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Christopher Dorner REWARD

Riverside City WEASELS OUT

3/26/2013 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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We told you this was gonna happen ... some of the folks who offered a reward for the capture of cop killer Christopher Dorner have wussed out on a technicality.

We did the first story ... that the reward was for the arrest and conviction of the former LAPD cop.  Since Dorner killed himself rather than surrender, the conditions were not met, although there's absolutely no doubt several citizens were instrumental in surrounding the cabin where he was holed up.

The Riverside City Council -- which offered $100,000 - has just announced it will not ante up to anyone.

Other local governments have offered additional rewards totaling more than $1 million.  The jury is out on whether they'll do the right thing or follow Riverside's lead.

BTW ... good luck Riverside, the next time you ask people for help and offer a reward.


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That's some bullsh@t!

541 days ago


If you're not going to pay, don't offer a reward.

Here's a better suggestion: "Highly trained madman with a gun is roaming around, out of control, and shooting people. If you have any idea where he is, let authorities know so that they can stop him."

541 days ago


Boy they will be real shocked when people stop helping the cops because of crap like this

541 days ago


This happens with large awards, 9 out of 10 times the suspect kills him/her self or killed by Cops. Since there can be no conviction, no reward. They know this when they place a large $$$ bounty. Should be as the Cowboy days, Dead or Alive

541 days ago

Waka Waka Waka    

The funny thing is this really doesn't surprise me.NOTE TO COUNTY OF RIVERSIDE next time don't offer a reward so you can can pat yourselves on the back then retract your pledge cause now u guys are just looking like a bunch of s***bags

541 days ago

yeah sure    

Yeah, let's force people to pay for the deaths of potentially innocent people (innocent until proven guilty), completely disregarding what they promised to pay for. Go ignorant lynch mob.

541 days ago


Pretty amazing how the authorities have acted on several occasions in this whole mess

541 days ago

buzz kill    

Remember this the next time they want the public to help them. They had no intention of ever paying out a reward.

541 days ago


Wow, a local gub'ment actually broke it's promise? Go figure...

541 days ago


the man really tricks the public when they need the public's help.... stories like these are why the average citizen just looks the other way when someone is in distress , they don't want to get involved. this whole story is so lame , they should pay something, next time no will want to get involved !

541 days ago


Dorner hid in a condominium 100 feet across the street from a command post and a short distance where he left his burned-out truck....right under their nose....and now they are claiming the public did not help....Ya gotta wonder how hard were they looking.....they were just waiting on the public to call it in. Sad that they cannot follow thru with their promise of a reward.

541 days ago


Really screwed up how to help apprehend a people killer . That no one was safe there needed to be some money award .. then it said any time anyone needs help they are gonna turn the other way .. how sad that to help people there needs a money reward

541 days ago


I think there could be a case for a lawsuit. While I don't fault the police's behavior, it could be argued that they are the reason he wasn't captured and convicted. That's like offering a reward for the safe return of your missing Ipad then smashing it with a baseball bat when someone finds it so you don't have to pay the reward.

541 days ago


Really...'wussed out on a technicality'? Come on Mr "I'M A LAWYER". Not a technicality....a contract & terms of the contract! Nothing more...nothing less. If this was a contract that TMZ made then it wouldn't be 'wussing out' would it? Annoying!!

541 days ago



541 days ago
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