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Jerry Sandusky

Interviewer Says ...

I'm OUTING Victim #2

3/25/2013 3:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

032513-siegler-tmzlive-launch-newThe guy who interviewed Jerry Sandusky in prison actually believes the disgraced Penn State coach is not guilty of raping victim #2 in a locker room shower-- and he loudly and passionately stated his case on TMZ Live.

John Ziegler -- who is making a documentary he hopes will clear Joe Paterno's name -- claims the boy, known as "accuser #2" in court docs, told authorities on numerous occasions he was not molested by Sandusky ... and only changed his story years later.

Ziegler was talking about the incident when Mike McQueary says he witnessed Sandusky raping the boy in a Penn State locker room shower.

Most shocking was Ziegler's claim the victim was really 14, and not 10. You have to see him explain why that makes any difference.

Ziegler tells us he plans to reveal the identity of "accuser #2" ... because he feels the man basically exposed himself by writing an editorial about the case.

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As horrible as it is that this POS is making the do***entary, it is equally as evil if it is aired on TV. Isn’t NBC planning to air it? Disgusting.

555 days ago


Michael Jackson And Jerry Sandusky: Two Peas In The Same Pod
Michael Jackson admitted that he slept in the same bed with young boys. Although he admitted touching them, he denied having any sexual relations with his young bed partners. Jackson said he liked young boys but denied being a pedophile.

Monday night, on NBC’s new TV program, ‘Rock Center’, sportscaster Bob Costas interviewed Jerry Sandusky by telephone. Sandusky admitted that he showered together with young boys. Although he admitted touching them, he denied having any sexual relations with his young shower mates. Sandusky said he liked young boys but denied being a pedophile.

The only difference between Michael Jackson and Jerry Sandusky is that Jackson took his victims to bed while Sandusky took them to a shower. That makes Jackson and Sandusky two peas in the same pod.

Fortunately for Jackson, no one witnessed him raping young boys in the privacy of his bedroom. Unfortunately for Sandusky, at least two witnesses, a janitor and Mike McQueary, observed him raping young boys in the Penn State football facility’s showers.

In Jackson’s case, only his victims were able to testify against him. That boiled down to he said, he said. In Sandusky’s case, there will be at least two outside witnesses, in addition to his victims, that will be able to testify against him.

555 days ago


The shocking part of this story is that anyone wanted to hear from Jerry Sandusky at all. Who cares what Ziegler thinks? What qualifications does he possess to judge the victims? Eff him.

555 days ago


this article is so bogus its unreal. First, Sandusky never raped the child in 2001. He was acquitted and the witness never said he saw rape. Second, Paterno reported the incident, and the witness came to him, to both the Athletic Director AND the SVP in charge of campus police.

555 days ago


Wow! Just think if this guy could use his energy for fighting for a real cause? Instead of defending a pedophile!

555 days ago


Many years ago, a family "friend" molested me several times because I was too embarrased to tell. Big mistake. He ended up molesting my brother and a friend of mine. Nobody told. The anger I held for this man was mind numbing. Yet I turned out fine and have moved on with my life. When I hear about creeps like this, it does bring back my own personal memories, but the lesson is that any child who doesn't come forward when it happens to them only puts the burdon on another child. I hate the fact that I let this guy do things to my friend and brother because I didn't speak up, but as a kid I just didn't know what was right. We now all know of this problem, so teach your kids to tell if something happens like this to them. It is not our fault.

555 days ago


someone should rape this ziegler. but he probably would enjoy it

555 days ago


execute child rapists!

555 days ago


Wait this is the same nut job that did the Sarah Palin is a victim to the media do***entary and the 9/11 was a hoax do***entary.... This guy is full of sh@t!!!

555 days ago


One last thing: Let's not sanctify or lend any aura of credibility to Ziegler by calling him an "interviewer." He's not. He's an APOLOGiST. For the unspeakable.

555 days ago


ziegler is a shock jock, trying to get headlines. he is s*** just like paterno

555 days ago

Wow ...    

This is an angry man, defending a child molester. Unreal and on the wrong side!

555 days ago


Line this ******* up right beside Sandusky and put a bullet between both their eyes.

555 days ago


If you support Sandusky or ANY of the Penn staff that new even the tiniest info about the rapes and attacks on kids.... you should be raped... by a donkey. Then castrated with a dull spoon with no drugs, allowed to live for 1 year, homeless and then shot with the cheapest bullet in the skull and tossed into the Patomec. We should not ever pay for a rapist to live. That sick bastard will actually enjoy prison. Ok, I'm done.

555 days ago


That sleazy guy looks like the kind of fruit who wants to shower with boys, no wonder he defends Sandusky.

555 days ago
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