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Lindsay Lohan

Jail Scares the Crap Out of Me ... So I Chose Rehab

3/19/2013 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


It's not a promising sign ... but we've learned Lindsay Lohan did NOT accept the plea deal of 90 days in lockdown rehab because she wants to beat substance abuse -- she chose it because it beats jail.

We broke the story ... prosecutors have offered Lindsay the 90-day lockdown rehab deal for weeks, but she consistently rejected it. Her change of heart came at the last minute -- 30,000 feet in the air as she belatedly flew to L.A. for her trial.

Lindsay is telling friends she actually likes the rehab option, because it will allow her to focus on herself without any distractions.

Here's the problem. Lindsay is still saying -- ADAMANTLY -- she does NOT have a substance abuse problem. People in the rehab world say ... it's virtually impossible for anyone in rehab to get better if they don't admit having a problem.

Lindsay has been down this route before, but the rehab experience has never stuck.


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Hopefully she hears something to change her ways.
When I went to rehab I didn't think I had a problem.
20 some odd days into it, somebody said something and I woke up. If I didn't have a problem what the hell was I doing there?
Lindsay, if you don't have problems, why are you in court? Why are you on probation for 2 years? Why are you court ORDERED to EIGHTEEN months of therapy? Get your head out of your butt!

551 days ago


She's a young soul. Still have a lot to learn

551 days ago


I still say that the worst punishment that could happen to Blo, is to spend 3 months locked up with Nicole and all of her Enablers.!!!!

551 days ago


Nicole, she was going to be safe in jail while in ad seg. Now, she's with a ton of strangers she doesn't know and they are gonna be laughing and mocking her mercilessly. Someone is going to want to kick her ass in there. It's too bad for the one's who want to get clean that they have to deal with someone like Blo who is a cancer to everyone in there.

551 days ago

Paris Hilton 9990    

Some of us had to 30 days in jail and Lindsay can't even get 5 days in jail. I hate the bitch.

551 days ago


Doesn't matter, guilty by trial or by plea, you're still guilty, and EVERYBODY knows it.

551 days ago


In other words, this entitled bitch was told by her lawyer that unless she agreed to a plea deal, a warrant was going to be sent out for her arrest as soon as she landed because she once again snubbed her nose at the court.

551 days ago



Lindsay has a bounty on her head! Imagine what a Pap will be paid for the last picture before Lindsay gets busted and goes to jail, eh? A picture of her violating parole will be GOLDEN! She takes a smoke break outside and chats with a felon by mistake, BYE BYE Lindsay!

Law Enforcement has been given unlimited power to take Lindsay down for any reason or no reason at all; Linds will be in the slammer before Coachella. Or the Sheriffs will get her there for parole violations, eh? She can’t go clubbing or hang with her old crowd. No matter how squeaky clean her new friends are they can be rousted because they are with Linds!

Anyone who thinks she got off light, just wait until Act II, the one with no recourse! She won’t even get a trial, get a ticket; go to jail. Period. And all the conditions will follow her after/if/when she gets out of jail. If she shows up at the CM tonight, she will be in jail by morning; count on it!

Linds will be in jail, sooner or later; whether it scares the crap out of her or not!

551 days ago



551 days ago



Conditions of her parole, let’s see; turn herself in for booking in CA within the week. Check!

Get into a real lockdown rehab within 45 days. Errr, WTF? After Lind’s antics at Betty Ford, no real program will let her in. How is she going to pay for it? Errr, she can’t! Which Turbinator is doing to pay for her lay away program? NONE of them, eh? And will she bolt at the first opportunity if they do let her in for free? Absofvckinglutely!

Linds needs to wrap her mind around JAIL! She will be there sooner than she thinks! She was jonesing soooo bad yesterday in court. As the judge said, “End of conversation!”

551 days ago


I didn't comment much on the threads yesterday, but I read through most of them....but....anyone notice how ole Linds' outfit was pink and white? Which is the COMPLETE opposite of her usual black tights get-ups? She MUST read tmz as we thought...that or Mommy Dearest told her to wear white so we couldn't joke about her crappy clothes like usual! Now, imo she was still dressed inappropriately for court (way too sheer and see-through), but at the very least, she finally peeled off those gross black tights!! Just sayin'!! Also worth hilarious was it when she told her attorney to shut up!?? What a freaking pathetic mess! Who DOES that??! for someone who isn't ever going to admit to having a problem is futile. 👎

551 days ago

Peter Sc    

It is waste of time. I remember when a firm in Utah offered parents a guarantee that they could fix whatever substance abuse problem the children might have. What they did was to run a boot camp in Mexico where the children was tied to the ground in dog sheds until they took the therapy. In 90 percent of the cases the children returned to their old behavior within 6 months of their release. You cannot enforce treatment. It simply doesn't work.

551 days ago


She looked like shyt. She's going to screw up sooner than later. This judge isn't going to take any crap from her.

I believe Dabney that if she screws up and she will, always does will throw her ass in jail in a heartbeat. He won't listen to any BS excuses.

So all these people who think she skated, no she didn't. The best part is the judge threw in search and seizure anytime without having to have a warrant.

551 days ago


My girl Lindsay,shined yesterday,you go girl!

Team Lindsay,shes Lynnocent!

551 days ago


She's going to end up dead. And she, along with her enablers...I mean the legal system...will be to blame. At first it ticked me off because the rest of us would have been in jail years ago, but now I ALMOST feel sorry for her. I would feel more sorry if she weren't such an entitled little brat. She is an idiot that is going to kill herself eventually, and no one seems to care enough to make her face any consequences. Hopefully she won't take anyone else with her when she drives under the influence for the zillionth time.

551 days ago
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