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Jerry Sandusky

Ridiculous McQueary

Thinks He Heard Rape

3/25/2013 5:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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0325_sandusky_videoJerry Sandusky is scoffing at Mike McQueary -- the man critical in bringing him down --  claiming it's absurd McQueary could have concluded he heard sounds of sex and rape in the locker room.

Sandusky, who was audiotaped for a documentary said, "I don’t understand how anybody would have walked into that locker room, from where he was, and heard sounds, and associated that was sex going on."

Portions of the prison interview were played this morning on "Today." Sandusky said, "I mean, that would been the last thing I would have thought about. I would have thought maybe fooling around or something like that (laughter)."

John Ziegler, the man who interviewed Sandusky, is making a documentary called "Framing Paterno" in an effort to clear the name of legendary Penn State coach Joe Paterno.

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Diamond Goddess!    

I've noticed that this FREEK is always referring to "fooling around", which is how he rationalizes boy butt rape!

578 days ago



578 days ago


this guy is always calling it horse play or fooling around.he is in denial of what he did.the mcqueary guy is just as guilty.he sit there and did nothing at the time.how someone can walk in on that and not destroy the perv is beyond me

578 days ago


So did Matt give him a BJ or just bend over for the interview. Sad to see what the N-othing B-ut C-unts network has become. TMZ, NBC are you proud what you did to an old man, Jo Pa, to protect your G-a-y support agenda? Normal people do not want to listen to this pity party lib Rump Ranger.

578 days ago


Spoken like a true pedophile! That McQueary is just a big silly.

578 days ago


TMZ you've managed to outdo yourselves in the nasty skank category. WHY would you give this monster any coverage????

578 days ago

Your S&M Girlfriend    

There is no decent grown man who would get into a shower with a child then have "horseplay" with him. As far as I'm concerned McQueary should be rotting right along with Sandusky for not even making noise and stopping it and ushering the child away, then calling whoever the law was (it seems to be a point of contention in this whole horrid mess).

578 days ago


I remember a day when a pervert would have been banished from civil society for defending a pedophile. The ONLY reason John Ziegler isn't getting more flack is because the victims are boys. Had it been girls/women or a gay rape the media, then the public would be ablaze with stinging condemnation and contempt.

578 days ago


Every time he opens his mouth, he further proves what a perv he is. He laughed at the thought of "fooling around" in the shower with a young boy? Gross! No adult male keeps taking showers and having sleep overs with young boys--it's disgusting. Besides, it was the testimony of his victims that brought the truth out--they were brave to step forward, and he's dismissing their pain. He'll never get out of prison--so he needs to shut up and let his victims heal.

578 days ago


Poor Joe Pa.... This man basically killed him.... Him and all the countless Penn State fans who turned their backs on the coach who was the whole reason PSU was ever relevant to begin with... It really is a shame. RIP JoePa!

578 days ago


Why is any one trying to clear Paterno?He had been told what Sandusky was doing and did not call the police.That makes him an accomplice.Or worse yet an enabler.I guess there are still people out there who will still idolize Paterno no matter what he did.

578 days ago


If he claims to have heard sounds of tale, why didn't he behave like a decent human being an intervene and help the victim? He's just as guilty in my book.

578 days ago


This is why we need cameras in locker rooms and showers, especially the girls!

578 days ago

:Þ Wacko The Zombie :Þ    


It's Michael Jackson Jr.
Minus The Nose
And The Money
which Is Why He's
In Prison.

578 days ago


This shouldn't even be happening! What a slap in the face for society, a do***entary about Sandusky and Paterno!

578 days ago
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