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Jerry Sandusky

Interviewer Says ...

I'm OUTING Victim #2

3/25/2013 3:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

032513-siegler-tmzlive-launch-newThe guy who interviewed Jerry Sandusky in prison actually believes the disgraced Penn State coach is not guilty of raping victim #2 in a locker room shower-- and he loudly and passionately stated his case on TMZ Live.

John Ziegler -- who is making a documentary he hopes will clear Joe Paterno's name -- claims the boy, known as "accuser #2" in court docs, told authorities on numerous occasions he was not molested by Sandusky ... and only changed his story years later.

Ziegler was talking about the incident when Mike McQueary says he witnessed Sandusky raping the boy in a Penn State locker room shower.

Most shocking was Ziegler's claim the victim was really 14, and not 10. You have to see him explain why that makes any difference.

Ziegler tells us he plans to reveal the identity of "accuser #2" ... because he feels the man basically exposed himself by writing an editorial about the case.

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No Avatar


TMZ will give anyone a forum. If this guy started spewing this bull**** at a local bar he would get punched in the mouth before his second sentence . Stop giving any moron who addresses a popular subject a place to speak. Filter these wackos out

544 days ago


Ziegler is destroying his own professional credibility and integrity trying to save face for a dead man. Its not Paterno's actions but his INACTION which makes him as guilty as that bstrd Sandusky. Ziegler is either plain stupid or wants his 15 minutes. I personally hope not a single outlet is remotely interested in all his "work" in defending the indefendable!

544 days ago


Why do these sickos who were violated repeat the pain like Molest it forward ..

544 days ago

Me Too    

Filthy devil Sandusky says he had to instruct boys how to shower and groom themselves yeah right. The LAST THING I would want is to stand in a shower with a kid. This filthy pedophile needs to burn in hell for the pain he has caused.

544 days ago

paul a.    

I remember John from the Sarah Palin days. We learned then that John thinks mostly about John.

544 days ago


"Did not rape victim number #2" yes cause that makes such a huge difference! Get the freak out of here.

544 days ago


And victim #2 should sue his ass off if he outs him.

544 days ago


Yay! Let's clear Coach Paterno's name (may he R.I.P.) and ruin this poor guy's life. Sandusky was convicted of 60+ counts of rape. So you found a problem with one. Man up! If you had stopped Sandusky back then there would be no more counts of rape. Stop making EXCUSES!!

544 days ago


Hey Ziegler you moron, it's NORMAL for a victim of sex abuse to deny being abused!!!! The guy felt ashamed and blamed himself. I cannot wait to boycott your pathetic do***entary.

544 days ago


This guy is passionate about a rapist. Don't let your 10-14 year old boys hang out with this guy. Sounds like another crazy libertarian conspiracy theorist.

544 days ago


John Ziegler you are an idiot!

544 days ago


I don't doubt that others were involved somehow, but this man is NOT innocent. His own words from interviews make him sound completely disconnected from reality. I don't think any so called evidence that this jerk puts out will make one bit of difference. If there is an appeal, it'll go nowhere. Hopefully the victim can remain anonymous - especially since this is all for a "d0***entary" and all @@. PS - Joe's family has released a statement distancing themselves from this loon and said that his attempt at showing Joe's innocence via interviews from Sandusky is "misguided and inappropriate and an insult to the victims." Worth mentioning in your story, TMZ.

544 days ago


He just wants his 15 minutes. However I think he is wrong for attacking A CHILD RAPE VICTIM. To me he is worse then Jerry

544 days ago


Does this jackass actually think anyone would want to see this movie? Especially when he is making it seem as though he is not only trying to clear Joe's name but Sandusky's as well?? That's like someone trying to make a movie trying to show Casey Anthony as an innocent, loving, attentive mother @@ Nobody is buying what this douche is selling. It's just sad that a "reputable" mainstream media outlet like Today, would even give an interview or televise a story about this. Really disturbing that mainstream media is perpetuating this garbage.

544 days ago


John Ziegler is an attention whore. He used Sarah Palin for his own agenda and then turned on her. He's a big douchebag. It doesn’t surprise me that he would defend a child molester. He’s a very deranged individual.

544 days ago
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