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Lindsay Lohan

Trolls Nightclubs

After Rehab Deal

3/19/2013 7:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Lindsay Lohan clearly took her latest rehab sentence to heart last night ... Absolut-ly ... she was back on the nightclub circuit.

Lindsay went full camouflage as her SUV pulled up to the AV Nightclub in Hollywood.  With a blanket covering her face, she clearly did not want to be seen.  Problem was ... there was a gaggle of photogs she couldn't shake, so a frustrated LiLo beat a hasty retreat without ever entering the club.

As you know ... a judge essentially told Lindsay she had a big fat substance abuse problem and ordered her to spend 90 days in lockdown rehab.

The judge did not hold the tardy actress in contempt.  The reverse clearly cannot be said.


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She is on probation for two more years but frankly, she can violate and will of course, but she'll never see a day in jail. Harvey can say she runs the risk but she won't. The best the courts can do is inconvenience her. She looked like the walking dead in that court room yesterday. She'll die before she goes to jail.

583 days ago

Lindsay Lohan Fan Forever    

Lindsay can drink if she wants and she isn't being booked as the 5 days jail sentence has just been rolled into the 90 day rehab sentence.

583 days ago


I just HOPE Blohan does her 90 day rehab and 30 day CS BEFORE she violates her probation and is sent to the pokey. More fun for the H8turds . . .

583 days ago


What Lindsay can expect in lockdown rehab.

583 days ago


@ Nicole
You still haven't answered my question from earlier. Why are you such a Lindsay fan? We all have actors/singer we are fans of but all I see you do is insist Lindsay is innocent of everything she is accused of. Why is this? What keeps you hanging on to this woman? She isn't even working anymore where you can say you enjoy her work. I am serious I want to know-maybe then some of your comments will make more sense to her non-fans.

583 days ago


@ Moto_JJ

Hey dickwad Nicole answers my posts all of the time, why is she avoiding this one? Easy enough to answer.I like Lindsay Lohan because.........

583 days ago


Lohan is going to be a real joy if she makes it to rehab. Everyone knows she's a very nasty drunk should be a monster in lock-down.

I still wouldn't rule out jail. She's got a long time she's got to stay squeeky clean. She's never been able to do it. Because nobody tells Lohan what she can and can't do.

It's her f*ck you I'll do what I want when I want attitude. And her rotten nasty temper.

583 days ago


This bimbo is 'addicted' to clubs and partying!..she doesn't care about anything!..lock her up! for good! about celebrity justice gone mad!..

583 days ago


Hi guys--checking in--had lots of work to catch up on after yesterday. (disclaimer: I've only gone back a few pages)

On overcrowding in LA County--apparently plans are underway for the building of a new jail.


1. You will get your mugshot. Go back and view the tape. Lindsay has 7 days to turn herself in to the Sta. Mon. PD to be booked and released. It was very clearly stated.

2. Lindsay is allowed to drink. She is not allowed to drink and drive. No measureable amount of alcohol---as noted above--the threshold is not
.08 but .01. So no kambucha tea.

3. Lindsay has already had 2 DUIs. Those are the times she was caught---no doubt there were many, many more times when she was driving while impaired and not caught. THIS IS A PROBLEM FOR HER. I know you will argue that those are old cases but the Santa Monica cases also had a drug/alcohol component. No she was not charged with DUI. But Odie was correct---she must have had bloodwork done at the hospital that showed the presence of something. "Let the punishment fit the crime." is not only an old adage it is California law. Thus, given the sentence drugs and alcohol were at issue.

4. For the Sta. M. cases the accident occurred in the morning and she was on her way to work and she was f'ed up. In other words----this will happen again---SHE WILL VIOLATE.

5. SODA---her friends are druggies and druggies hang out at clubs and as GC noted Lindsay is a target because by most accounts she is--to put it politely--not a nice person.

So yes, she can drink and go to clubs per se but once she's in the door the odds of her violating rise exponentially.

583 days ago


been trying to catch up on this nonsense all day... but I will say this one I doubt it will be any sort of cushy rehab for her as they are not going to be either able or willing to deal with her mandates from a judge considering it is a lockdown type facility no stupid isn't locked in but she cannot leave the grounds for anything if she does she violates, if refuses to submit to any sort of alcohol or drug testing while in the facility she violates, if she refuses to go to her therapy sessions over and over again she violates.

Her sort of rehab is given to habitual drug/alcohol offenders with pretty strict guidelines and her little hobbit of a lawyer is no Shawn Holley that is going to get her off once again. I don't know whom is more terrifying her lawyer saying she is sober and wants to work with children is her passion OR her really thinking she is sober and capable of being any sort of role model for anyone.

Please let her go to China and get caught with drugs they don't play there...

583 days ago

Lindsay Lohan Fan Forever    

Just watched the heearing again

Judge Dabney "At this time the imposition of the sentence is suspended and 24 months of summary(informal) probation is granted on the following terms and conditions.

583 days ago


@Motto...NO. Lohan is doing her rehab and CS in NY. No she can't go where ever she wants. She's got nothing in California so they allowed her to lock-down and CS in NY.

Hey it's Lohan money or whosever money she'll waste. Who cares it's not the taxpayers. That will be around 60k or better wasted.

583 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    


Someone is scared !!

Lindsay Lohan‏@lindsaylohan3h
Don't believe EVERY little thing you hear, unless you hear it from me. The support I have gotten, has been great and means alot. <3 L

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Lindsay Lohan‏@lindsaylohan3h
I stayed in last night, after a pretty long day...and ordered sushi to my hotel.

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Lindsay Lohan‏@lindsaylohan3h
Guys relax, that was NOT me at A/V or in the @mrpink SUV. I'm taking this seriously and focused on the road ahead.


583 days ago


I still like Lindsay's old movies and watch them. But I don't like it that the court system is slowly killing her. I'm hoping that maybe the psychotherapy will help.

It all depends whether she wants to change and I don't see that the wake up call has come for her yet.

If by some chance she lives for 15 or 20 more years (and I don't see this happening), the beauty she had as a young person will be gone and she will be useless in "the business".

583 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

3PM in LA and Lying Lindsay is just waking up.....#LYINGJUNKIE

583 days ago
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