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Lawyer In Ohio Rape Case:

16-Year-Olds Don't Have

Fully Developed Brains

3/19/2013 6:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ma'Lik Richmond -- one of the high school football players convicted of rape in Steubenville, Ohio -- shouldn't be forced to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life because he's only 16 ... and therefor doesn't have a fully developed brain ... this according to Richmond's lawyer.

Walter Madison went on "Piers Morgan" last night and told the CNN host why he plans to appeal the case -- in which Richmond was sentenced to at least one year in juvenile prison for raping a 16-year-old girl with his fingers at a high school party.

As part of the punishment, Richmond will have to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life ... something Madison says is completely unfair. 

"I don't believe that a person at 75 years old should have to explain for something they did at 16 when scientific evidence would support your brain isn't fully developed ... when evidence in the case would suggest that you were under the influence."

Translation -- if you're underage and might do something stupid, make sure you get drunk first ... so you have an excuse and can't be held completely responsible.

After the comment, Morgan immediately fired back with rational thought -- saying, "I got 3 teenage sons and when you get to 16, 17 ... your brain's developed enough to know you shouldn't be raping girls."

BTW -- Richmond's brain seems to be more developed than the one in his lawyer's head ... 'cause the kid issued an emotional apology to the family of the girl in open court, acknowledging he did something wrong.


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Oh gimme a break, he may be an idiot, but his brain was fine when he was raping that girl. Time to pay the price.

585 days ago


"when you get to 16, 17 ... your brain's developed enough to know you shouldn't be raping girls."
Precisely. The courts had better not buy this crap! The appeal itself should simply be denied.

585 days ago


Wow....i wonder how long it took his dirt-bag lawyer to come up with that excuse.

585 days ago


At least the 2nd kid got it. The white kid just apologized for sending the pictures around saying the pictures shouldn't have been sent.

The lawyer should be disbarred for incompetence.. not at losing, but some of the comments he made. I'd run if I was his other clients

585 days ago


SORRY DUDE, you learn the difference between right and wrong at about age 7....

585 days ago


I can see why this young man was convicted. His lawyer is pure ignorant

585 days ago


Stop making excuses for RAPISTS.

585 days ago


Boys brains may not be developed but their Dick sure is so they better learn not to use it before their brain catches up !!

585 days ago


Dear Boys; If your parents raised you to respect women, and to know the difference between right and wrong, then you would have never done such a cruel, senseless degrading thing. Would it be ok for someone to finger bang your ass while you are ripped at a party? Didn't think so. STFU and pay for your crime now. The looks of disgust from everyone in your community will follow you for life. And you deserve it.

585 days ago


The only thing "emotional" motivating this punk's apology was the fact he got caught.

585 days ago

judy jetson    

These lowlifes get what they deserve! A lot of teenagers are dumb but not dumb enough not to know rape is wrong, loser!! But its true what he said about teenagers brains not being fully developed. I work in a hospital and I asked a doctor one time why most teenagers were so stupid and I swear a doctor told me because their brains aren't fully developed.

585 days ago


It is the parents who should be going to prison TOO. Where were they? Why weren't they parenting? Who was chaperoning this party?

They'll get theirs when the first civil suite is filed.

585 days ago


He's gonna be wifey real soon. Prisoners love when boys show

585 days ago


Common Really? That is the biggest BS excuse I have ever heard! You know right from wrong at 16 unless you have a learning disabilty. These guys are lucky they weren't tried as adults, they got off easy compared to what the victim will have to deal with for the rest of her life! I want to know where they got the alcohol and what liability the rest of the boys who did NOTHING will have! And the parents that supplied the alcohol should be tried as well!!!

585 days ago


Malik's lawyer may be an idiot but there is something to be said for not having to be registered for life as a sex offender for something a bunch of teenagers did. I definitely think sex offenders should get different rules about registering depending on what they were convicted of.

585 days ago
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