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Lindsay Lohan

Trolls Nightclubs

After Rehab Deal

3/19/2013 7:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Lindsay Lohan clearly took her latest rehab sentence to heart last night ... Absolut-ly ... she was back on the nightclub circuit.

Lindsay went full camouflage as her SUV pulled up to the AV Nightclub in Hollywood.  With a blanket covering her face, she clearly did not want to be seen.  Problem was ... there was a gaggle of photogs she couldn't shake, so a frustrated LiLo beat a hasty retreat without ever entering the club.

As you know ... a judge essentially told Lindsay she had a big fat substance abuse problem and ordered her to spend 90 days in lockdown rehab.

The judge did not hold the tardy actress in contempt.  The reverse clearly cannot be said.


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Poor girl should have just taken the jail time and got this over with, probation violation is in her future no doubt about that.

581 days ago


after seeing hohan yesterday...she's not even porn material now.

581 days ago

Ivan in Phoenix    

Poor LiLo has to find enough drugs for herself AND her addict mother. What's DiLo going to do when LiLo can't keep Momma supplied while she's in rehab? The judge from yesterday should add 30 days of JAIL to LiLo's 90-day rehab sentence to teach her a lesson.

581 days ago


Next stop--death

581 days ago

pattycakes not to be confused with pattycake    

Couldn't keep her new status of working at sobriety for very long, huh?THEY BETTER KEEP AN EYE ON HER. SHE MAY GET UPSET AND TRY TO O.D. TOO MANY PEOPLE GO THAT WAY.

581 days ago


@ Nicole

Here is an interesting little story-for someone who has done nothing wrong

581 days ago


87.5% of the graduates did not require additional treatment in drug treatment programs after leaving Teen Challenge. Over 90% considered themselves addicted to drugs before entering Teen Challenge.

581 days ago


The only thing I want to hear...she fall off a bridge...sick of her.

581 days ago


TMZ...You make me laugh....there's no evidence that's Lindsay...It could be Harvey for all we know!

581 days ago

Zephyr, Enemy of #LittleWhores    

Got news for you enablers.

A judge would not accept a rehab plea deal if there wasn't conclusive evidence showing alcohol/drug abuse. That was what happened in court yesterday. Judges do not hand out rehab sentences for no good reason, and certainly not force a defendant to submit to random search and seizures. Particularly about the search and seizure, there has to be absolute proof that she is a user of drugs. Since the judge allowed it, the prosecution had undeniable evidence for it. THIS is why Lohan took the plea deal. If she hadn't accepted the deal, it would have been exposed during any trial - and that would have been far more damaging to Lohan.

And you can seriously look at This Picture and say she doesn't have an addiction problem?? Seriously?

581 days ago


Poor Jill and SterlingGuy remind me a a gang of thieving kids whose leader just got caught with chocolate smeared all over his face from a candy bar they just stoled at the store ....Swearing for all the world it wasn't her who stole it was another girl who looks just like her or it was a boy or thats not her its her doppleganger or some other ****....can not and will never admit to any wrong doing........and the ironic thing is if they had just stated it once then shut the fu*k up they may have been believed but to repeat and repeat and repeat it calls in all the attention of someone guilty as hell.....
stop it ! Stupid you are only making it worse.....she was stupid and arragant enough to try to good clubbing then she didn't hear a thing the judge said and ain't about to change.....
She 's on the Express Train to Hell and its picking up Stream.........TOOT TOOT...........

581 days ago


Hey, she's celebrating!! Leave her alone!! (Sadly she will never learn....SMH)

581 days ago


Hey stupid judge and DA, told you you were her biatches. You losers are so stupid that you let a lowlife junkie like her walk all over you. Like i said i hope it's your family member killed during her crazy and irresponsilbe actions. You people are the stupiest in the world

581 days ago


@Seamus...c'mon, we all know she's such an upstanding law abiding citizen. She's reckless which makes her very dangerous.

Lohans been on probation since 2007 and now another 2 years added.

For all you people out there don't worry Lohan will get her ass in jail soon enough. This judge is not going to take any crap.

He gave her plenty of rope to hang herself with and she will. Obey all laws yeah, right.

581 days ago


I'm confused, in chat yesterday, everyone said she can NOT drink in clubs, yet Nicole is saying she CAN go to clubs and drink alcohol till the cows come home. Which is it?

581 days ago
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