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Justin Bieber

Investigated for Battery Against Neighbor

3/26/2013 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


1:34 PM PT --
One of Justin's neighbors tells TMZ ... the argument between Bieber and the accuser was NOT over a party ... it had to do with a Ferrari.

We're told Bieber had the car delivered to his home last night on a flatbed truck ... and this morning, he was racing the vehicle up and down the streets.

Neighborhood sources tell us ... the neighbor was furious about the deafening noise AND felt Justin was endangering the community by tearing through the streets at breakneck speeds.

We're told the neighbor went over to confront Justin about the situation ... and that's when the two sides got into a screaming match.

Justin Bieber
has been accused of battery by a neighbor ... and cops are at the singer's home in Calabasas, CA investigating ... TMZ has learned.

Sources tell TMZ .... Justin and one of his male neighbors got into a verbal altercation just after 9 AM.  We're told the argument was intense. 

We've confirmed Justin has returned from his overseas concerts and was back home this morning.

L.A. County Sheriff's spokesperson Steve Whitmore tells TMZ ... the accuser told deputies Justin made physical contact with him and he has filed a battery report. He also claims Justin threatened him.

Sources connected with Justin's security tell TMZ ... the neighbor came on to Justin's property and began screaming that while Justin was away (overseas)  there were people at the house throwing loud parties.

Our sources tell us Justin told the man to get off his property ... but they insist Justin did not have any physical contact with him.

Sources connected with JB's security tell us the singer went inside his house and security escorted the neighbor off the property.

The Sheriff's Dept. is investigating.


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Momma, rein your boy in before it's too late. If he is over the pond, what the hell are people doing at his abode? Next!

541 days ago



541 days ago


Most boys grow up to look like men.
Bieber is looking more like a baby dyke every day.

541 days ago

buzz kill    

Can't we put Biebler and Lowhand together on a Carnival cruise to somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle.

541 days ago


So how is this true Justin was in Poland yesterday and is now heading to Germany so how would he have time to go home #belieber4eva

541 days ago


His spotlight is starting to fade and he knows it. His teen and tween girl fans are growing up and "waking up". He is feeling the desperation that comes with super fast fame and at such an early age. It's like the lyrics from a song, “You wouldn't care if they loved you, it's been done before. You'll despair if that hate you.. You'll be drained of all energy. All the young who've made it would agree.”

541 days ago

Gracie Jake    

The male version of Lindsay Lohan?

541 days ago

John Elliott    

Justin needs to stop hiding behind his security every time he makes threats to people he obviously can't back up. This guy is just a stupid rich punk! He needs a good beat down.

541 days ago


Now he's having altercations with neighbors? Neighbors aren't random haters out to get you. You know Justin did something to piss off his neighbor. Team Justin needs to quit making the excuse that EVERYONE is lying. #TeamNeighbor

541 days ago


Google 'The Takers by The Blackout Experiment' for REAL music created by real men for REAL people like yourselves. We welcome you with open arms. thank you

this dude is being played for a fool and doesn't realize it

541 days ago


you teenyboppers ever hear of planes? they're this amazing creation that whisks people at hundreds of miles per hour to destinations all around the world. quit obsessing over moron hacks (and look up words you don't understand) and put your focus into LEARNING. Your beebs in on the path to destruction it seems... his ego is only matched by the millions wasted by teens on his cooing.

541 days ago


Any man who says he was threatened by Justin Bieber should just give up his manhood card, he's a wuss. He should be ashamed of even filing such a report.

541 days ago

Miley is a whore    


541 days ago


I'm getting tire of this bull**** against can he be in L.A if he is in Germany?? I mean really did he after a 19 hour bus drive an a concert just decided to take a problably 9 to 10 hour flight back to L.A and then back to germany? God and really peopke actually believe this? Or they no is false but still want to believe is true because they just hate justin and want him to fail because face it you are not as successful as he is and cant stand to see a younger man be successful...really what is it that you hate about him? His face? Well thats the face GOD GAVE HIM so no need to blame him...his music? Well DON'T LISTEN TO IT...IF HIS SONG IS IN A RADIO...YOU KNOW THEIR IS LIKE THOUSANDS STATIONS, JUST CHANGE IT!! and stop hating on a 19 year old kid who the press wants to make him seem as a bad ass...when really time and time again proves that the stories are false...INCLUDING THIS ONE

541 days ago


bring him over , my rottweiler needs a snack!

541 days ago
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