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Soulja Boy

RIPPED for Codeine Pics

After Lil Wayne Overdose

3/22/2013 10:07 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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0322_souja_boy_instrgamSoulja Boy's fans are turning on him ... blasting the rapper for posting glammed-up pics of the drug codeine on Instagram ... just days after Lil Wayne nearly died from an OD.

Soulja's known for posting pics of the painkiller on social networking sites -- along with giant bags of weed -- but fans went nuclear over these new photos.

Among the angry comments -- "How the f**k u drink s**t that you know can kill you?" and "Who brags about being sad and addicted to prescription medication?"

The comments continued ... "Who the hell thinks drinking cough syrup is cool?!?!? ... Look at lil Wayne had to have his stomach pumped 3x cause that damn cough syrup bulls**t."

Soulja Boy ... where stupid can't get any stupider.


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Soljabitch has always and will always be a piece of **** ghetto rapper.

579 days ago


Your are looking at the future Justin Bieber.Hey where he at lately?

579 days ago


Keep it up, Bro. The World needs one less rapper. lol

579 days ago


Wow, fried food and drugs. Supper of the Champions. Way to go buddy !

579 days ago


only if Lil Wayne did pass away, he would be labeled as a Legend like all of the SUC including DJ Screw.

579 days ago


MARCJ said: "Where stupid can't get any stupider"? I know you have to cause drama to get views for your site, but has it really come to this? Insulting self made millionaires for what they do in their spare time?"


So HE takes the pics, HE posts the pics of ILLEGAL DRUGS for the world to see, yet somehow it is TMZ's fault? Please learn the meaning of "individual responsibility." and stop blaming others for the ignorant acts of young black men.

And as for his being a self-made "millionaire," public records show that as of 2011, he owed $26,805 dollars in back taxes to the state of CA, lost his quarter million dollar Georgia mansion to foreclosure, and was served with an eviction notice for failing to pay $4,725 on a subsequent Atlanta rental. A truism of life is: If you happen to stumble assbackwards into money, you won't keep it very long if you don't take the time to get an education.

579 days ago


Many do not remember that Codeine is what finallly killed old Howard Hughs..Kidneys just rotted away with his liver..
This nor more rates our attention than Ms. Lohan..

579 days ago


It is hilarious how he has been posting pics like this for quite some time and people go crazy after lil wayne "overdoses". First off we do not even know 100% if he did or did not. And "where stupid can't get stupider"? The man made himself a million at a young age, let him do what he wants to do, who are you to judge him. Great journalism skills tmz, you're part of the reason our society is going down hill.

579 days ago


These *******s realize something. Codeine taken in just small amounts can cause constipation, now if you eat a lot of food and a take a large amount of Codeine you can end up with a fecal impaction. Translated to ghetto, that means you can **** and your **** gets stuck and yous in for big time pain and even to the point of death, rappers love their abs and when they have to open you up to get the **** out, guess what your abs look like after the operation? Google fecal impaction and bring up the pictures, then take another swig of that ****.

579 days ago

Katie Perry's Mini Bar Snatch    

Obviously Soulja never listened to Macklemore's jam 'Otherside' about the death of PimpC

579 days ago


Can someone please explain to me what the big deal with drugs is? Does your life suck so much you need to get high? Don't get me wrong. I tried weed once but it wasn't anything I would waste my money on.

579 days ago


Drink up fools. Let them all OD.

579 days ago

Dennis Johnson    

This thing is DUMB...........First thing he did was to put dowm our troops.........yea the same ones that make it possiable for his lazy a$$ to promote codeine and anything else in a FREE country AND now this .What a DUMB A$$.

579 days ago


In the meantime, all the other working humps have to go to the doctor, be sicker than a dog to get a script for the cough medicine, and pay for a small bottle. Even with a valid script (which we all know he doesn't have) he isn't allowed to have that much at one time. Arrest him. Why are they not arresting this kid?

579 days ago



579 days ago
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