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Authorities Probing For

Possible Welfare Fraud

3/20/2013 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom Nadya Suleman
is under the microscope after a complaint was lodged that she committed welfare fraud ... and if it's true Octo could go to prison.

TMZ has learned ... someone made the allegation last week to the L.A. County Dept. of Welfare Fraud Prevention and Investigation (WFP&I), claiming Octo is getting various forms of welfare, including food stamps, even though she made nearly $200,000 in 2012.

Under California law, Octo can legitimately collect welfare for her and her 14 kids if she makes $119,000 or less in a calendar year, but if the allegation is true ... she exceeded the limit by a lot.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... the WFP&I is conducting a probe and has already interviewed witnesses in Octo's world.

If WFP&I determines Octo committed welfare fraud, she can be prosecuted.  If convicted she could face more than 3 years in prison.

Oh, right.  You're wondering how Octo could have scored nearly $200k.  Answer: porn, stripping, self-pleasure videos ... the usual.


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So, if you make $119,000 or less, you can get assistance? And we wonder why the state and federal governments are broke?

547 days ago


It is do***ented that Octomom receives expensive hair treatments for free. Lives in a home rent free. Receives HD Satellite TV and DVR for free. Receives Disability. Is supported by her two parents and husband. And all 14 of her children go to private schools.
Did a $1 million porno shoot in 2012. Several Hundred thousand dollars strip shows (that she apparently only bartended). Has personal assistants, managers, accountants, and several nannies.
Do you really want us to believe her income, via money or donations, did not exceed $119,000?

547 days ago


it's all right to make 119000. and collect? never made that much in a year in our lives. Of course we only had 3 children. like normal people.

547 days ago


Get her ofdf the air. She's had her 15 minutes of fame now quit. Poor mity me and the jerks that listen are just as bad.

547 days ago


She can legally collect welfare if she makes under $119,000 a yr . OMG no wonder this country is trillions in debt !!! She`s carved out a life for herself by having a multitude of children and living off the taxpayers money. Why isn't this s***bag working at a legit job, she has a college degree.

547 days ago


Just media hype! We all know she's not going to spend 60 seconds in jail.

547 days ago


Ok, I do not understand. If someone makes $119,000 in the California, they can still collect welfare? How is that even possible? I always thought welfare was for people who were destitute. We all should consider moving to California. LOL, no wonder that state is nearly bankrupt.

547 days ago


Give me a break. Why don't YOU open your wallet and give her the money? Seems like you don't think she's hurting anybody...HOW ABOUT JUST ALL THE TAXPAYERS WHO ARE FOOTING THE BILL FOR HER 14 KIDS THAT SHE NEVER SHOULD HAVE HAD IN THE FIRST PLACE????

547 days ago

diane L    

well its not a surprise but who will take care of the 14 babies god help them all

547 days ago


so let's pretend that she is an illegal alien, and Pee-C BS standards would be that we couldn't separate a mother from her children, so if OCTOmom has committed a crime, why send her to jail and separate her from her children. or is that only for illegal aliens that break into our country, steal funds and then get immigration lawyers to say we should be nice to them because they were only trying to make a better life.

that is the problem when there are laws, and people don't want to follow them, thus destroying the rule of law.

547 days ago


She can legally collect welfare if her income is under $119,000 !!! OMG no wonder this country is trillions in debt. She`s carved out a life for herself by having a multitude of children supported by taxpayers money. Why isn`t this s***bag working at a legit job, she has a college degree.

547 days ago

Blonde Ambition    

Bad luck all of her own making. As always.

547 days ago

Scam Hater    

Wow!!! Look how cool that welfare card looks, It says "Advantage", kinda gives if the appearence of respectability...BS!!! What that card should say is "PARASITE" and there should be a picture of a leach on it

547 days ago


somebody don't have common sense, if she serves 3 years jail, the State would be stuck with the 14 kids and that will cost the State a hellava lot more that what she has taken with her income that people donated to her and such. KISS

547 days ago

al s    

The Octomom and Casey Anthony have two things in common--both have decent shapes but brown-paper-bag-type faces!

547 days ago
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