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President Obama's Limo


Gets Tow Job in Israel

3/20/2013 3:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking Down

0320-cadillac-one-tow-twitterForget Secret Service ... what President Obama really needs in Israel is AAA -- 'cause one of his indestructible limousines broke down, and had to get towed in Tel Aviv.

The heavily armored vehicle was spotted on the back of a flatbed after suffering some sort of malfunction ... ahead of the President's arrival in Israel.

One Israeli report claimed the limo driver pumped unleaded into the limo, known as "The Beast," instead of the required diesel fuel -- but the Secret Service isn't confirming.

It's S.O.P. for the prez to have backup rides during international trips like this -- and sure enough BO was spotted (above) cruising in a different vehicle today.


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i Hear Obama's LIMO also got Diarrhea while in Israel, Crazy Tacos.....................Hillary-C For President and Michelle-O For Vice-President / 2016

547 days ago


Why are we still giving money to the Israeli state? They aren't pushing Iran back, just Hamas. Its a waste.

547 days ago

BB not bb    

Something is happening. The Temple Mount is closed also allegedly due to a pack of Muslim women clashing with Jewish tourists. The White House and Temple Mount are now both closed with Obama in Isreal for the first time in all his years as president, on the first day of spring amidst Arab Springs all over the mideast, on the same day of the Hebrew calandar, the ninth of Nissan, that Jesus entered Jerusalem before he was slaughtered as the Passover lamb.

He entered Jersusalem exactly one week after the new pope was appointed on March 13, the pope bearing the name of the founder of the order of the Illuminatti. He is riding a vehicle known as The Beast across Isreal, amidst a plague of 30 million locusts the size of small birds that followed him in from Egpyt, for whom he brought in millions of dollars in cash.

The Beast broke down and was resucrrected in the form of another vehicle. Revelations says people will marvel saying who is like unto the beast, which was dead and was resurrected.

Reports are that Isrealis are impressed with Obama and that he is charming them. This sounds like dark days are approaching.

547 days ago

Paul Z    

To have as America's president, a man who is a committed socialist, is a monumental disgrace.

547 days ago

Pimp Daddy    

Are you joking...Hillary for president??? Hell no that ho can't suck one.after we get buckwheat out and fix the damage he has done. The dems will be some for a while.Obama the president of the wetbackkkkkks

547 days ago


More war bs going on and blaming on other countries?

547 days ago


I get such a laugh reading comments about your President you all seem to dislike. You people think you have it so bad. In Canada our despot dictator a$$wipe is taking our freedom of speech, controlling our mortgage rates, running million dollar ads just to pump his already self-inflated ego even bigger. So, count yourselves lucky you do not live in a dictatrorship like Canada. Oh, and Vic Toews will read your email and respond for you as well. smh

547 days ago


let face it since they started free trade, every place wants to send evrything they can to the U.S. but one reason tax dollor is down goverment pust tax on the product in the US at every step of production then it is taxed when it is sold. U.S. puts someone in jail and they give then free room and board they should have to paid because they broke the law, all the judge has to say went he sentances him is add the room and board onto it. have all places of jails have a place that they produce sometime so that they are put to work. with the pay to the CEO`s in the hight m. amount when he loses cash for the stock holders he pays it out of his pay, not the goverment. Just like england had a hold on us at the start being taxed and over taxed without really getting anything out of it but pay off the CEO`s incorrect productions. Still want to know how a gun can kill a person, and then the goverment want to take all the guns away, cars kill more people them guns cars should be taken away if you look ing that way or thinking that way. take care enjoy the laws you voted for themand next election make sure you do the same thing.

547 days ago

marvin nubwaxer    

why haven't we heard right wing distortions of the over the top lavish spending by the president?

547 days ago

Seamus Lowe    

If it's true that the driver put unleaded in a diesel engine, I'll just feel sorry for the insults he's going to get. Random thought, wouldn't it be amazing to make a car that could run on either unleaded or diesel? That just came to mind as I was thinking about this. I'm going to have to look into it.
-Seamus |

205 days ago
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