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'Babe' Star James Cromwell

Slap on the Wrist

After Cat Torture Protest

3/25/2013 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

73-year-old "Babe" star James Cromwell got off easy after his disorderly conduct arrest last month ... when he burst into a UW-Madison board meeting, protesting cat torture at the university.

Cromwell's case was called today in Wisconsin where he pled no contest to a low level charge of disorderly conduct. His punishment is a measly $100 fine, which he paid on the spot.

As we reported, Cromwell was busted along with a PETA spokesperson after they barged into the board meeting, claiming the school's labs tortured cats in the name of science. Cromwell waved a sign with a photo of an abused cat, and shouted, "This is not science! This is cruel!"

A rep for the D.A. tells us, prosecutors went easy because the duration of yelling wasn’t particularly long, he cooperated with law enforcement, no one in the room was really disturbed by the protest, and he had no criminal history.

And it WAS kinda funny.


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GOOD FOR JC! Shame on UW is right! We were entrusted with the care of animals.

391 days ago


That''ll do pig, that'll do.

391 days ago


It may have been 'kind of funny' but what if it's true? God have mercy on us for experimenting on such kindred souls. Thank you Mr. Cromwll, I would have gladly paid your fine.

391 days ago


Funny? What about that was funny???? Did you not see that picture of the cat? You know, I typically have a pretty laid back and fun sense of humor, and get your jokes and funny videos, but this isn't funny and it's pretty sick if you think it is. If this is true, that's disgusting and good for them for trying to stick up for these poor animals. Too low, TMZ. Very low for saying it's funny.

391 days ago


geez lohan, if you want to get noticed and in trouble over things, how about something that counts like this

391 days ago

he doesn't just love i do.

391 days ago


Just not real sure where the funny part was. I'm I losing my scene of humor. If it's real on what they are doing then it isn't really that funny. Harvey I kind of thought you were funny but I'm not to sure now.

391 days ago


Just not real sure where the funny part was. I'm I losing my scene of humor. If it's real on what they are doing then it isn't really that funny.

391 days ago


Funny? Do high school yearbook staffers write all the stories now? Between the typos, childish quips, and laughing at animal cruelty your limited credibility is fading fast.

391 days ago


nice first show the world pics & vids of ashley greene obviously and understandably distraught and mourning the death of her dog then a few days later make jokes about an actor who stood up for animal cruelty and calling it "kinda funny". tmz is usually my first site for reading celebrity gossip but there's a fine line between entertainment and just trashy.

391 days ago

Ashley Rhein    

I support experiments on animals for medical benefit.I don't know what type of experiments are done at U.W. but medical testing has helped with cancer, hiv/aids, heart disease, cystic fibrosis, spinal cord injuries, birth defects, hep. c, Parkinson's disease, diabetes, and countless other problems that our families and friends face in our world today. That's not to say that I think what James Cromwell did was wrong or that I hate him for beliefs, as a matter of fact I think he's a pretty kick ass dude for being a 73 year old guy and still having the balls to fight "the man" and I commend him for doing something he thought could make a difference. More people should be so bold as to put themselves on the line for what they believe. Go 'head James.

391 days ago


This sort of testing on live animals is known as vivisection and has been a subject of great controversy in Great Britain since the thirty's.
There have been protests here that changed procedures such as animal testing for cosmetics and hygiene products.

391 days ago


He's a great actor been around for decades,he was on' All In The Family' 40 years ago! Archie Bunker's pal..he was good on 'Six feet Under' too..I guess he's a cat fanatic now!..

391 days ago

buzz kill    

This smuck looks like an abused dead cat himself.

391 days ago


Team James Cromwell. Let's hope there is a special place in hell for people who torture or permit it.

391 days ago
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