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One-Eyed Singer Houston


... I Like That

3/19/2013 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"I Like That" singer Houston -- who famously suffered an emotional breakdown in 2005 and gouged his own eye out with a fork -- has had a change in fortune ... because TMZ has learned, he just got off easy in his DUI case.

TMZ broke the story ...  Houston was arrested last year near Malibu after cops say he was driving erratically in his SUV. When cops approached the vehicle, they claim it smelled of marijuana ... and Houston looked drugged out ... so they placed him under arrest.

But last week, the DUI charge was reduced to a minor traffic infraction ... and the $100 fine was suspended ... meaning Houston pretty much got off scot-free. It's unclear why the charge was reduced.

As for Houston's 2005 breakdown -- the singer reportedly first attempted suicide by jumping out of a window while under the influence of PCP. His friends stopped him, but when they locked him in a first-floor room, Houston gouged his eye out with a plastic fork.

Houston was institutionalized for a year following the incident. He has since attributed the whole thing to "the pressures of fame."


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Maybe he should look at the 2003 pic and the recent pic with his one good eye!!!! Its a good thing they gave him a break, I would hate to see how he would have self multilated on this one!!!

552 days ago


Why is he not still institutionalized??? What a f•cked up thing to think of to do.

552 days ago


Some people manage fame without PCP, look at Reese Witherspoon, she's fine. Plus he couldn't have had too much pressure because nobody has ever heard of him.

552 days ago


"Famously suffered a breakdown in 2005"? Really tmz? Ive never even heard of this guy or his breakdown. That being said, its sad that he had to gouge his own eye out before the people around him recognized he needed help back then but now it sounds like he needs help again. Maybe rehab this time?

552 days ago

Baby doll     

Wow why they let him out he's still sick smh

552 days ago


LOL! Well it is a new And who is this loser???

552 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Holy crap that doesn't even look like the same guy! Frigging bath salts will kill ya!.

552 days ago


More like the pressures of a drug addiction...weirdo! I have no sympathy for druggies! Get some help, Idiot!

552 days ago

nee nee    

the pressure of fame ? umm, who is he ?

552 days ago

Los Pepes    

Eyed say he got lucky
Eyed be happy if eye was him
What ever happened to an eye for an eye justice

552 days ago

Throwback kid    

It's a good thing his friends didn't lock him in a room with a bowl of hot soup instead of that plastic fork. After pouring the hot soup all over his face he would have looked just like a black Freddie Kruger

552 days ago


Stupid comments by stupid people,he gouged his LEFT EYE because he was possessed by demons,same demons responsible for Britney Spears,Mariah Carey,Lindsay Lohan,Demi Lovato,club 27 and countless others.
He pulled his left eye which is representation of Illuminati All Seeing Eye .
What you call "schizophrenia" and "bath salts" its actually demonic possession.

552 days ago

Made it Past 27    

Somewhere in the bible, it says something about..if you are going to sin with your eyes, gouge your eyes out"...because it is better than going to hell. Time on Earth only lasts ONE SECOND compared to eternity. W

552 days ago

Made it Past 27    

This story contradicts itself. It says he gouged his eye during an emotional breakdown....then says he did because he was high on PCP. PCP doesnt cause emotional breakdowns, but it can definitely cause psychosis. Emotional breakdowns dont happen in one day, its a long time of suffering, until they just snap.
I feel for him. God bless him and please bring him peace and happiness. Thats the only thing that matters, not physical appearances, fame, and fortune, those things actually make people miserable, Ive seen it dozens of times.

552 days ago

myopinion sad...he was a handsome guy!

552 days ago
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