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Welfare Fraud Investigation

in Full Swing

3/23/2013 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0319-nadya-suleman-welfareThe investigation into whether or not Octomom committed welfare fraud has begun, and TMZ has learned authorities have started to contact her former employers to see just how much money she's been making.

As TMZ first reported, the L.A. County Dept. of Welfare Fraud Prevention and Investigation (WFP&I) was contacted by someone claiming that Octo is collecting welfare for her and her 14 kids despite allegedly making more than minimum amount required to collect welfare.

Octomom can receive welfare support if she made less than $119,000 in a calendar year because she had so many children, but authorities believe she may have made over $200,000.

According to our sources, investigators have begun calling people who have employed Octo in the last year to determine just how much she's been raking in -- which will include collecting things like bank statements, canceled checks and wire transfer receipts.

We're told the investigators have asked these employers if they know of any other people who have employed Octo lately ... and the employers have handed over a few names that investigators are following up with.

If she is found to have committed welfare fraud, Octo could be prosecuted and would face three years in prison or more.


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I'd rather pay taxes for to support those kids with foster parents than to pay ANY money to Octo. Her philosophy is that (and she has said it herself) that what "she" makes is "her" money and the food stamps are for her kids. Didn't anyone teach her that it is the PARENT'S RESPONSIBILITY to take care of their kids. Not some celebrity that has made it, but the parent. That means paying rent, buying food out of your own pocket, clothing the kids, doctor's appointments, dentist appointments, and making sure of the kids well-being. I have seen nothing of this happening with Octo. In her mind, it's always been about her - not the kids. And it's the kids that are suffering even though Octo has brought in MILLIONS of dollars because she has spent it all on herself and her drugs.

489 days ago


She won't be going to prison.

489 days ago


Throw her in the can and take those kids away from her.

489 days ago


those kids should eat up alot of the states budge ...

489 days ago


My take: she will be charged, but will spend less time in jail than Lindsey Blohan. Her downfall will come in the form of the IRS. Those guys don't scr@w around.

489 days ago


So what, I'd still do her!

489 days ago


Will they also check her corporation? Harmony Enterprises.

489 days ago


It does warrant being looked into when the public is quite aware that she has been dabbling in the adult entertainment industry over the last year or so. But, sadly, this level of "investigation" doesn't happen in your every-day run of the mill situations. And with the REAL rampant fraud and misuse going on with Welfare & SSI disability - there really ought to be. If they actually investigated regular people this thoroughly, they'd be able to make a difference. They are only looking into this - and so deeply - because she is a public figure and they have probably been receiving calls, etc. about it. I highly doubt they spend this much time and energy on the bulk of complaints that come across their desks.

489 days ago


This crazy woman needs to find a job. and that way she speak looks more crazy and scary

489 days ago


Come on who do you think you are kidding. In California land of Fruits and nuts welfare fraud is rewarded. O*C*T*O*C*U*N*T KNOWS California DAs are corrupt and inept. Nothing will happen until she kills one or more of the kids.

489 days ago


She should work. Lazy nasty white trash hoe.

489 days ago


She's been scamming the system for years. Her Gov backed student loans paid for the turkey basting and plastic surgery. If she's finally held accountable for one of the horrible things she's done, it would probably be the best thing for her. Maybe it'll force her to finally grow up and try to get some skills for a real job instead of looking for hand outs and hopes of being rich and famous. The state of CA are a bunch of cowards unfortunately, if they haven't done anything all these years, hard to imagine they will finally do the right thing.

489 days ago


Oh, we all know nothing will happen. All of us are
supporting her and all those children. But nobody
suggests placing the children away from a mother
who is doing porn.

488 days ago


i have to take two buses to work every day and one of those stops are at the welfare office, the ENTIRE program should be investigated, i see those in "need" driving brand new cars, WTF! they don't look so "needy" to me

488 days ago


$119,000 Grand and you can still collect welfare - what an insane State this is - even with 14 kids $114,000 grand is a fortune - especially because of the 14 kids she probably pays no taxes

488 days ago
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