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Bobby Brown


In Record Speed

3/21/2013 6:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


UPDATE:  Even though Bobby's been sprung from the pokey, he's still not entirely free.  He's under house arrest and has to wear an electronic monitoring bracelet for a grand total of 8 days.  Nice gig.

It's a testament to how incredibly screwed up our justice system is ... Bobby Brown -- who was sentenced to 55 days in jail for his 3rd DUI -- just served a grand total of 9 HOURS in jail ... TMZ has learned.

Brown checked into L.A. County Jail at 9:58 AM Wednesday.  He was released at 6:58 PM.  Interesting ... an L.A. County Sheriff's spokesperson said just days ago Brown would serve 9 days ... but the jails are bursting at the seams and this is what happens ... kind of a joke, don't you think?

Brown was arrested in October after driving erratically on an L.A. street.  He pled no contest to DUI and driving on a suspended license.  It was his second DUI arrest in 7 months.

Bobby is on 4 years probation and has to attend alcohol ed classes for 18 months.



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A friend of mine just got sentenced to 60 days for weed and he did 20 hours

549 days ago


The REAL PROBLEM is the MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR A YEAR 12-Step religious AA/NA cult treatment industry: 100% FAILURE RATES...

How about programs THAT ACTUALLY WORK?

549 days ago


They have too many homeless veterans in LA jails for the make-believe crime of sleeping outside that there's no room FOR REAL CRIMINAL!

549 days ago


It's so funny... It always seems if you're famous or rich then there is no space in prison. There's PLENTY of space for everyone else though

549 days ago


For God's Sake, why dosent the State of California quit whining and moaning that they have to let people out of jail all the time after an hour or a few hours because of the overcrowding in the prisons?? This GD state has so many friggin millionaires living there its ridiculous!!!!! BUILD MORE PRISONS YOU A**HOLES! It dosent take a rocket scientist to figure it out. But out in crazy land I imagine they are too stupid to think it might be a good idea to build a few more prisons. What a moronic state California is. Glad I dont live there.

549 days ago


HA! My ex is on probation for his 4TH DUI in Texas. The 3RD is supposedly a felony REQUIRING jail time of 2-10 years. He didn't get jail time for the 3RD OR the 4TH. You can "buy" your way out of DUI's here. This doesn't surprise me in the least.

549 days ago

Tom Cruise    

Speaking as someone who was hit head on by a drunk driver, I think if you have had 3 DUI's you should get the death penalty before you kill some innocent.

549 days ago


Why are these creeps out on the streets? If you are going to sentence them, then keep them in jail. What's the point?

549 days ago

Leo v    

I'm trying to figure out why the celebrities always get out early because of over crowding, yet, they never release ordinary people that have been in there longer that have been convicted of a lesser charge. Only in Hollywood!

549 days ago


when my buddy got his third dui they used a pot bust when he was 18 to get him sent to jackson prison for a year. this is how it works in the real world. too bad he didn't live in hollywierd.

549 days ago


Just how bad the jails r here, as long as its not a violent crime they wont keep you in there.

549 days ago


DUI's should not get their times cut in half simply because it wasn't a violent crime. If the cops had not arrested him he could have killed another person! That is pretty disgusting! That's why no one takes DUI's in Cali. seriously because anyone can skate due to it not being violent. I live in NYC if that were the same here I would get away with everything! Oh wait I'm no celeb. Never mind.

549 days ago


If I ever win lottery I want to make more rooms in jail to make sure they do their time!!! Its frustrating how these ppl can get away with it!!! Yes im talking to you Lindsay and Bobby! !

549 days ago


Why is TMz always promoting jail time for people? I hope one of you go to jail one day.

549 days ago


Tmz is always promoting jail for someone.I hope one of you go to jail

549 days ago
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