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Lindsay Lohan

On the Loose Again!

3/22/2013 9:15 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

0322_lindsay_lohan_akmgsiDespite being sentenced to lockdown rehab, there are parts of Lindsay Lohan that will always be free.

Wearing California Highway Patrol shades and a braless, loose fitting tank top that aired out her gorgeous girls, the 26-year-old courthouse princess enjoyed a day of shopping in Venice Beach on Thursday.

Linds grabbed some new threads at a vintage shop and eyed some jewelry ... without incident.

Even though she was accompanied by some alleged friends, it's obvious Lindsay has no support system in place.


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Most people Lohan's age have never been inside a courtroom, have never stolen from strangers and friends and prized possessions from old women, have never lied to the police, to judges, to the media; have never punched three different women in the face, nor carjacked and kidnapped three people speeding 100mph on PCH and blowing through stop signs all the while crack squawking "Nothing can happen to me, I'm a celebrity!", nor have they blamed "the black guy" twice for crimes they committed; they haven't made $25 million dollars and then spent $25 million plus millions more, blowing it on materialistic crap like Birkin bags and flying on jets and first class - they haven't mistaken material needs for something more precious - something Lohan will never know about - Integrity. Most people Lohan's age have gone to college, and though they might have partied once in awhile, never went to nightclubs all night long every night doing crack and meth and cocaine and drinking vodka from water bottles and then keep their colleagues waiting hours on set while they sleep it off. No most people Lohan's age still went to class on time, got the best grades they could, honestly cared about the 99% of Americans who are struggling to make ends meet, they graduated and are scrimping and saving to pay back their student loans by going to work everyday - and when they do get a little extra money - don't blow it on drugs, drink, more nightclubs and furs. Nor have they hit a baby carriage in their porsche - and then said to a witness "I saw them, but they didn't move out of my way." and then leave the scene.

Nope, Lindsay Lohan is not like most people her age - she is a lying, thieving, face-punching, car-crashing, blame the black guy, rehab-scoffing, drunken, cracked-out, repeat-offending criminal - who also is a tax evader by forcing the clubs and Mr. Pink idiots to pay her in cash and then stashes in her brother's account. Lohan is an assholic grifter who shouldn't be shopping when she owes the IRS so much money (amongst other civil suits that she settled so she wouldn't go to jail).

Lindsay Lohan is a bully. A big assholic BULLY and America is sick of her f*ckery!

520 days ago


just watched a show on A and E "Beyond Scared Straight" and realized how bad prison is..she deserves it....Now she is with Gavin (Her only friend left) so they should go on the Buddy system..If Pootie was the best she could due and ended up with Gavin then she lost many years ago..How come Woody or Meryl isn't shopping with her??

520 days ago


Let me list all the ways Lindsay stays relevant in the press... GOING BRA LESS GETTING WASTED COMMITTING A CRIME DRIVING DRUNK OWING MONEY SHOPPING Yup, that pretty much gets her picture published on a daily basis. You'll notice that ACTING was not on that list.

520 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Why is her crimminal friend Gayvin carrying a suitcase?

520 days ago


I guess her fluffer is back, since Ali is tied up in her Modeling career..when does the congo need her next??

520 days ago

Tom Liebengood    

"She's gonna pop some tags
Only got court cards in her pocket..."

520 days ago


There is this hellhole in San Diego here called El Cajon where all the women seem to have this horrible look

520 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Her right hand doesnt have a tattoo on it

520 days ago


The 26-Year-Old CourtHouse Princess enjoyed a Day of Shopping.......................BY NOW THAT WHOREEEE IS THE QUEEN !

520 days ago


When it's for actual rehab start is it next month?

520 days ago


SUE HER BRA FOR NON-SUPPORT..Carrol Channing wants her breasts back...

there must be millions of Talliban splattered all over that Raggy shirt

520 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Total photo op. Het bag looks empty. Im a shopper and I know what a bag with things in t look like

Lindsay is playing her call paps head games with her fake shopping

520 days ago


A face only a mother could love!!! If the mother is 3,000 miles away, strung out on Blow,cant see for shyt and is trying to grift some fast cash

520 days ago


Isn't that guy carrying the suitcase the guy in the Mr. Pink escalade the night Lindsay wasn't there(wink wink)?

520 days ago


did her and Gavin stop off for Bobbing for French fries?? and has she been walking on her knuckles?? that Hourly Hotel must not have running water...

Father time has not been kind to her..

like before "Ponce De Lohan, found the fountain of Rough living and old age"

520 days ago
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