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Lindsay Lohan

Jail Scares the Crap Out of Me ... So I Chose Rehab

3/19/2013 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


It's not a promising sign ... but we've learned Lindsay Lohan did NOT accept the plea deal of 90 days in lockdown rehab because she wants to beat substance abuse -- she chose it because it beats jail.

We broke the story ... prosecutors have offered Lindsay the 90-day lockdown rehab deal for weeks, but she consistently rejected it. Her change of heart came at the last minute -- 30,000 feet in the air as she belatedly flew to L.A. for her trial.

Lindsay is telling friends she actually likes the rehab option, because it will allow her to focus on herself without any distractions.

Here's the problem. Lindsay is still saying -- ADAMANTLY -- she does NOT have a substance abuse problem. People in the rehab world say ... it's virtually impossible for anyone in rehab to get better if they don't admit having a problem.

Lindsay has been down this route before, but the rehab experience has never stuck.


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@Seamus and doubt. She looked wasted yesterday. She was pulling out her hair extensions. Probally hit the bottle and pills in the car.

Any takers on she will screw up before rehab.

584 days ago

BB not bb    

The court system uses rehab as punishment which is a misappropriation of the law. The courts are not medical doctors and medical treatment should never be forced on someone. Lindsay is scared of jail, but in jail there is less mind control going on, so there is less to cause her to be provoked.

I think that jail is always preferrable to a mental ward. Jail is full of bad people and a rehab is full of spineless people who are manipulated by the staff.

I don't think rehabs ever really cure anyone. They just make money off the outcasts of society, letting them think they have a problem that they are getting help with. The only people who stop excessive behavior are those who decide that it is not in their best interest, as in when an alcoholic sees that their health is deteriorating.

Most compulsive behaviors are induced by society. These rehabs won't make money if they actually cure anyone. It is in their interest to keep these people coming back for more at thousands of dollars per stay.

584 days ago


IF she can stay out of trouble for the 45 days she has (now 44) to report for rehab, I suspect she'll test positive at rehab within 2 weeks tops - triggering an automatic 180 day JAIL sentence - which is what she needs.

584 days ago


Any latest tweets to speak of? Still cracking up at Milo's display today.

584 days ago


This Judge is a smart man. He knows that there is no way in hell that Lindsay will not fck up. He has already set in motion the count down towards Lindsays incarceration. Give her enough to hang herself and just sit back and let Lindsay do her thing. This is the only way that Lindsay will learn because her enablers won't help her get straight. They won't tell her she is a fck up and they are not truely her friend.

584 days ago


@STFUP...Don't forget people...Lohan has 180 days if she so much as screws up. This judge is not screwing around.

Lohan did not skate on this at all. She got slammed. Well overdue.

584 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Lindsay Lohan’s Billionaire Buddy – The Story Behind Her Starry-Eyed Savior Mr. Pink

Posted on Mar 19, 2013 @ 4:14AM | By Radar Staff


Lindsay Lohan‘s dramatic appearance in court Monday was enabled by a last minute, $21,000 private plane flight paid for by a mysterious guardian angel known as Mr. Pink, and we’ve got more details about LiLo’s billionaire benefactor right here on

“Thanks Mr. Pink for the private jet see you all in a few hours in LA,” she tweeted.

PHOTOS: Lindsay Lohan Looks Disheveled And About To Fall Asleep During Court Appearance

Mr. Pink, according to, is a Chinese billionaire/entertainer with a taste for the nightlife and Grand Canyon-deep pockets to finance his champagne wishes and caviar dreams.

It’s also the official title of a ginseng drink which is only for sale in California and purportedly operated by Monterey Park resident Poe Qui Ying Wangsuo; he previously paid the Mean Girls star more than $75,000 to appear at a promotional party in Beverly Hills, sources told the website.

PHOTOS: Lindsay Lohan’s Ever Growing Mug Shot Hall Of Fame

“He spent half a million dollars for the party, and $3 million to date to launch Mr Pink, and it’s only available in California. They just want to go out and party.”

Wangsuo enjoys rubbing shoulders with celebs, insiders said, and energy-drink-promotional-appearance-dubai/">the product gives him a platform to mingle with the rich and famous.

PHOTOS: The Best And Worst Celebrity Mug Shots – Part One

“It’s a vanity product — it’s not meant to be a success,” a source told the website. “Wangsuo has $2.7 billion. He wants to party and be with celebrities.”

Wangsuo donated more than $35,000 to President Barack Obama‘s campaign two years ago, and is romantically linked to a Romanian stunner named Monica Gabor.

PHOTOS: Lindsay Lohan Arriving To Court In Los Angeles

Another notable personality involved in the situation is Wangsou’s party planner Sheeraz Hasan, who has ties to Tinseltown through the website

Fun fact: Mr. Pink was the code name for Steve Buscemi‘s character in Quentin Tarantino‘s 1994 cult classic, Reservoir Dogs.

584 days ago


The irony, Stay away from drug users.
In rehab I would think all and every resident is a substance abuser.
Jail in the hole.... with maybe a drug councelor every day might be the only way.....because even in jail there are quite the number of druggys also.

584 days ago


Go and look at those pictures on Daily Mail....they are big and they are clear and they will show you something really interesting.........Her pupils were the size of pennies....! she was so full of uppers to keep her awake that its a wonder they didn't have to tack her ass to her chair to keep her from flying away.......and she was still having trouble focusing on anything.....but 48 or more hours without sleep on drugs with do that to a body.....
She will never make it to a rehab if she has to pay for it herself cause basically she doesn't have the money to pay for any rehab...let alone one that will except her and one that would fit what she would consider the lifestyle and living conditions she is use to...... Who's going to pay....Mommie Dearest ~ Daddy......LOL....don't think so...unless the moneyman comes though with the money she is screwed already.....especially after what happened at Betty Ford not only did she ruin their reputation she sucessfully was able to blackmail and con them out of a years worth of rent at 7000 dollars a month on that Venice house...for "allowing her the extras she needed to survive" while she was suppose to be in treatment....
Straight blackmail deal....give me what I want or I go public.....And if you think that Betty Ford has not sent out a warning to any reputable other high class Rehab about her "Telling " ways you are crazy.........Unless somebody offers a extra big bonus for taking her a High Class place won't take her......and the one who will ...will be willing for the right price to look the other way while she is in its going be a 90 day vacation if she gets someone to take her.......IF she makes it that far to actual go in ......LOL.......
Oh Yea ! She's winning alright....

584 days ago


It's very natural for addicts to lie to themselves as well as everyone else around's called denial. Lindsey has not hit her rock bottom. Plain and simple. She won't be wasting her time in Rehab, however. Especially since she has the money. At the very least she will have some time to reflect on herself and listen to others with the same issues. The really work begins on the outside!

584 days ago


Any word from Dina? She seems usually quiet.

584 days ago


How do u people have all the time to post all of this crap? Better yet how do u have the time to stare at her eyes all day? Psycho...

584 days ago


Lohan is a narcissist and a criminal and belongs in JAIL for the max amount already, plus 3 months for contempt of court by arriving an hour late to her own trial. ALSO - She has a substance abuse problem.
But I'm going to say something that's going to give me a lot hates here. And I know this sounds strange. She has never OD'ed. You never hear of her having seizures like Lil' Wayne, or rambling incoherently like Mel Gibson and Britney Spears. Never had to have her stomach pumped like half of rock 'n roll stars... And there was a time when even Jodie Foster drank heavily, but stopped.

What I proposing might seem antithesis with a lot of Dr. Drews and born again MiLos...
But maybe she technically isn't an addict in the classic sense. Even UCLA said that.

Now I know - she looks like hell, she can't drive, has DUIs, drank on the set of The Canyons for the porn scene...

But I honestly think she has a personality disorder, she a narcissist and an *******. I honestly think she's a terrible person who is irresponsible and feels entitled. I think the appropriate punishment should have been 1 yr for lying, 6 months of obstruction, 3 months for reckless driving and 285 days for breaking probation and then another 3 months for contempt of court - which would have made almost 3 years in jail. And I do think she would have come out a changed woman.

I don't think rehab was appropriate and I'm pissed the City caved on the 180 days in jail being suspended. That's stupid and sucks.

But who knows, maybe she would still be an ******* after 3 years in jail. You know when she ran over the baby carriage she told the another witness, "I saw them, but they didn't move out of my way". Which means she truly is an ******* - a dangerous one at that.

584 days ago

u iz a cutiepie    

I am so happy the public interest in this piece of walking stank is just about done. Tired of reading about her. Tired of seeing that ugly mug

584 days ago


Why do I have the theme song from the *Beverly Hillbillys in my head???

584 days ago
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