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Kim Kardashian

Sits For Deposition

I Really Did Love Him

3/21/2013 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian secretly sat for her deposition Tuesday in L.A. ... and she testified under oath that when she accepted Kris Humphries' proposal of marriage and when she said "I do," she really did love him.

TMZ has learned ... the deposition was taken at the offices of Kim's lawyer ... disso queen Laura Wasser (the pic was taken on their way in). It lasted 9 hours.

Kris Humphries' lawyer probed for evidence that Kim defrauded Kris and only married him to goose ratings for her reality show, but we're told Kris didn't make any headway. He's shooting for an annulment based on fraud, but sources say the depo didn't help his case.

Get this ... Kris did NOT show up for the depo. His lawyer made a big stink in court that  Kris had a right to be there. He didn't even have a game on Tuesday.

As for the reality show ... we're told Kim testified it played no part in her decision to tie the knot.   Other than that, we've learned Kris' lawyer, Lee Hutton, did not ask much at all about the reality show and whether it was staged. Hutton has made numerous threats that he would blow the lid off the reality show during the trial, so it's surprising he virtually ignored it in Kim's depo.

Kim has been gunning for a divorce for almost a year-and-a-half. The trial is set for May 6.


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No Avatar


Just shove it up your a**, TMZ. You're totally 100 percent in the can for the Kardashians and it's obvious who your sources are.

581 days ago


Lord, Kim is screwing up her face. She looks like she's trying to look like Beyonce.

581 days ago


What an odd outfit to wear for a deposition, Kim's been told what to say, follow the script. BTW, shed a few tears when I tap my pen.

581 days ago

Waka Waka Waka    

Ahhh fueeee...lol

581 days ago

Fuck Off TMZ    

I cannot stand this scrag! Skank! She is gonna blow up to the size of a hippo and then we will all have to hear her woes on that. Poor fat pig. Who gets knocked up so fast? She just met the black guy and bam! Preggo! She makes me sick. Her family makes me sick. Her HUGE Hippo ass makes me sick. Since when did it become attractive for a woman to have a huge balloon ass? Really? She cleans up nice in front of certain lenses but she is a dog in the mornings I bet. Yeeeeeks :(

581 days ago


IMO Kin is lying through her teeth. Please tell me how a woman in her 30's who was married before for 4 years can walk down the aisle a SECOND time with anolther man and say she really loved him when she said "I do" then 72 days later she's no longer in love and wants a divorce. Is she that fickle. .

Kim wanted a fairytale wedding with all the trimmings and Kris H was the scapegoat who fell into the trap. When she got what she wanted she was done with him and the fake marriage. If people can't see this was all done for media attention they must be blind. I hope Kris H get his annulment and Kim has to pay through the nose.

581 days ago


Liar and fat pig

581 days ago

BB not bb    

Kim has been bullied by this apparent imbecile long enough. She has shown that even though he made her feel like dirt for a long time, she will not cave into his will. He has no leg to stand on, he is just trying to play with her head some more, but she is on to his game.

Of course the lawyer has nothing to say about fraud. There was no fraud from Kim. Kris was using that as idle threats to take her money and humilaite her more.

That show was a case study in pscyological and emotional abuse. Kim started losing her mind and being evil to people around her because of it. I am so happy for her that she put a stop to it and moved on.

It is always the sweet innocent unsuspecting women who get put through this kind of thing. Kris seems to be so in love with himself, he can't see how stupid he looks. You can't trust a guy just becuase he says he is Christian or claims to be good. That is even a likely calling card to look deeper. What is he trying to hide behind his facade of being good?

At least Kanye is a known dog, so whatever he does, you kind of were waiting for it anyway and don't expect to hear that you abused him.

581 days ago


tmz it was YOU who told us kris humphreys lawyer was gonna grill kim k like a cheese burger about the reality show, it turns out the lawyer said practically nothin about it. for gettin at the truth you are a shyte site tmz

581 days ago


They don't know how to react when a man doesn't bow down to them do they?

581 days ago


Her life is a living drama, and she is the director. When real people have the same problems, the whole world does not know. Its so stupid that we have to hear about a person no likes and thinks is dumb as a box of rocks. Most likely she is reading this , or one if her camera hog cronies...live life real...bitches ....not behind a makeup, and plastic....silcone my bad.....

581 days ago


Kris' lawyer doesn't need to waste his time asking about the reality show because he already knows that Kim will deny it. Too bad Kim wasn't forced to take a lie detector test. lol

581 days ago


The lawyer should have asked her how many black guys have pissed on her over the years. I think that info should be on the books.

581 days ago

Max Smart    

How do people forget that this chick became famous from a porn video?

581 days ago


Why has her baby bump shrunk? She was showing a lot bigger before the deposition. Did she not want to look pregnant with another mans baby in front of the Judge? Now she just looks like she put on weight. If she is really pregnant, is she wearing a girdle to keep it all in?Kim has to sale those pregnant baby bump pictures with the fake padding to the rags but takes it out when going court.

581 days ago
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