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Chief Justice John Roberts

Chief Justice's Cuz

Face-to-Face Over Prop 8

3/26/2013 8:17 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Chief Justice John Roberts came under scrutiny today as he ruled the roost in the Prop 8 oral argument before the Supremes ... scrutiny from his lesbian cousin.

Jean Podrasky and her partner showed up early to witness what could be history in the making -- opening the wedding chapel for all gay couples.  For her part, Jean has selfish motives -- she wants to marry her partner of 4 years.

We wanted to know if Jean would give her staunchly conservative cuz the evil eye as she watched.  Fact is, even if she does, it probably won't do any good -- Roberts is a sure bet for keeping that door shut.


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Judge Roberts has proved already wither the Obama care ruling he made last year that he is more of a liberal ass kissed than a conservative or even moderated judge. I for one will real surprised if he doesn't be the swing vote for the homos on this also.

543 days ago


Why oh why?

543 days ago


Brunettes in Love....

543 days ago


the fact is that the human race would become extinct if we were all homosexuals. We should be accepting and tolerant of gay people, but why do they INSIST we call it a marriage. Marriage has always been between a man and woman. Why can't we call their civil union something else, but with the exact same rights? Why can't gay people be tolerant of our strong desire to keep the traditional meaning of the word marriage?

543 days ago


Don't presume to know what Roberts will do - while he is a "conservative" in name, he proved to be the saving grace for the ACA when many thought he was "a sure bet for keeping that door shut." I am willing to give him the benefit of doubt.

543 days ago


I'm sure he loves the fact that she's trying to grab 15 minutes of fame off of his accomplishments. Every family has their own money grubbing, attention seeking, give me what you worked for family member I guess. Evil eye at the dinner table? She'd be lucky if he ever speaks to her again.

543 days ago

Colonel Nudge    

Sarah is out ↑ : quit being such annoying Lez

543 days ago


There shouldn't be any going in through the out door.

543 days ago


I hate how dems and republicans have made the Federal case about marriage equality an issue about morality, etc. When are people just going to realize that this is a STATE LEVEL issue?? They Federal judges should just be tossing the case out without a ruling since it isn't even within their "jurisdiction" so to speak. Stop making every aspect of our daily lives an FEDERAL level issue, people!! Learn how our branches of Government are meant to work, please!

543 days ago


Roberts is not a sure bet to do anything. I realize the law is complicated (so maybe TMZ should stay out of this area), but even a cursory reading of his opinions show he's not a reliable vote for either side.

543 days ago


How do you consummate a gay or lesbian marriage?

543 days ago


Tired of the ***got agenda being shoved up my ass every time I turn around.

543 days ago


There should be NO discussion its wrong and always will be. If the creator of this world says no (the one who created you and me ) There is no discussion, How about treating the sickness instead of giving in ??????? we treat others RIGHT? there called mental disorders . Now watch the gay people have a fit over what I said , because there the only one right and allowed to have a opinion. (and throw childish fits and property damaging fits).

543 days ago


As ugly as these two are, they can have each other.

543 days ago


It is now 2013 I'd love a breakdown of how much money has been wasted (my opinion) on this issue that in this day and age should not be an issue anymore? Look at the divorce rate between men and woman so does it really matter anymore? We are fixing to have our 36th anniversary and believe me when we went to the courthouse at 15 and 18 we got the same crap as the gay and lesbians are getting. Let people live the way they want as long as there not hurting anybody for better or worse who business is it. And NO my husband wasn't the aggressor in our relationship I attacked him first...But love him alot more today than 35yrs ago...

543 days ago
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