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Lindsay Lohan

Lockdown Rehab

Doesn't Exist

3/25/2013 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0324_lindsay_lohan_gettyLindsay Lohan struck a plea deal she CANNOT fulfill, because TMZ has learned ... the lockdown rehab she promised to do is a fiction.

Fact is ... there appears to be no non-jail rehab facilities that will keep patients in against their will -- anywhere in the U.S..

Sources connected with the case tell TMZ ... Lindsay's lawyer, Mark Heller, represented to prosecutors he could get his client into a 90-day lockdown rehab center in NYC. As we reported, there are no private NY rehab centers that keep patients against their will, except for one connected with the prison system, and you have to have a felony record to get in -- and Lindsay doesn't.

We also checked to see if Lindsay could complete her 90-day lockdown rehab in CA, but there isn't a single non-jail lockdown rehab facility in the State.

Rehab guru Dr. Drew tells TMZ, "There is no rehab that will hold you against your will, unless they feel the person is a suicide risk, and in that case they can hold the individual for 72 hours."

Here's the BIG problem. Lindsay's actual sentence is 90 days in jail, but the judge said he'd allow her to complete it with lockdown rehab. Sources say the prosecutors believed such a facility was available when they offered the plea deal. 

It would seem a typical 90-day rehab program wouldn't cut it.  Lindsay has been there at least twice before. She constantly snuck out of Cirque Lodge in Utah and allegedly did the same thing at Betty Ford in California.

On top of that, Lindsay continues to drink, as recently as Friday.

We're told prosecutors are reevaluating the plea deal to determine what they want to do.  Sources say the jail option is still on the table.



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@andycondy now you think i'm darkmange? paranoid much old guy lol

542 days ago


Just a terminology problem Kardashian's not doing much,so LILO is TMZ's go to girl.

If LILO ever had to due real time,she'd be out of this country like sh+t through a goose.

542 days ago

★★★★ Lindsay Speaks The Truth ★★★★    

Lyndsay Speaks The Truth

When Shes Sober,Which is not very often.

542 days ago


Jails are overcrowded, take the 90 days and walk free in ?? days. Looking back at my youth my 8 months many years ago is one of my best memories.

542 days ago

paul a.    

Shes laughing at the whole system. Me too......

542 days ago


I am sure she will wiggle her way out of it once again, She will say her Lawyer was the one who messed up and get a new Lawyer.

542 days ago


There is a state facility in Richmond Indiana for alcohol and drug rehab that is a lock down facility - and it is not court related. Send her ass there with some real hillbillies - she will stop drinkin.

542 days ago


hope she gets Caught at the airport with all that nasty crack she has in her pants..

her new Hump is now suffering from food poisoning after eating some really Bad sushi...

never eat truck stop Whore sushi

542 days ago


One year... faith-based spirit filled residential treatment program should do it. LILO would come out a totally new woman. Everyone would be happy... judge, attorneys, family and especially LILO. Will it happen? Has it happened? Chances it will happen? Odds it will happen?

542 days ago



“What we have here is a failure to communicate” said LA Sheriff Lee Baca about the upcoming prospect of having to house the notorious Lindsay D. Lohan for more than 24 hours. “People just don’t seem to understand revolving door incarceration for Special Freckled Crakho Lindsay and the Hollywood Celebs, eh? If they are not out turning tricks, the whole damn LA economy could go straight into the krapper! We try to keep them working!

This Agency was established in 1850 to deal with the really dangerous elements of society, this ain’t The Hotel California! We got violent welfare mothers who need to be here to protect their children from further harm, murdering psycho b!tches from He!! Who will kill again and you ask me why we have No Room at the Inn for Lindsay? Check your priorities a$$hat, eh?” he added.

“The digital finger print ink won’t be half dry before we release her!”

542 days ago



542 days ago


87.5% of the graduates did not require additional treatment in drug treatment programs after leaving Teen Challenge. Over 90% considered themselves addicted to drugs before entering Teen Challenge.

542 days ago


Damn TMZ.........I'm all for Recycling but this is ridiculous !!!! She need the money that bad Mike that you would drive off commenters just to Oblige her....Boy ! you got it bad and need help yourself........!!!!''
For all you screaming jail........only a few hours etc etc etc.......Your probably right BUT I seem to remember that old Judge stress tge fact that if she when to jail for anything infraction of her probation and lying about rehab is one hell of a infraction that she would go to jail and to in his own words" Max" which in legal terms means the entire sentence no alli alli all free cards of get out early....
And they seem to forget that they send that O'neal boy to a lock down Rehab...and he went....
But what the Hell are we talking about anyway... The real true here is just as before...............
Money passed hands behind the doors of the court house in LA like it does every day where rich and famous people are concerned...and as long as she has that little black book of Blackmail to use anytime she get into trouble she will never serve a day in jail...unless LA actuallly gets enough honest people in the system to actually put the trash in the dumpsters where they belong....
Just as a CATHOUSE and a BROTHAL are the same thing only one being private and the other isn't so is a Night Club and a "private Dining Club ...they both server alcohol and probably drugs....Stupid Ass !! ..

542 days ago


Wow TMZ, it's so bad you have to report re-runs? You reported this last week. Keeping LiLO in the news no matter what......Yarn

542 days ago


Lindsay Lohan's latest movie 'InAPPropriate Comedy, is a box office disaster: The film was directed by the ShamWow guy, earned $172,000 from 275 theaters this weekend, or just $625 per theater.

542 days ago
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