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Tommy Chong

There's ONE Beatle I

Haven't Smoked With ...

3/24/2013 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

032423_tommy_chong_launchWeed master Tommy Chong has smoked out his fair share of celebs, so when we asked him who is the ONE famous person he's dying to get high with ... it's no surprise he named the one Beatle he hasn't smoked with.

Chong was out walking his dog Saturday in L.A. and took the time to discuss a slew of topics with our photog: getting high with his cat ... the potency of edibles (they are very, very potent). You get the idea.

But more importantly ... he told us his dream smoke-buddy is the only Beatle he's never shared a dewbie with.

But before you watch the clip, try and guess which one in our poll. 

Seriously no cheating. Guess.


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Ummm there are two Beatles still alive. Good grief, does anyone @ Tmz know anything about anything?

548 days ago

Sir Paul McCartney    

I dont mean to ruin it for everyone, but im the only "Beatle" who has'nt lit one with Chong! I know the others have met him here or there. I just wished he reached out to me several years earlier! I dont smoke the stuff much anymore these days. I smoked my share. When you’re bringing up a youngster, your sense of responsibility does kick in, if you’re lucky, at some point... Enough’s enough -- you just don’t seem to think it’s necessary!

548 days ago

U.S. Anti-Drug Think Tank     

1. If you smoke weed, you aid the Mexican drug cartels. Does your brain understand that? Cry all you want, you can't change facts. 2. Scoop Dogg Sh.. is our poster boy and the job you potheads will have in the next life, for smoking weed in this life. 3. Lady Justice will have her way with you weed smokers, for all the murders in Mexico that you helped finance by smoking weed. 4. Moral philosophy says you drug users are an accomplice to murder, bec you cannot get drugs, without the drugs coming through the hands of murderers. God has no mercy on fools.

548 days ago


This half of the old comic duo never grew up. Folks, witness the low stature and ambition-killing result of 40+ years of weed.

548 days ago

Grizz White    

actually there are 3 Beatles still alive. most people forget about Pete Best, the Beatles original drummer before he was fired and replaced by Ringo

548 days ago

Grizz White    

actually, there are 3 Beatles still alive. people are forgetting about Pete Best who was the Beatles original drummer before he was fired and replaced by Ringo.

548 days ago


Is dewbie how today's generation spells it? Back in the day ;) it was spelled doobie. Silly me.

548 days ago


how many of u are freaking high, trying to rip tmz when you can't even read the story right??? Where does it say one Beatle is still alive? no, who is the ONE person he wants to get high with, and he says there's one Beatle he never did get to..Paul. ur welcome...scholars

548 days ago

Allie R    

Sooo, what's the answer?

548 days ago


I'm kind of surprised to hear that it was Paul since he's been known to smoke pot for years. Maybe he just chose to be very selective who to smoke pot with!

547 days ago


Good luck, Tommy! Paul is a pretentious douche..

545 days ago


"Last Beatle Standing"? Ummm... Ringo isn't dead... so Paul isn't the last Beatle standing. Jeezus.

398 days ago


2 words for him, BUCKET LIST! He still has a chance! Although PAUL supposedly kicked the habit, one more SMOKE wouldn't kill him! & TOMMY'S a WEED icon!!!! phfffffffffffft!!!!

355 days ago


I have 2 words for TOMMY! BUCKET LIST! Although PAUL supposedly has kicked the habit, he may actually want to smoke with THE WEED ICON!! "LET ME ROLL IT"!!!

355 days ago
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