough experience before their manager/trainers put them in the ring. There are really only a few dozen really great women fighters out there so Fallon isn’t going to have great competition anyway, so the argument that she is beating the crap out of women in a matter of seconds is due to her prior life as a man is just ridiculous. Most great women fighters have to actually do the majority of their sparing with men anyway because there are just more men experienced enough to handle a truly good female fighter. There aren’t enough women in the sport itself to allow for every great female athlete to have a variety of great female spar partners. But Fallon is a woman, so she will only be allowed to fight women & like I said, men are not going to agree to have their asses kicked by a woman on international TV – just not going to happen. I have no doubt that Fallon is a better fighter than most men pound for pound – a great fighter is a great fighter – PERIOD!!. If the men were man enough to take a beating from a woman, then I say, get rid of gender classifications in fighting & lets have some great fights!

I haven’t even been in a ring for 6 years now & I never trained MMA, but I am quite certain that I too could beat some of Fallon’s opponents in the same length of time she is beating them. I have never been a man before… so I wonder what Joe would think of that? I watched the fight Fallon ended after only 39 seconds with a knee to the head. I’m sorry but that same situation played out with a man in the ring with Fallon would have had no different outcome – Fallon would have knocked him out too. I knee to the head – is a knee to the head!! I also paid careful attention to Fallon’s opponent’s physique & what I noticed that although she was shorter than Fallon, she had bigger arms & way bigger legs than Fallon – so some opponents she fights actually have well developed musculature like Fallon & in that specific case, her opponent had bigger arms & legs than Fallon… so Joe – you don’t have any logical arguments here. Hell – my own musculature without training to fight, at this point in my life, is actually not that much different than Fallon’s & I’m likely old enough to have given birth to her…lol

If I was training to do WMMA fights I would be honored to fight Fallon – good competition from a committed, disciplined & great fighter can’t be beat. As long as her testosterone levels are testing within the acceptable range for women – then she should be entitled to fight women. Any athlete who tests outside of the range for their sex/gender is taking performance enhancing steroids & should not be able to fight – PERIOD!! Prior life experiences are completely irrelevant – just do your drug testing, shut up & get in the ring. Now to any potential opponent of Fallon’s: Don’t be a baby – get your training in & do your sport justice by providing your viewers with a great fight. If she weighs within the proper range of your weight & Fallon has her testosterone levels in check & you have yours in check – shut up & FIGHT!!

492 days ago

Edward Serio    

Joe hit the nail rite on the head,if this person wants to fight it should be with men,this IT is still a man!

492 days ago


3652 of you guys think this is ok... So do you think it's ok for a man to beat a women?

492 days ago


Look! Chris Brown got a gender reassignment surgery.

491 days ago


Of course Joe is right. The whole body makeup is not made to be fighting women. Hand size and bone density did not change. Joe didn't say that she shouldn't be fighting, just not fighting women.

491 days ago
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