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Soulja Boy

RIPPED for Codeine Pics

After Lil Wayne Overdose

3/22/2013 10:07 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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0322_souja_boy_instrgamSoulja Boy's fans are turning on him ... blasting the rapper for posting glammed-up pics of the drug codeine on Instagram ... just days after Lil Wayne nearly died from an OD.

Soulja's known for posting pics of the painkiller on social networking sites -- along with giant bags of weed -- but fans went nuclear over these new photos.

Among the angry comments -- "How the f**k u drink s**t that you know can kill you?" and "Who brags about being sad and addicted to prescription medication?"

The comments continued ... "Who the hell thinks drinking cough syrup is cool?!?!? ... Look at lil Wayne had to have his stomach pumped 3x cause that damn cough syrup bulls**t."

Soulja Boy ... where stupid can't get any stupider.


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Darwin effect at it's best. I don't understand why people pump poison in them to get high. Must not love life enough I guess.

559 days ago


what happen to lil wayne was his own fault.. i have no compassion for people to do stuff like that to themshelve. they make their own mistake and suffer the consequences. i dont feel sorry for anyone who OD's. call me whatever you want i don't, their dumbasses brought this all on themshelve.

559 days ago


Am actually surprised that Law Enforcement hasn't stepped in. The pot is one thing and he has a card, yada, yada....

The cough syrup is RX only and is to be taken ONLY at prescribed doses.

His fans are right for getting on him. As someone who still lives in a state that is NOT free (although it looks like we MIGHT get to vote on medical MJ), I'd think one could be happy enough with door number one and not have to add all the other DANGEROUS stuff on top of it....

559 days ago



559 days ago


It's people like this that ruin it for people that truly need narcotic medication to live any quality of life. And it's people like that hoodrat that commented to "leave my baby alone" that enable junkies to continue on with this behavior. I'm on pain medication, the strongest available for a spinal injury. Without the constant flow of my patch I wouldn't even be able to sit in my wheelchair. People like me and others with severe disabilities and illness are the people that should be benefiting from narcotic medication. Not ghetto trash and groupie sluts. He's and everyone like him are the decay of our society.

559 days ago


Yep, just another idiot that thinks he can "sing", when all he's doing is TALKING to music. He'll be dead or broke or BOTH before the decade is over. POS

559 days ago


I dont feel bad for ANYONE who dies of OD so maybe Lil Wayne should have died or maybe Soulja F*G will die....who would really miss either one??

559 days ago


They all do this

559 days ago


What a tard!

559 days ago


What a total idiot! This looks like evidence to me.

559 days ago


All yall's opinions are retarded. Just thought yall'd like to know. I mean who really ****in' cares?

559 days ago


Let them kill themselves and we can call it a day on this crap. Ugly, stupid, catatonic and disgusting. I am done w/these idiots. Please stop covering them.

559 days ago


I'm from Texas! Originator of syrup sippin know what I'm tawkin bout! As far as this foo "garbage" other than that that **** look good! Sip that lean ill never have a cough again!

559 days ago


Stop the violence

559 days ago


Drink up and smoke up then we will not have to hear about you anymore because after you have died you will be irevelant, is THiS how you wish to be remembered as an idiot who thinks this is cute?

559 days ago
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