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Welfare Fraud Investigation

in Full Swing

3/23/2013 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0319-nadya-suleman-welfareThe investigation into whether or not Octomom committed welfare fraud has begun, and TMZ has learned authorities have started to contact her former employers to see just how much money she's been making.

As TMZ first reported, the L.A. County Dept. of Welfare Fraud Prevention and Investigation (WFP&I) was contacted by someone claiming that Octo is collecting welfare for her and her 14 kids despite allegedly making more than minimum amount required to collect welfare.

Octomom can receive welfare support if she made less than $119,000 in a calendar year because she had so many children, but authorities believe she may have made over $200,000.

According to our sources, investigators have begun calling people who have employed Octo in the last year to determine just how much she's been raking in -- which will include collecting things like bank statements, canceled checks and wire transfer receipts.

We're told the investigators have asked these employers if they know of any other people who have employed Octo lately ... and the employers have handed over a few names that investigators are following up with.

If she is found to have committed welfare fraud, Octo could be prosecuted and would face three years in prison or more.


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Why th hype? You know nothing is going to happen to her no matter what. Then gain its California where everybody can do whatever they want. Someday the pacific cean will come all th way to Nevada. Then our probl would be over.

586 days ago


Talk of prison must be for dramatic affect because she won't go to prison no matter if she stiffs the state till her kids turn 18. A mother in Compton going over by a dollar has a better chance of being prosecuted than her. The law loves them some celebrity no matter how insignificant.

586 days ago


This woman has mental illness like Lindsay lohan

586 days ago


In addition to checking whether any payments were made to Nadya through her corporation Harmony Enterprises, the investigators should also check payments to all the different names she uses. There's Natalie Suleman (the name she signed on her bankruptcy do***ents), Nadya Suleman, Nadya Suleman-Gutierrez, Nadya S. Gutierrez, Natalie Gutierrez, etc. Who knows, she might even have done some jobs under the name she used in high school, Natalie Doud (her father's last name). I remember that she gave the name Natalie Gutierrez to her IVF doctor Kamrava, but once she gave birth to the octuplets, all of a sudden she switched to Nadya Suleman for her media interviews. However, her current EBT card has her last name as Gutierrez. What is she trying to hide with all these names?

586 days ago


They should check whether Kamrava is her sperm donor too. Bout time he gets socked for support. Take the kids away. Give them a chance while they are adoptable.

586 days ago


to bad shes not in florida,you could get away with murdering yr baby and dumping her body and just get a slap on the wrist.

586 days ago


The following was posted to me by another poster on the other welfare investigation thread, and my response follows:

"You know what, Realist? I do begrudge paying taxes to support the blotche's kids. I work flocking hard to support my own kids. It's a slap in the face that I'm expected to pay for this Ho's passel of brats. She's never worked to support the kids she swore shed stop her life for."

I did a little investigating about the allocation of federal tax dollars to Federal Health and Human Services, which funds welfare programs in the country. In 2011, that amount was $354 billion. California received about $41 billion for Health and Human Services out of that $354 Billion. About 11.5% The Federal budget allocates approximately 20% of a tax dollar to welfare. So, the state received back 11.5% of 20 cents or 2.3 cents per tax dollar. So, multiply your income tax dollars by .023, and that is your contribution to California welfare. In 2011 some 3.8 million individuals in California were receiving public assistance in one form or another. So your contribution per individual is your federal income tax x .023 / 3.8 million. Multiply that by 15 (Octo’s family number) and that is your total contribution to their support for the year. Please stop blubbering about your taxes where Octo is concerned. I wouldn’t want your tears to stain the leather upholstery of your Benz.

Sorry this took so long, but research takes time.

586 days ago


That crazy doctor should support these children. Prosecute him for medical malpractice and the government can recoup the welfare. She was single, no income and using her work comp settlement to pay him; why didn't he screen her psychogically when she would not stop getting impregnated!

586 days ago

GoodOnPaper wasn't the extra weight & dozen+ kids hat made her unappealling & unattractive....ooooww.

586 days ago


What trash get a job u bum I can't stand people u wanted all those kids and u don't have a job or have money ur a jagoff loser

586 days ago


the government has been raping our US citizens pockets for years, any money you can get from the gov , take it!

586 days ago


Many people want to adopt but are forced to go to third world countries because it is so costly and time consuming and the government makes it so difficult in America.

586 days ago


Wait. She could make $119,000 and get Welfare. I know she has a lot of kids, but That much money, she wouldn't need Welfare. Ridiculous.

586 days ago


Yeah that'll show her kids right?

586 days ago


She's a so-called celeb now, that means nothing will happen to her.

586 days ago
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