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Lindsay Lohan

No Charges

in NYC Nightclub Fight

3/22/2013 1:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan will not face charges for her arrest in that New York City nightclub brawl with another woman ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us the Manhattan D.A.'s Office will not prosecute Lohan -- and we're told the main reason is ... witnesses failed to cooperate.

TMZ broke the story ... Lindsay was busted back in November for allegedly punching the woman inside Club Avenue.

We're told witnesses to the incident, including those connected with the alleged victim, refused to speak to investigators.

Another problem with the case ... according to our sources on the night of the fight ... the woman was being escorted out of the club by police, and tripped and fell ... so it was unclear what really caused her injuries.

The Manhattan D.A. would not comment.

LiLo skates again.



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When a movie opens on a Friday, and it was not submitted to critics beforehand for review, that means even the studio knows that they are releasing a turkey, aka,"InAPPropriate Comedy"


518 days ago



you do know don't you honey lilo has only a cameo role of about 30 seconds in this adrien brody movie BAM! BAM!

518 days ago


What kind of total BS is this?! Did Heller tamper with the witnesses again? Did they pay them off? Lohan may not go to jail for this - but America is sick to death of this grifter's f*ckery! I don't think people will forget her or that cracked out video of her getting arrested. Let her be tried in the court of public opinion and I hope that people stop buying products that she endorses - including not watching Anger Management. She's a violent, cracked out, drunken criminal and the witnesses who didn't testify are cowards.

518 days ago


Lindsay has to be turning tricks 24/7 to pay off all the people to drop charges

518 days ago


...and she is...?

518 days ago


@Black Dog

LMAO! thats always the answer when h8turds are losing, resort to slanderous bullcrap. what's wrong honey? can't accept lilo is the VICTIM in this scammers case?

518 days ago


Fear not H8TURDS 'cause this Crackie will see the inside of a jail cell soon. There is no possible way for this drug/alcohol addicted, lice-encrusted polyester weave and chicklet dentures over rotten teeth wearing,horrendous facial botox disfiguring POS to jump through the hoops of her plea deal. NO FVCKING WAY. 90 days in rehab without day passes having to talk about the addictions she denies-absolute torture. Step a foot in California and risk being searched for drugs or pulled over if driving to test for any alcohol-how degrading is that? So while we wait for her to fvck up, we can just sit back and enjoy the show. 'Cause it will be spectacular as all of her fvckups are. Crackie has never failed us yet. So lets have a contest to see how long it will take for our little Crackie to fvckup. Because she's an idiot, I say she will get through 1 month of rehab before scaling a fence to go drink. Given that she doesn't have to report to a rehab until 5/2 my guess is JUNE 5th. Any takers?

518 days ago


This is not a shock to me at all. She's doing nothing but digging her own grave health wise, and why she was given 45 days to find a rehab (in which I'm sure there will be more drama there, she won't go quietly) is beyond me. Tell me to find a rehab, I've got you one in 3 days. But this NY case, there was just not enough there.

518 days ago


Someday she is going to punch the wrong person and she'll either get shot or stabbed or both.

518 days ago


Unless Gloria Allred disputes this story, it means Allred and her client reached a suitable settlement with Lindsay Lohan and have agreed not to cooperate with the prosecution. Allred (much like Michael Lohan) cannot resist a camera, so unless she was paid to do otherwise (i.e. settlement for her client) we will hear from her. If not, you know Lohan paid to settle the case.

518 days ago


My guess... the sources are Heller. Not that I think anything will happen with this, but I won't believe it, until it's official. Funny how Sterlinguys, et al believe this, but don't believe anything else TMZ prints!

Didn't the woman hire Gloria Alred as her attorney? She has to be cooperating with the police if she hired an attorney...

518 days ago


You can say she went shopping "on" Venice Beach, or "in" Venice, but not "in" Venice Beach. Venice Beach is not a city or town. It is a beach.

518 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

I'm really worried about Lindsay's super-stalker/fans. I think that they ultimately want Lindsay to die so that they can worship and memorialize her forever.

518 days ago


Doesn't matter. She's still a ho with no real acting prospects. She's been relegated to walk-ons and cameos for scale, so she'll still need to suck c o c k to cover the bills.

#So Sad

518 days ago

The Man They Call Louis    

Teflon Lohan escapes again...too lucky.

518 days ago
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