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Dropkick Murphys Singer

Beats the CRAP Out of Nazi Skinhead On Stage

3/20/2013 2:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


: stay the hell away from Dropkick Murphys concerts ... or they will kick your ass on stage.

This story is crazy ... the Murphs were playing a show at Terminal 5 in NYC last week when they invited the crowd on stage for a couple songs ... including AC/DC's "TNT" ... and some skinhead dumbass started doing the Nazi salute in time to the music.

Singer Ken Casey caught the sieg heiling out of the corner of his eye ... and stormed across the stage (look on the left at start of the video), chokeslamming the Nazi toolbag and then swinging his bass at him ... at which point chaos erupted. 

Ken emerged from the melee roughly 30 seconds later, and shouted into the microphone, "Nazis are NOT F***ING WELCOME at a Dropkick Murphys show."

We did nazi that coming ... okay, we're done.


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They SUCK !

579 days ago


I was at that show, and on the stage, it was crazy! Punk shows are a place of unity, not racism! The show was amazing nevertheless

579 days ago


You are an IDIOT.........HE HAS RIGHTS too just like a Gay or Ni&&a that gets their ass beat in a HATE CRIME.
You are not AMERICAN if you think he doesn't have rights.
I bet you think illegals that have anchor babies should have US rights too but not the NAZI. Now how STUPID are you?

579 days ago


All of you loving the beating of a RACISTS have to understand that KEN committed a HATE CRIME too.

So if you get up on the stage and a concert and waive a GLAAD Rainbow Flag and get your ass beat would that OK?

Hate that FACT then you are are a NAZI yourself and not an AMERICAN.

579 days ago


Can a White Man get on the stage at a 50cent show and say I wanna Slap dat ***** Up?
Well rappers say that crap all the time right?

579 days ago

Raven Gorsuch    

Why isn't the video posted?

579 days ago


All these LIBERAL personal freedom loving poster are STUPID.
You want EQUAL RIGHTS until it is a position you don't agree with.
Do you people not know who UN-American that is?

Wait GAYS have the Right to marry but a Nazi doesn't have the right to express himself?
His ACTION didn't HURT anybody.
Ice-T can make a song COP KILLER but the NAZI can't make a salute?
you can try to take my GUNS but he can't express his opinion? hypocritical
He did something that didn't make me feel good. he is a bad man.
There is a HATE CRIME on tape the police had better follow the LAW.
It is no different when 4 black men beat a gay man while screaming homophobic slurs at him. KEN said he beat the guy cause of the NAZI salute..............HATE CRIME.......that is the LAW....Freedom of EXPRESSION
You Stupid Liberal Government School 1/2 Educated people need to afford this man the same rights you wish others to have.
You can't pick and choose who gets rights......remember it is EQUAL RIGHTS for ALL.

579 days ago


funny hearing the opinions of all the non-jewish retards on here...all you morons that never had family members murdered by a psychopath. Shut your holes, you would be praising ken if you were in Nazi Germany

579 days ago

Raven Gorsuch    

Chris relax sit back and smoke a joint start enjoy life... don't let sh!t get to you so much

579 days ago


The Singer KEN CASEY had better be prosecuted for a HATE CRIME. The ACLU and NAACP had better be supporting the NAZI in this matter IF they truly believe what they preach. Like it or Not this is a FREE SPEECH ISSUE and the Nazi has his rights.

579 days ago


ps-a private club is NOT a public arena for politics. The band and club run things when there is a private show. Remember the psycho that killed dimebag? What if this hate monger pulled out a gun and shot people, would you still defend this lowlifes rights?

579 days ago


That is the bassist not the singer.. but yes you gotta love it...

579 days ago


Thanks for the warning about the explicit language...but I couldn't understand a damn thing they were saying.

579 days ago


A nazi supporter at a drop kick Murphy's concert? That's odd!!! I used to see these guys in high school and there's nothing weirder than a skinhead at a Murpheys concert.. To skinheads everywhere: you're getting really soft!! I'm used to seeing you douches at Slipknot shows and stuff. I'm glad this guy caught a beating. Shows what big ******* skin heads really are.

579 days ago


I think this jerk off poster "CHRIS" needs to shut his f'ing mouth.

579 days ago
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