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Stolen 'Breaking Bad' Script

Bryan Cranston Calls 911 ...

Thief Broke Into My Car!

3/26/2013 9:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the 911 call placed by "Breaking Bad" star Bryan Cranston ... moments after a thief broke into his car and stole a script from the upcoming season.

In the call, Bryan tells the dispatcher, "I need to report a breaking and entering into my vehicle." He says the thief smashed the passenger side window of his Audi and grabbed a bunch of stuff, including the script.

As we reported, the theft happened earlier this month in New Mexico ... the thief also took Bryan's iPad.

Cops confirm a man by the name of Xavier McAfee was arrested over the weekend for the burglary, but the script has not been recovered.

As for Bryan's window, a source at the Audi dealership that repaired it tells us it cost $600 to fix.


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539 days ago


Never leave anything in your car in view that will tempt a thief.

539 days ago


does anyone see the irony in a guy named McAfee being a theft and McAfee is a internet security company

539 days ago


I mean i am not the smartest person in the world but i am pretty sure when you cite things in parenthesis shouldn't it be exactly as it was said??? He used "automobile" not vehicle... TMZ Fail....

539 days ago



539 days ago


Who steals from Heizenburg?!!! Show a little respect!!! This f-n POS degenerate better not ruin it for the rest of us.

539 days ago


I live in Albuquerque and until the city stops letting these A$$ HOLES out of jail there will be more break-ins. Sadly New Mexico is still a Patron Government

539 days ago

Oval Beach    

Bryan is an idiot...isn't this like that chick leaving her jewels recently in her car and those were stolen too? I swear you celebs....think you are immune to had it coming you idiot...was it just sittin on your dash board? I bet it was. Dumb ass.

539 days ago

Roastmaster General    

So cool that he never used the "I am a celebrity" line

539 days ago

Throwback kid    

THEY STILL HAVEN"T FOUND THE SCRIPT? this is horrible news. I have not been able to eat since I heard this yesterday. When I woke up this morning all I could think about was if the script turned up. I usually go to Denny's for a grand slam breakfast and an extra side order of toast lightly buttered but I passed today, I am too worried about this missing script. Thank you TMZ for staying on top of this story! For some reason CNN and Fox news will not cover the story? Lets all pray that today is the day the sccript turns up

539 days ago


Hey dumbass haven't you ever heard don't leave valuables in your car?

539 days ago

Ratings Needed    

Bryan Cranston needs to be educated on what 911 is for!!! It's for EMERGENCIES not car break ins!! What a dope! What did he expect an ambulance sent? There is a separate number to call for something other than an emergency! Learn it!!

539 days ago


Everyone commenting on here is a moron. I seriously hope he's swimming in a room full of cash right now while all of you are at hold in your single apartments commenting on this.

539 days ago


This is actually how the new season starts...You see, Mike did not actually die...He survived when some fishermen find him shot on the riverbank...Dude is major pissed at Hank so he breaks into his ride and steals the script...Only to offer it back for 5 M so he can finally give his grand daughter that nest egg he has lost twice before.

539 days ago

Vernon P. Alarcon    

most NM s*** are illiterate so the script will probably be used to light fires and for toilet paper.......the secrets should be safe and have found a higher purpose

539 days ago
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