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'Babe' Star James Cromwell

Slap on the Wrist

After Cat Torture Protest

3/25/2013 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

73-year-old "Babe" star James Cromwell got off easy after his disorderly conduct arrest last month ... when he burst into a UW-Madison board meeting, protesting cat torture at the university.

Cromwell's case was called today in Wisconsin where he pled no contest to a low level charge of disorderly conduct. His punishment is a measly $100 fine, which he paid on the spot.

As we reported, Cromwell was busted along with a PETA spokesperson after they barged into the board meeting, claiming the school's labs tortured cats in the name of science. Cromwell waved a sign with a photo of an abused cat, and shouted, "This is not science! This is cruel!"

A rep for the D.A. tells us, prosecutors went easy because the duration of yelling wasn’t particularly long, he cooperated with law enforcement, no one in the room was really disturbed by the protest, and he had no criminal history.

And it WAS kinda funny.


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That's nothing compared to what he did to those patients at Briarcliff..

514 days ago


james! you rock! love you and love the way you act in movies and in real life . take care of yourself sir and thank you for this situation. none of it sounds good.. fight for animals that can't fight for themselves. i agree. hugs!

514 days ago



514 days ago


Bravo Mr Cromwell...when other celebrities are just busy looking pretty on the red carpet for the charity "du jour" he is putting his name on the line for these innocent cratures Shame On You TMZ for making fun of this sad and horrific reality...that we still allow torture on innocen beings...isn't it deem these animal inferior enough to torture them but similar to humans enough to warrant the tests of these "so called" cancer researches? If the government gave a **** about you getting healthy and not get cancer they would not allow GMOs additives artificial flavoring colorants and toxic ingrdients banned in other countries to be put in your food :) take a look around there are billions being made on your sick fat asses just watch some do***entaries and educate yourselves! And while your at it start readingg that nice thick panthlet that comes with your prescription pills...the ones that prevent you from getting involved like this man did....just thnk about it...

514 days ago

Angel in the house    

I love this guy. Such a talented actor and at least he is not an airhead ... He is standing up for a valid cause. I am impressed.

514 days ago

Spicy mag    

As then he went to a diner and ate a big juicy burger with bacon on it. And it was Babe.

514 days ago

They need to stop with the animals and start using the inmates in prison for child molestion..

514 days ago


this is not funny at all! Sorry to read TMZ think it is!
Poor furries! And great to stand up for it!
Shame on UV MAdison and those people not standing up to what they done!

514 days ago


Why refer to him as the star of "Babe"? That was so long ago...he just starred in that weird series on F/X about the insane asylum.

513 days ago


that was to the one who said that it was only a cat. Kudos to "Babe" for standing up for what he believes in. The animal world loves you.

513 days ago


You want to talk about torture, try watching him act. How many times can a guy play a bad police captain or corrupt judge?

513 days ago
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