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Lindsay Lohan

Still Drinking

Despite Rehab Sentence

3/23/2013 2:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0322-linday-lohan-courtLindsay Lohan continues to drink -- and drink often -- despite being sentenced this week to 90 days of lockdown rehab ... TMZ has learned.

Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ she was at the bar of her hotel in Beverly Hills just hours after her court hearing on Monday ... knocking back vodka sodas. We're told Lindsay did not seem fazed by the irony of the situation.

It goes on -- we're told Lindsay went to a club in San Diego called FLUXX last night with a friend, arriving after midnight. Our spies say LiLo was wearing a Yankees cap and a hooded sweatshirt and sat at a VIP table ordering vodka on the rocks all night.

We're told Lindsay specifically requested that vodka be served from a glass carafe ... this way the table would not have any alcohol bottles on it.

Sources close to Lindsay tell us she is adamant she does not have a substance abuse problem and doesn't feel she needs professional help.

She's the only one.


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Black Dirt Goodness    

Even as a lesbian, she swallows

577 days ago


What annoys the fcuk out of me is TMZ can print this stuff without one ounce of proof. Give me PROOF TMZ then maybe I'll believe you, until then its more money for your bogus sources.

577 days ago


excuse me, but isn't she freaked out by you spying on her?

577 days ago

LLsez drown out yet another round of horrendous reviews of Blo's big screen appearance in "InAPPropriate Comedy".

It will only get worse. Good Times!!

577 days ago

Lindsay Lohan Fan Forever    

Do you want to listen to the judge again ?

577 days ago


Can everyone PLEASE STOP with Lindsay Lohan?? Who cares what she does!! Why does she ALWAYS have to be top news? Why does'nt TMZ mention the little 13 month old boy who was shot and killed in front of his mother by 2 animals who were trying to rob her for money? Why don't Lindsay marry Justin Beiber and they can both live on Fantast Island with Mr Rourke and tattoo and we can forget all about them....SHEESH!!

577 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Good Nicole, drinking is good for her career. Producers think Lindsay is at her best when she drinks. Everybody appreciates your support of her drinking!

577 days ago


Due to Hail I have to buy a new Sky Light..wonder if Mr Pink can sponsor a NON-Criminal..anhelp a brother out??

Rough owning your own home..

But Lindsay wouldn't know about that

577 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

Well TMZ, you got an anonymous EXCLUSIVE from the last person in California who doesn't own a cell phone with a camera. So it's one of two things:
Either Lohan woke Harvey up in the middle of the night, told him "I'm at this club drinking pitchers of Vodka, send the cash in an envelope to the regular place"
--- OR ---
This nightclub in San Diego called up and said Lohan was there to get publicity.
BTW, why would Lohan drive 2 1/2 hours - over 120 miles of wicked traffic, to go to some club in San Diego? This story is Bull Shyte.

577 days ago


As much as i dis-like Lindsay can she get/sue TMZ for stalking her.?

577 days ago


I would be surprised if anyone was surprised by this. She is a damn drunk that will be a proud dead member of the 27 club soon enough!

577 days ago


Liver damage symptoms include bad breath, skin rashes, itchy skin (pruritus), offensive body odor, dark circles under the eyes, yellow discoloration of the eyes, red swollen itchy eyes (allergic eyes), acne rosacea, brownish spots on the skin (liver spots), red palms and soles which may also be itchy and inflamed, bloated facial appearance.

577 days ago


If she is drinking to forget, hope the bartenders collect in advance

577 days ago


I don't believe any supposed "sources" any longer, especially on this site. blah blah blah

577 days ago


A liver that has been damaged can repair itelftakes about 7 years...

but if the damage is too Great it will only go down hill..

Her Back alley Tattoos and Pics with needles sticking out of her arms..along with dirty razors...

Might not help the situation

577 days ago
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